Tackle Tuesday Turned Practical

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Tackle Tuesday Turned Practical

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After the 19:30 tackle class turned into an impromptu roam, we shipped into frigates that could enter a novice plex and gave it a go!

Roam members (11)
Analee Tsasa - Worm
Asuka Rossi
Bruice Almighty
Christoph Patrouette - Crucifier
Feras Dawod - Merlin
Flatline Kasenumi - Caldari Navy Hookbill
Kelly Saraki
Sophia Ligeti - Tristan
Tolerin Escipion - Atron
Yto Itinen - Kestrel
eoiles - Caldari Navy Hookbill
Kills and Losses
Ouelletta was camped by two Gnosii from Stay Frosty, but we managed to evade them. Right as we warped to a ping a Uni bestower jumped in and got tackled by one of the pair.We warped back on gate to try to save him, which did not happen, and we had a Typhoon land on us.
After I warped off, Cristoph told me we were really close to get the Gnosis which was taking gate guns. I think I might have erred on the side of caution on this fight. We all came out unscathed though

(22:29:25) Ouelletta
Corax +16.55m

Flatline and Analee were sent forward to challenge a Corax, and they didn't even wait for us :D

(22:47:07) Ouelletta
Coercer +35.33m
The Coercer was flashy and we gatecamped it, but Stay Frosty really wanted to use that Typhoon in anger, they chased us away :(
We are still on it though, so peace!

(23:22:39) Hikkoken
Slasher +5.17m
Coercer +11.74m
Algos +11.73m
Capsule +0.01m

This was a really good fight, we warped to a plex hoping to find an Ishkur, but he had left. We slid in, got some optimal on the beacon,
managed scrams and points and webs wonderfully and took hold of the battlefield! They also had a retri that tried to play with us but got shut down.

After this the RvB fellas tried to gatecamp us in two different locations, tried to alpha me on a gate and failed to do so. While they were waiting to camp us, they got another group to fight them, so I called for Tolerin to jump and lock all he could find. Since the fight was kinda even we decided to third party and attacked everything on sight, hoping our scattershot would give us some good kills. We traded up, got rewarded and went to Tama happy and flashy! Since there was almost no one left in space, we called it a night!

(23:47:28) Kedama
Kestrel -11.59m
Rupture +23.9m
Caldari Navy Hookbill -23.95m
Crucifier -4.66m
Atron -5.3m
Wolf +47.79m
Tristan -11.47m
Merlin -23.28m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant -0.83m

ISK Destroyed: 152,212,534.86
ISK Lost: 81,083,441.55
ISK Delta: 71,129,093.31
Efficiency: 65.244%
We held a tackle lesson just prior the engagement and I liked how that applied into this fight, with us holding points and scrams and webs on three different targets while we fought them.
Fleet discipline was good, scouting was top notch and I'm happy that I see many newbros joining this kind of impromptu roam! Keep it up unistas!


Not having a doctrine made it difficult to judge engagement profiles correctly and which ship could take what. I think some decisions were good, as one fight with a wolf in a plex, some were maybe too cautious, as the gnosis engagement. I really need to review any footage we might have of that, I might have called the warp too early. With no idea of ranges and dps, this fleet might have been a bit on the side of kitey potshots format
I think that my decision making can get a bit too defensive, especially if caught a bit by surprise like the Bestower needing help. I can plan a fight, I just need to get an edge on taking unplanned ones.

Thanks to all who flew with us, until next time!

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Re: Tackle Tuesday Turned Practical

Post by Tolerin Escipion »

The lesson was very interesting, I learnt a lot, now just to put it into some more practise.

The roam was gret fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!