[AAR] 2020-01-13 // Rail Moa / Ospreys LowSec Roam

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Re: [AAR] 2020-01-13 // Rail Moa / Ospreys LowSec Roam

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Nienke Solette wrote:
Gunny Corrigan wrote:Five flashybois on a gate and you primary the non-flashy Gnosis and take gateguns for the rest of the fight? Was that deliberate or because your overview is such a disco of flashing colours that the one row that isn't flashing looks like it is? I think you'll thank your eyes and any latent tendency towards epilepsy if you just didn't flash anything. That'd be my preference anyway.

Edit because that looked like a bit critical - easily done, I hate flashy overviews, if this is the Eve Uni default then we can we please stop?

1) We had Logi and I thought we could take the gate guns. I don't know if we would have been able to stay longer on grid if we went for the flashies. 2) Gnosis was (I think) a squishyer target. 3) I rather like the EVE-Uni Overview, but you're right that this is a matter of personal preference.
My lowsec mechanics knowledge is a bit rusty but I think the following is correct:

It's not so much that you took gate guns - although worth noting that gate guns were close to top damage on 3 or 4 of your Moas. But by shooting a neutral your whole fleet (including logi as soon as they repped you) would have gone flashy too. This allowed all the battleships to start hitting your logi immediately without having to worry about gate guns themselves.

Of course they may have chosen to do this anyway but contrast this decision with shooting one of the flashies first - none of your fleet could have gone flashy and any of the other enemy attacking you would have taken gate guns themselves. So, approx 15,000 raw hp damage to their fleet instead of to your fleet - not insignifcant.