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[AAR] Impromptu BLAP Merlins 14.06.2019

PostPosted: 2019.06.13 22:10
by Mike Kingswell
Roam members (16)
47 Armer
Avrin Dennard - Merlin
Dairek Alamari - Merlin
Demei Preldent - Merlin
Dexyr Sulvara - Burst
Kordun Naskingar - Merlin
Ky Hanomaa - Griffin
Mike Kingswell - Merlin
Mystic Block - Merlin
Nelliver Cadigal - Burst
O'Hearn - Merlin
Shauny Tsero - Merlin
Stilgar Orlenard - Atron
Urban Oxide - Slasher
Yto Itinen - Burst
manda doomsslayer - Merlin

After the PIRAT - Structure fleet we got back to AMy without a "propper" fight so I called for a impromptu lowsec roam after a 30 min break.
A good number of people were out for some blood and we started out to visit LSC.

Kills and Losses

(20:08:59) Vlillirier
Atron -2.39m
Capsule -0.01m

Out Scout got killed before we managed to secure secondary.

(20:14:37) Oicx
Tristan +11.24m

Caught and killed a PLEXER

(20:43:26) Aivonen
Burst -6.09m
Merlin -7.14m
Merlin -7.16m
Burst -5.64m

Found a flashy on the Aivonen -> Akidagi gate and went half the fleet on both sides. He kept crashing the gate and it was only a matter of time before one of our webs caught him...Then a T2 gang showed up to ruin our fun.

We reshipped in Ichoriya and went out again. Tangled with a fleet of ~6 Gnosis fleet on the gate and tried to bait them for a fight under the gateguns. They didn't bite and tried to bait us a bit so I decided things were draging out a bit too much and went looking for someone who was more interested in us.

(21:28:15) Heydieles, Indregulle
Slasher +17.91m

Caught a Slasher in a PLEX. BLOPPED it.

Merlin -13.64m
Vexor Navy Issue +155.92m

Scout caught a VNI in a large. He seemed to be afk when our scout pointed him and fleet came in. ~30 seconds later he put up a fight but strangly didn't rep. Turnes out he was warp-core-stabbed and didn't have any reppers and we caught him with his pants down.

ISK Destroyed: 185,071,420.5
ISK Lost: 42,066,691.18
ISK Delta: 143,004,729.32
Efficiency: 81.48%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    - good turnout for impromtu fleet
    -logi <3
    - Stilgar did great job scouting for only his 3rd time!
    (Negative stuff)
    - could have maybe gotten a fight out of the gnosis gang but wasn't sure about it so i decided not to
    - shouldn't have played around with that flashy on the gate so long until we got caught by the T2 gang

Thanks all for showing up!