Thresher Thrasher Thursday: Get Hype II

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Thresher Thrasher Thursday: Get Hype II

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Roam members (16)
Analee Tsasa - Bifrost
Asuka Rossi - Corax
Ch4rl13 D4M3 B3rry - Jackdaw
Christoph Patrouette - Cormorant
Cyfer Juhl - Talwar
Dynamo Crash - Dragoon, Talwar
Gideon Mastracci - Algos
John Juulianos - Drake
Johnny Raygunn - Atron
Nathan Blackmane - Cormorant
Sembaphil Sarmandari - Catalyst
Space Warfare Development
Tim NineOwls - Cormorant
Tolerin Escipion - Slasher
Yto Itinen - Algos
We formed up at Cit 101, long speech on the doctrine and on the fleet, including commands, tank, roles and specifics. I should have probably asked the Bifrost pilot for full skirmish links, but since this was a no logi, mixed tank fleet, I did not expect shield boosts. We made a training exercise on an emerging conduit, so everyone got to know their range, speed and tank and how to bounce, or so I hoped. We made for the losec pocket near Stacmon, where we have found fair and interesting fights last month. After poking the locals, a Hyperion undocked and tried playing gate games to have us aggress it, but we had good discipline and managed to have him aggress first and get gateguns.

Hyperion Fight

The scouting, engagement time and place went very well and we got the Hype to aggress us under gate guns. So far, so good. Defanging was excellent and we melted two flights of his drones in seconds. We had always good checks on who he was aggressing.
Since we have had an almost identical fight, with the identical comp and we took the other Hyperion down one week ago, I will judge this fight basedon the previous one.

19 vs 16 people in fleet: balanced by the fact we had a booster and two t3d on our side even if we were less in total.

Open field vs gate: the gate makes it hard to move freely in space, balanced by the fact the Hype was taking gate guns.

On grid bounces vs celestials: on the second fight we were prepping an asteroid belt, but were forced to engage on a gate. FC had warped fleet to a ping 250km from gate before engagement. Maybe should have stressed more the idea that each pilot in fleet should make a BM copy for himself, but the orders to bounce and survive at all costs were mentioned often, before and during the fleet. On the second fleet, the bounces were not up to par.

Tackle and positioning: on both fights we played the warps and tacs game well and landed well close to the hyperion(s). Both times there were calls for props off. A Jackdaw getting scrammed by a Hyperion should not have happened.

I checked again the killmails: some pilots still have gone for extenders, 4 of them did not activate their active tank and by the amount of damage in such a short timespan, I doubt MWD were still on and people were static instead of orbiting. I suggest some more personal reflection.

This doctrine is meant to teach pilots a lot of things and relies on each pilot to fly to the best of their abilities and their judgement. It's very versatile, and on a good day it can win the battlefield, on a bad day we lose and learn how to improve. I will tweak it further, but the backbone and the principle is solid, I believe. Still, the considerations I made two weeks ago still stand: a fleet as a format is not the best place to both learn and practice all aspects of combat. We have been holding tackle and combat practicals on tuesdays, I encourage all to attend and get a better grasp of PvP and skirmishes.

(21:42:46) Gallusiene
Bifrost -108.75m
Talwar -4.63m
Cormorant -7.05m
Algos -4.32m
Slasher -1.63m
Dragoon -10.87m
Atron -0.64m
Catalyst -16.44m
Algos -9.26m
Cormorant -3.98m
Cormorant -8.63m
Jackdaw -129.04m

After reshipping in Stacmon, we tried to switch more towards ganking than fleet fights, since we had lost half of the pilots to bedtime.
A Hurricane tried to fight us on a gate, and a second later it became another Hurricane and Exeq on grid and BS and small stuff undocking withing Dscan. The locals on this side really love their upships.

(22:16:03) Aunsou
Dragoon -11.56m
Cormorant -4.13m
Cormorant -4.63m

The system nearby having spiked to a Panther, Redeemer and a handful of T3c, we went for some krabbing pockets.
We lost a scout to a Clone Soldier, but we avenged him and got a nice tag out of it.

(22:22:36) Pain
Slasher -1.35m

On our loop we found a ratting Myrm that warped to a safe and some herons who kinda eluded us, so we made back for Stacmon.
A griffin sitting at a large became our victim for the night!

(22:58:19) Covryn
Griffin +0.25m

We folded the fleet and spent the last time on our suspect timer as a Dscan practice.

If you have more feedback/video recordings please post them here!
Fly fun!
Yto Itinen