HM Bellicoses 2/15

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Xyrin Bacard
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HM Bellicoses 2/15

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Roam members (10)
Analee Tsasa - Bifrost
Brock Carlisle - Executioner, Vedmak, Bellicose
Cutecumber Roll - Scythe
Flatline Kasenumi - Breacher, Malediction, Stiletto
Nienke Solette - Scythe
Squin Ti
Xyrin Bacard - Bellicose
Yto Itinen - Bellicose
Zairnix Onren - Bellicose
eoiles - Raptor
Kills and Losses

(23:13:13) Ostingele
Malediction -45.52m
Raptor -33.78m
Scythe -22.51m
Bifrost -104.91m
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant -228.2m

Tried to catch a snaked Drekavac and Bhargest. Couldn't get within tackle range for anything. Smartbombing Proteus cleaned up some pods.

(23:39:53) Ostingele
Bellicose -28.84m
Bellicose -23.48m
Bellicose -23.55m
Bellicose -21.77m
Capsule -0.01m

Tried to take an Armageddon who wanted to fight in a large plex. Got him down to low armor before his friends came to save him. Lots of Bellicoses got neuted out and couldn't burn out of tackle.

(00:07:57) UM-Q7F
Malediction -40.64m
Scythe -18.99m

Tried to catch a Typhoon who later rehipped to a Hyperion. We lost a Malediction and Scythe due to them staying too close. The Hyperon fought us on station, it deagressed right as it was about to break and managed to dock up.

(00:24:51) UM-Q7F
Capsule -0.01m

(00:52:15) TXW-EI
Stiletto -41.7m

Tried to fight vs Tuskers, did a good job of screening off their tackle but our Stiletto got to close to them and died.

(01:02:15) TXW-EI

Bellicose -21.5m
Bellicose -28.7m
Scythe -21.2m
Bellicose -23.4m

Teamed up with SOB for a bit to try and chase some Caracals? Nothing happened so we went back to fighting Tuskers. We initially shot at a Stiletto and Kiki and got them to low hull before they got saved by a logi Loki. We bounced between shooting the DN,I Loki and Garmur for a bit while losing a couple of DD before I decided to call scatter.

ISK Destroyed: 0
ISK Lost: 472,491,058.78
ISK Delta: -472,491,058.78
Efficiency: 0%

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Nienke Solette
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FC Team Manager
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Re: HM Bellicoses 2/15

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Hyperion station fight video here

If you have any problems with being on the recording, please send a direct message to Nienke Solette ^^
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