[AAR] WeR4 -- Final Timer

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[AAR] WeR4 -- Final Timer

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(00:31:04) Channace
Astrahus +2190.73m

We won, gg. End of AAR.

Okay, not end of AAR. The AAR will mostly cover the preparation side of things. Some specific details will also be glossed over due to OpSec.

There were a few changes that anyone can see from the fleet forum post. The biggest was that we changed from Osprey Logi to Basilisk Logi. Why? Everyone knows that they do everything better than an Osprey. That doesn't mean they're always appropriate for every fleet. (Please, don't let me see someone trying to bring Basis on a BLAP Caracal fleet because they read this post.) There's a few main reasons that we went with Basis: a) It was a large Ferox fleet, and b) Basis deal with structures fairly well.

a) A large Ferox fleet. This means a few things. Every doctrine isn't suited to T2C logi. Generally speaking, you want HACs or Battleships as your main DD if you're bringing T2C logi. Battlecruisers are sort of a middle ground. In the uni, I wouldn't bring T2C logi for a 10-man Ferox gang. Feroxes don't deal a ton of damage, and it's too easy for someone to try to kill your solo scimi and ignore the Feroxes, trading up in isk lost. However, in large enough fleets (meaning enough Basis), that's not going to happen. Swapping up to Basis also means you need less logi, giving you more room for EWAR and DD.
b) They deal with structures well. Structures are generally fit with both ECM and Neuts. Structure ECM is pretty much unstoppable, which goes back into the previous point. You need enough Basis that 2 or 3 of them can get jammed without ruining the cap chain/stopping them from repping each other. The exact number of Basis you need depends on the structure fit. However, Basis deal with neuts quite well. That's because of cap transfers, especially large ones, make it hard to neut them out. You'd have to neut out practically the entire cap chain to dry it out.

The other main doctrine change was the call for a formal EWAR wing. Why is that important? Well, we're the uni and not everyone can fly Feroxes yet. Cruisers are easier to get into. I often see BLAP Caracals used for this purpose, but that's a mistake. BLAP Caracals are useful for nullsec roams, but Feroxes are meant for a straight up fight. RLML are terrible at this, and you don't generally want to downsize your dps anyways. However, EWAR is an excellent force multiplier. So we put in a Blackbird fit. Jams are pretty much universally useful, where as other flavors of EWAR can be suboptimal into certain enemy compositions. Also, it's Caldari, which most unistas train into for BLAP, and eventually the Ferox, anyways.

Other than doctrine decisions, we had intelligence suggesting we were going to get a fight. (Spoiler alert: we didn't :( ). The enemy was probably going to bring 30-40 Battleships. Into a 60-man Ferox fleet, that would've been a good fight. Into a 90-man fleet, suicide. They probably gave up when they saw our numbers. However, intel also suggested they might try to force us to fight on the way to the structure, instead of at the structure.This could've been a good idea, because if they delayed us long enough to make us miss the timer, that would've saved their structure. To counter that [Strike Team Bravo] was sent out in [Ships] to make sure they had enough dps to pause the timer, and make the enemy choose between fighting us or saving their structure.

The travel fleet itself was fairly uneventful, as was the bash. This time, I had everyone unlink one gun and only use that to shoot the structure. This saved a lot of ammo. However, we made one mistake as the structure died. We didn't have a salvager on grid the second the structure died (we need to next time). A prospect was able to run in and steal our salvage (because salvage doesn't turn you flashy) and get out in time.

Good job to everyone who came out on fleet. Special thanks to our Logi and EWAR FCs, as well as the people who shipped everything to HSC. Hauling is a pain and they did a lot of it.

ISK Destroyed: 2,190,727,874.3
ISK Lost: 0
ISK Delta: 2,190,727,874.3
Efficiency: 100%