[AAR] Dragonaur Blitz

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[AAR] Dragonaur Blitz

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Fleet composition:
Analee Tsasa - Drake
Min Nashira - Drake
Varris Thellere - Gnosis
Hirmuolio Pine - Cyclone

There was really only one looong fight that ended in tactical error against us. So tihs is detailed look on one slow fight.

Fleet started fine. We flew to Aeter and started doing a site.

Us vs Them - Act 1:
About halfway through Dallocort came to contest the site in a Gila.
The ila was too fast to catch (and we had no scrams or webs). But we were also too much for the Gila to take on at once.
So we kind of danced around each other while we kept on doing the site. He launch drones, we engage drones, approach, he pulls away, we return to rats, repeat.
At this point some of the battlecruisers had trouble with capacitor. More on that later.

After a while he managed to time his attack so that I was just reloading my ancillary shield booster. Luckily he didn't dare to commit to point range so I bounced off. The other three BCs of our fleet stayed in site.

Us vs Them - Act 2:
When I come back I was suprised by his alt in Lachesis on the acceleration gate (Lachesis couldn't enter the site. Also d-scan immunity.).
I told rest of the fleet to warp off and started to burn away.
He again didn't dare to commit into point range so he just kept me pointed (at 50 km) and not scrammed. So I kept on burning away with MWD.
I had no chance to get away from the Lachesis. So I just burned away while he kept me pointed. This wen't on for few minutes.
The Lachesis also had some really strong shield resists (and/or blingy low sig MWD). Precision EM missiles dealt ~60 damage per volley.
Meanwhile Dacort on his other account reshipped from Gila to...

Us vs Them - Act 3:
... Hyperion.
At this point I am already several hundreds of km away from the entrance warpin. And since it was deadspace he couldn't warp to his alt.
I was perfectly aligned in between planet VI and the warpin since I had aligned to it.
I see that he warps to planet VI. I realize that he will try to cut off 100 km from the burn distance by warping in at range.
I call rest of my fleet to warp to planet VI to do the same. I believed that three battlecruisers would be able to kill one battleship.

Now would be good time to learn more about the layout of Aeter starsystem. This system is huge. Warp from one end to the other is ~140 AU.
All three other battlecruisers in the fleet were passive shield fits. They had crap capacitors.

It took a long time for them to get to planet VI and then to me.
By the time they warp in the Hyperion already had 200 km headstart.
The battlecruisers valiantly approach but they have no chance to get in range in time.

- Cyclone https://zkillboard.com/kill/81175338/

I call fleet to warp out. The fleet is over.

But Dallocort doesn't want to stop yet. He moves out to camp the out gate.
Analee was too fast for her own good and gets caught.

-Drake https://zkillboard.com/kill/81175400/

I grab an frigate that I had lying in the system and act as a scout for Varris and Min.

One of them manages to slip away before Dallocort covers both entrances to the low sec loop. The other battlecruiser pilot decides to lay low and try to extract few hours later.

Fleet results
* Complete Dragonaur Blitz event sites in a fleet. Failed. Zero sites completed.
* Find Nirvana implant BPCs and get rich. Failed. -177 M ISK on the cold side.
* Shoot targets of opportunity. Success(kinda). Content is content.

Mistakes that could have been fixed:

When I found out that there was no way to get away from the Lachesis I should have commanded the fleet to regroup on a nearby celestial.
This way they could have jumped right on top of the Hyperion. Wether this would have ended well is mystery that I would have wanted to see.

I should have also kept control of the extraction. This would have avoided the Drake death that was completely pointless and completely on me.

Passive fit battlecruisers have crap capacitor and need cap booster to go with their MWD.
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Re: [AAR] Dragonaur Blitz

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Unlucky - those Dallocorts seem very good at picking off targets in that lowsec area.

Planning to go back and try again at all?
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