[HSC] Armor Warbears Strike Again

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Adam Ironborn
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[HSC] Armor Warbears Strike Again

Post by Adam Ironborn »

I heard the intel about 2 Kronos and 1 Proteus camping Amygnon gate in Jufvitte and stepped up to form QRF. Formed an Armor Fleet (real men use Armors :P) with Bhaalgorns and Augorors and chosed Turlough's infamous Brutix as bait and get ready for action.

Fleet Members (8)
Adam Ironborn - Augoror
Cutecumber Roll - Augoror
De W Javqe - Augoror
Drebin 679 - Bhaalgorn
Ergan Eto - Bhaalgorn
Rikali Laru - Armageddon
Squin Ti - Augoror
Turlough Dominian - Brutix
Kills and Losses

(07:00:32) Amygnon
Proteus +573.55m
Kronos +1537.83m

ISK Destroyed: 2,111,380,375.27
ISK Lost: 0
ISK Delta: 2,111,380,375.27
Efficiency: 100%

Overall Evaluation
  • Positive Aspects :
    - We gathered quite a large force for this fleet with solid cap warfare and logistics
    - People were eager to fill the ranks with ships when asked to bring Bhaalgorns and expensive battleships, so this is quite nice when it comes to this kind of QRFs when you need strong punch to kill opponent ships.
    - We did not have logi channel but we had 4 logis but logis were on top of their game with determining their buddies fast by using fleet chat only and make everyone filled with caps and repairs.
    - Turlough used a full hull tank bait Brutix which baited Ken's proteus into fight and tackled the proteus initially which forces Ken to bring remaining Kronoses into Amygnon as well, right into our trap. He then called all of us in. That was succesfull baiting.
    Negative Aspects :
    - I stepped up as forming FC when I heard the intel about 2 Kronos and 1 Proteus but I had no mic, that forced me to assign Cutecumber as Voice FC (he also accepted that post due to pressure :) ), but we were both in logistics, and two FC setup create some sort of comms chaos due to conflicting orders (like dock up & warp) , I should assign the FC right away after I see my mic is not working but Cute said he would be more comfortable in that voice FC post instead of primary FC. At the end we came victorious in this fight due to our good setup and preparation but unclear command could be our doom, next time we need to sort this out better
    - We were lacking in DPS, since I asked Bhaals instead of other battleships for cap warfare and neut out the Kronoses. If those Armageddon and Tengu would not join us at the last minute we could probably miss the second Kronoss to gate jump too like the first one we missed. So it was my mistake not to bring more DPS to the field, I could ask 1 logi to swap into DPS battleship since we could hold the field with 3 armor logistics as well.
    - That Tengu should NOT be in there since I specifically ask for an Full Armor fleet and said no shields allowed. I admit that with its DPS we were able to kill the Kronos but still we could do much better there.
Final Notes: A Tristan was lost at gate, but the pilot was not in fleet sadly and probably caught while moving between systems. Field was looted and loot was put into HSC Donations.

Propaganda : HSC Campus Defensce Initiative (CDI) is not dead :lol:
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Turlough Dominian
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Re: [HSC] Armor Warbears Strike Again

Post by Turlough Dominian »

thank you for fleet.

ye i do agree i was concerned that our damage wasn't enough going into the fight but luckyily last min a wild Rikali Laru appeared, they did attempt a deagrestion but with the added damage we where able to kill them, the kronos we killed had me aggressed for ages i think he forgot to recall drones cause the other kronos stoped shooting at least 1 to 2 mins quicker so im guessing he made a mistake perhaps.

but ye big thumbs up for logi i honestly thought i was going die as bait/first tackle but to my shock u saved me and i was near 30 or 40$ hull when reps started landing , so ye logi u did amazing job
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Rikali Laru
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Re: [HSC] Armor Warbears Strike Again

Post by Rikali Laru »

Yeah you guys really should've brought more dps. I shouldn't be doing more than half the entire fleet's damage on my own :)
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Tal Tracyn
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Re: [HSC] Armor Warbears Strike Again

Post by Tal Tracyn »

Nice job guys.
/me grumbles..always when i'm offline. :(
It's like ken is avoiding me or something.....
/me remembers the micless ersin fleets.
Long live CDI !.
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47 Armer
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Re: [HSC] Armor Warbears Strike Again

Post by 47 Armer »

Last night these guys came arround to shoot at Lunarcrew structure in Juf. Lvl 4 disfunctional fleet became disfunctional qrf and managed to get them out of system without loss and without kill. Thx to fleet members for joining. Kronos was also on top of my list... Kudos to Ersin for killing that one.

Wish i was online.

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Conci Furiram
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Re: [HSC] Armor Warbears Strike Again

Post by Conci Furiram »

Nice formup and nice baiting! Nothing like brawling it out with Armor ships in blaster range.

You mention a lack of DPS. Looking at the damage on the killmails, I am guessing the Bhaalgorns aren't fit with laser turrets. If you're running very minimal like this, you can give up some neut power for damage by refitting 4 lasers. A Bhaalgorn has nice damage bonus for them.
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Drebin 679
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Re: [HSC] Armor Warbears Strike Again

Post by Drebin 679 »

I don't think we were expecting one of the Kronoses to not have cap boosters. Were that the case, just 1 full-capwar Bhaal probably would have been enough I feel, and myself or Ergan could have gotten into a ship fit that actually dealt DPS. The Bhaals were pure cap warfare fit, so they did very little damage as the killmails suggest. HSC used to have neut Armageddons as part of it's Campus Defense Initiative doctrine, but it was sorta retired (?) and currently doesn't have a replacement insofar as a QRF Battleship or neuting platform goes. So the Bhaals were just what me and Ergan had lying around. I personally didn't have any laser refits at the ready, despite having gone over to Dodixie a few moments before for a supply run. Ersin suggested having refit modules for QRF ships for a situation like this, and I hope would be a part of a replacement doctrine where appropriate.

Ken later came back in a Hecate. Since the above skirmish was... a blob... to be blunt (though bringing Marauders kind of begets that kind of response) using hard counters, I decided to have a mirror match gudfite with him to make up for that. After warping to a couple of NPC stations, we were a few kilometers off of each other and just brawled it out. Despite being scram-dualweb fit, I ran with faction antimatter, while Ken was probably running void (his volleys were bigger than mine). And with both of us applying well regardless, that was that.

(07:25) Amygnon
Hecate -62.97m

GFs were exchanged, and Ken went off for the night.
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