[AAR] QRF vs Valkaran Empire (Ken Ozura)

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Ergan Eto
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[AAR] QRF vs Valkaran Empire (Ken Ozura)

Post by Ergan Eto »

2020.01.19:23:52 While completing a Lvl4 mission in Scheenins, Hippla Tsero lost his Drake to Ken Ozura in a Legion.

2020.01.20:00:00 Lobevaser in his Onyx caught Ken Ozura on the Sheenins gate in Jufvitte and was able to point him. Lobevaser called in Mumble that he had point on Ken Ozura and for pilots to come help kill Ken Ozura. Milspecc, already in Jufvitte, warped to lobevaser and provided secondary point as well as DPS. The hodgepodge QRF bolted from Amygnon into Jufvitte and warped to the Scheenins gate. Just prior to the first of the QRF landing Milspecc lost his Moa to Ken Ozura. Through his loss the fleet was able to complete the mission and kill Ken Ozura's Legion as well as Sunrise808 Sunset's Exequror as well. Kudos to lobevaser for catching Ken Ozura and Milspecc for backing him up without delay.

Roam members (9)
Bella Bloodmoon - Tengu
Bosdos - Tengu
Ergan Eto - Caracal
Hippla Tsero - Ibis
manda doomsslayer - Caracal
Milspecc - Moa
Squin Ti - Scythe Fleet Issue
Zairnix Onren - Caracal
lobevaser - Onyx
Kills and Losses

(00:09:28) Jufvitte
Moa -24.68m

(00:09:35) Jufvitte
Legion +802.01m

(00:09:57) Jufvitte
Exequror +38.26m

ISK Destroyed: 840,272,683.49
ISK Lost: 24,679,815.99
ISK Delta: 815,592,867.5
Efficiency: 97.147%

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
    1. Catching Ken Ozura at the Scheenins gate was a stroke of luck. Holding him there took the skill of lobevaser, a good ship, and an quick response secondary point from Milspecc.
    2. Uni pilots did not hesitate to drop what they were doing and come out to help.
    3. Hippla Tsero's Drake and Milspecc's Moa have been replaced.
    4. Albeit somewhat comical, Hippla Tsero was able to get in on the kill report. Vengeance is sweet.
    (Negative stuff)
    20 seconds sooner and it's possible that we might have saved Milspecc's Moa. Nevertheless, he gave an excellent fight and his ship was key to the QRF fleet being successful.
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Gergoran Moussou
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Re: [AAR] QRF vs Valkaran Empire (Ken Ozura)

Post by Gergoran Moussou »

Good catch.

Nice to see an Onyx on the killmail. I remember a while back, I suggested that if people in war target response fleets can fly HICs, they should use them as heavy tackle to hold down war targets and keep the expensive ships from getting away. I wouldn't expect that to ever be an official doctrine ship with SRP, but it's certainly a helpful support ship if you want to hold something down and kill it (in most of the WT response fleets that I remember, a Lachesis would quickly become a fairly shiny killmail even though it has more situations in which it's useful, but a HIC has a pretty hefty tank and can take quite a few more hits than a recon). Not really how the ship is generally used, but it seems like it would work.
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Re: [AAR] QRF vs Valkaran Empire (Ken Ozura)

Post by Milspecc »

What initiated this fight was Hippla Tsero getting attacked in his Level 4 mission. It's a good thing he was in fleet and on Mumble so we could respond.

I landed on the gate for his mission when Ken Ozura killed his ship. Lobevaser was also in system and probably warping to the acceleration gate. We almost had Ken red handed.

Note for newbros: If attacked by a war target (or solo ganker) it does take a few seconds to link the system in fleet or HSC. This will enable help to set destination and hopefully shave those precious seconds off the time to respond while you're trying to save your ship.

Awesome response from everyone to kill the two war targets. If they come we will respond. And they will die...
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Tal Tracyn
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Re: [AAR] QRF vs Valkaran Empire (Ken Ozura)

Post by Tal Tracyn »

Always when i'm at work :(
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Hippla Tsero
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Re: [AAR] QRF vs Valkaran Empire (Ken Ozura)

Post by Hippla Tsero »

Although I lost my hard-earned Drake, I was super happy that my quick reaction helped to take the guy down :) #SweetRevenge

Also thanks to Lobe for being a bro and replacing my Drake hull!!!
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Re: [AAR] QRF vs Valkaran Empire (Ken Ozura)

Post by Gyrgon »

Good job!

With most wartargets employing hit & run tactics, being in fleet and on comms is key to get a timely QRF. Help will not always get there in time, but most of us will try, and even if you loose a (hopefully not too expensive) ship it'll give us a chance to at least respond in time to get revenge for you.

I wasn't there for this one, but I might just be inspired to get myself a HIC for next time... :D
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