[AAR] LSC Fight Club 01-26-2020

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[AAR] LSC Fight Club 01-26-2020

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First my apologies for the tardiness of this AAR. Lots happening in-game and real life the past couple of weeks.

LSC's first foray back into being an active campus! The LSC Chat with Laura was just the previous weekend. We had a small but solid turnout for Fight Club with a couple of new bros there to get involved which is exactly what it is intended for.

The fight went as follows:
1. Flatline vs Marv; Win Flatline
2. Hayden vs Holden; Win Holden
3. Coolio vs Demetrius; Win Coolio
4. Skyrunner vs 616; Win Skyrunner
5. Flatline vs Holden; Draw
6. Coolio vs Skrunner; Win Skyrunner
7. Marv vs Hayden; Win Marv
8. We had a pilot leave so fight 8 could not be had.

Skyrunner was the overall FC champ with (2) wins for the week.

FFA - afterwards the blood lust was still high so I participated and we had a group FFA. Marv was the last pilot standing in the FFA.

All of the fights were generally very close as should be expected. There were some amazing wrecking shots that finished a fight or two quickly after long kiting battles. The hull choices were a bit limited this first fight but that should improve going forward.