HM Bellicoses 2/22

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HM Bellicoses 2/22

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Roam members (13)
Arrek Lemmont - Caracal
Christoph Patrouette - Bellicose
Coaxster - Bellicose
Derek Jalarr - Scythe
Drebin 679
Kopa Erquilenne - Bellicose, Caracal
Mongo the Mechanic - Wolf
Nivek Rensir - Bellicose
Private Martin - Bellicose
Space Warfare Development - Nemesis
Xyrin Bacard - Bellicose
YooJin Moon - Stiletto
Yto Itinen
Kills and Losses

(22:43:50) Ostingele
Incursus +0.39m

(22:52:26) X-BV98
Bellicose -28.67m
Bellicose -36.13m
Bellicose -33.01m
Capsule -0.83m
Capsule -0.01m
Bellicose -28.95m
Capsule -0.01m

Tried to pick off a cyno Arazu that was following us. Died horribly as a Leshak fleet bridged to it.

(23:47:46) PF-346
Caracal +31.67m
Imperial Navy Slicer +31.16m

Baited out a small gang into engaging by sending a lone Stiletto and Scythe to tackle them. We managed to get a Slicer and Caracal before they ran.

(00:06:42) Oulley
Bellicose -36.53m
Capsule -0.83m

We rolled the Thera hole trying to jump in so half our fleet got left in K-space and had to burn thru lowsec to get to another connection for a rendezvous. One Bellicose died to a gatecamp doing this.

(01:26:25) 3T7-M8
Falcon +454.23m
Caracal +33.51m
Capsule +0.01m

Took Thera to Deklein and found a cyno Falcon. We booshed the Falcon along with us off the Tatara it was near to get out of it's point defense range. Also managed to pick off his friend who tried to help in a Caracal.

ISK Destroyed: 550,972,954.2
ISK Lost: 164,977,341.04
ISK Delta: 385,995,613.16
Efficiency: 76.957%

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