[AAR] QRF Rescue AMC Fleet

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[AAR] QRF Rescue AMC Fleet

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A QRf to help AMC was formed by me.
Caracals and ospreys and we burnt for AMC but the WT's turned around and came back up the pipe and we missed a chance on a vedmak in vecamia.
WT's then returned to Tar.
Psychotic gaves us permission to provoke a fight so we poked there raitaru and WT's undocked 6 domis.
WE didn't have numbers at that time so beat feet back to Amy with the WT in tow.
Reship to feroxs and a few more ppl joined and we took a route back to Tar through low sec to shake Ken ozura.
Poke the raitaru with no response.
At this time Ghad needed the potty and docked at the only station in the system and lost his Ferox.
Returned to Amy with no engagment. :(

Roam members (25)
47 Armer
Apo Bong
Ardes Atavuli
Ares Dodekatheon
Asuka Rossi
Celine en Chasteaux
Christoph Patrouette
Ergan Eto
Flatline Kasenumi
Ghad Makanen - Ferox
Gideon Mastracci
Haruka Otichoda
Liet Wu
Lost Eagle1
Nelliver Cadigal
Sombre Asesinos
Squin Ti
Tal Tracyn
Tungon Akeela
Xanthys Pike
Yto Itinen
Zairnix Onren
manda doomsslayer
Kills and Losses

(21:40:39) Tar
Ferox -80.61m
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 0
ISK Lost: 80,622,106.41
ISK Delta: -80,622,106.41
Efficiency: 0%

Fleet moved well and comms were good.
The Uni is scarey it seems.

More bathroom breaks needed.