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Posted: 2020.02.20 13:46
by Jynn Mara
This is a placeholder with my thoughts, as I wasn't the FC but we had lots to learn. Please forgive the format; as I don't have time currently to make it all pretty and stuff.

Here is my version: Watched NOVAC hole for ~1hr ... one of our Epithals gets Scrammed/Pointed in Innu w/activity in Novac hole 2-down the chain. Biwako kills the Stiletto (this was an obvious attempt from NOVAC to get content out of us after WHC not having #s all day with them in chain) ... things progress from there, we finally get some numbers on. Form-up was crappy, we undocked w/out people even being in fleet much less in the right squad - this was due to changing FC's when Lucius logged on (my call/fault/maybe shouldn't have changed that late / I asked Lucius as he is one of the best FC's in WHCs right now) - and he called for an undock (he wasnt in fleet at the time and we rushed it a bit because we took forever already). No one's fault but mine for suggesting FC change last minute.

Links were not sorted out. Scout made perch 160K off Bacon because we anticipated a Bubble would go up as soon as we aligned and we would use that as a warp-in. Didn't use perch which worked out ok. My Scout (in NOVAC hole) relayed comp to Fleet / Magus was going to be primary. Plan was to Hole tank. Sabre does it's thing, Sabre is called Primary, then switched to one of their DD's then switched to Magus, since it decloaked last, and it promptly dies, Lucius dies, we break - I think Logi was ECM'd and Lucius got no or little reps before he went down - stated reason was that Logi was Jammed. I take over, Logi gets separated when half of us jumped through the hole - I call Scatter, bubble goes up - at which point it was all over. Comp was 3 Brutix, 1 Harbi, 2 Exeqs + 1 Oracle that Biwako jumped in when he changed out his Innu Scout. Too busy atm to put BR together, as zkill is all over the place due to session change when Bacon was jumped (apparently I was Solo'd and my Brutix sustained a mighty 2K damage lulz).

There are probably some factual things wrong here, please correct them if you were there.

The below is straight out of my logs, and as I said - probably a complete mess. I corrected as much as I could pls fill in the blanks.

Roam members (8?)
Biwako Acami - Coercer (vs Stiletto), Exeq?
Danny Algaert Exeq?
Jynn Mara - Brutix
Lucius Septimus Severus - Harbinger
Minako Acami - Scout in Innu
Reid Deleuze - Brutix
SpaceBus Junior Astero (Scout in their Home System)
Waruiru - Brutix
Kills and Losses

(02:47:21) J211936
Stiletto +48.08m

(03:18:13) J211936, J125944
Harbinger -87.73m
Magus +162m
Brutix -88.53m
Capsule -0.01m
Brutix -68.67m
Capsule -1.77m

ISK Destroyed: 210,663,638.59
ISK Lost: 246,709,580.58
ISK Delta: -35,045,941.99
Efficiency: 45.427%

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
    Content was had
    (Negative stuff)
    Formup - Previously Discussed


Posted: 2020.02.20 14:57
by Marcus Arilia
Well to start this story off. We had found Innu early in the day, and assumed some content could be found. Initially we anchored a content bubble on eggs fishing for some content when we saw it was 3 Jita, left that up for about an hour, and unfortunately got no action.

So I started checking back every so often. Eventually I saw an Epithal out. I tackled it hoping to stir up something at least. The problem was, my DPS was still burning down chain when the Coercer landed, and I didn’t get off grid fast enough because I was paying too much attention to my main, so minus one Stiletto.

Hoping that we could get some sort of fight, Ith stuck his Omen in, and I warped around a little in my Brutix Navy. Eventually a full Brutix fleet comp undocked. Challenge was we had just two of us, so we did a little pinging while my Sabre tried to keep y’all interested.

We went similar comp and numbers, I stayed in the Brutix Navy because I was too lazy to reship and we brought Augs instead of Execs. We jumped in and immediately threw EC drones on the Logi. I primaried Lucius because for some reason I thought he’d have the boosts, turns out I forgot the LA links are in the Brutix, but just goes to show, if you fly the only kind of one ship people will assume you’re a snowflake and try to kill you. He went down fairly quickly and I had us swap to Logi. Forced off the Execs, and it was clear things were starting to fall apart. Decent hole tanking on y’all’s part. We ended up only having one Sabre and with trying to keep you interested I messed up my reload timing so half your fleet got off once they were in Bacon. Saw one of the Brutix jump back to Innu and tried to finish him off with the Sabre. Then we came back to Innu since the Sabre wasn’t doing it. Turns out I wasn’t paying attention enough to the Sabre and got him off with a whole 11% hull.

We had some GFs in local, some chats with old friends, and let those that needed to return from Bacon come back (though with our tackle and combat probes we almost played hide and seek with ya). On our end the biggest challenge we had was lots of multi boxing. Magus didn’t end up catching reps because of it, I lost a Stiletto and almost a Sabre because of it. While it’s a great force multiplier, just remember it reduces your effectiveness on each toon to maybe 80%-90%. This gap gets a little worse when you have split roles as some of our guys did. Just a thing to remember


Posted: 2020.02.20 15:07
by Waruiru
Additions, as I believe the details above are correct.

ECM drones were called for and we targeted their logi. That may have helped with Magus, but later their Brutix was getting more reps than we could deliver dps.

Discussion was good afterwards, so learning took place. During fight, some questions were raised and we got prompt answers, so good coms during and after fight.

In discussions with Novak after, we were told Sabre was at 11% hull. Good thing March is damage skill training month for me, as a bit more will help...

The reason for the primary change was we had seen them in nano ships earlier and were concerned about a boosh, bubble and lack of exit options. The sabre burned off the hole and out of range, so we had to leave it alone, but Magus was slow to uncloak. Thus the Brutix, then Magus order. That we were able to jump the hole when things went bad and then scatter says we preserved our exit option effectively. I think Danny was deep in hull and only got out due to this option.

Despite the outcome , this was a great learning fight for me. Thanks to all involved, including the Novak folks who graciously let our survivors back through the hole and added to our post fight discussion.

Edit: Looks like I cross posted with Marcus. When we got word Novac would let our guys through, the question was asked "Can we trust him?" I said, "Yeah, he might tackle you and hold you for a bit, just to mess with you, but he will let you go." Sounds like the tackle was ready to go!

I now understand why the Sabre warped up to me. I though you were going to drop another bubble, as I was almost out and going to warp away.

One comment for Marcus. I suspect we would have been up for another round, but getting podded back to low sec cut our numbers down for a while. When we tangle next time, consider letting the pods go, we like a good fight and would regroup.


Posted: 2020.02.20 18:32
by Marcus Arilia
Good to hear y’all enjoyed it. On the podding thing, it’s kind of habit. In J space taking out pods limits the ability to get up-shipped on as you’re finishing up the fight. Not to say that you would, but it’s usually good practice, and part of the duty of any good Sabre/command Dessie pilot :) Also, you never know who forgot to hop out of their shiny training/virtue pod.


Posted: 2020.02.20 18:35
by Gergoran Moussou
Marcus Arilia wrote:Also, you never know who forgot to hop out of their shiny training/virtue pod.
You also never know if you follow WHC's old habit when we were there, holding the pod for everyone to get on the KM and giving the pilot time to pull out those implants.

A certain killmail with half of a Genolution set still in the pod when it died comes to mind.


Posted: 2020.02.21 02:31
by Biwako Acami
As the logi pilot I was surprised at the effectiveness of ECM drones. Got jammed twice while the sebo was running. I feel like I should have overheated for a bit after first jam went off.

When we jumped into Bacon I stayed on grid for a bit because scatter wasn't called but my exeq partner warped off because he was at hull. I was a bit confused at this point so I stayed idle while asking on comms if we were going to continue in bacon. I should have started pulling range early in line to a safe or wh.

Edit: Oracle was at the edge of optimals on the wh but targets seemed to pop out in falloff so application was not ideal. I should have gotten 10km closer. Also since I was multiboxing I couldn't hit primary, so ended up shooting what ever I could click before swapping back to Logi.


Posted: 2020.02.21 04:40
by Waruiru
On the pods, I agree, it is good practice to kill them off. But if you bump into us again, know that we like a good fight and will come back for another reasonably fair fight. Good engagements are hard to find. Tonight the other fleet brought Dreks to a frigate fight...


Posted: 2020.02.21 17:33
by Marcus Arilia
To be fair though. A good Small Ships fleet could wreck some Dreks


Posted: 2020.02.21 18:21
by Gergoran Moussou
Yeah. I'd definitely expect more success with SS than LA. Especially if someone brings a Kitsune.

Triglavian weapons have pretty good tracking so they'd likely get a few kills, but I'd expect that LA would go down pretty fast with the amount of damage that Drekavacs can put out with close-range ammunition (which outranges anything that is likely to come out of a Brutix's blasters).