Golden Horde + Inquisitor II

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Nathan Blackmane
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Golden Horde + Inquisitor II

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Same fleet ( ... 6&t=115764)
This time we attacked a gate camp in Tama. The odds were clearly against us, nevertheless we engaged two Ashimu and after discovering we could not break the tank of the first one, FC gave the order to concentrate fire on the second. At the end the second Punisher ( of the day was destroyed.

I fought in a gate camp and I managed to stay alive for 2 minutes;
- I managed to follow FC directives;
- A lot of honour gained.

- Maybe I should have orbited the second Ashimu closer.
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Nienke Solette
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Re: Golden Horde + Inquisitor II

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Hahaha, yeah this was the "we are going to go down in a big ball of fire" moment. I gave everyone the option to leave the ship at the NPC station in Tama before going in, nevertheless, most of the fleet joined me in our suicide-jump into the gate camp. I hoped to take one ship down, but the gate-camp was awake and didn't welp. ^^
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