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[AAR] 2019/06/10 - [FLEET] Corvette Rampage

PostPosted: 2019.06.10 22:23
by Chas Lemmont
[FLEET] Corvette Rampage

Fleet Members: 7

Ships flown: Corvettes!


Uio Anzomi -

Trens Morto -

Retired Slacker -

Chas Lemmont -


Uio Anzomi -

Chas Lemmont -

Destination 1 - Eugales VII - Moon 9 - FedMart Retail Center

No encouters. Decided on course change after a few jumps with no encounters.

Destination 2 - Access

Crossed paths with a few flashies in local, but no visuals. One of them managed to "escape" (aka, ignored us lol).
After jumping into Angur, we had a Command Ship waiting for us. Not flashy, I baited, he engaged and we were done in a second.

Intent was to get players used to the notion of "getting killed is no big deal" and to get some practice as FC. Also, lowsec is not as bad as it looks.

Overall evaluation
(Positive stuff)
- Fleet was in a good mood, looking for players to pew-pew.
- Everyone kept up with the fleet.
(Negative stuff)
- Only a single direct, on grid engagement.
- I need to better plan the route next time.

Re: [AAR] 2019/06/10 - [FLEET] Corvette Rampage

PostPosted: 2019.06.10 23:25
by Edhin Delphiki
  • He was patient in explaining various details needed during the fleet for novices
  • He introduced a friendly atmosphere during the fleet
  • Wrangled us cats effectively so that we stayed together

Warm Regards,

Re: [AAR] 2019/06/10 - [FLEET] Corvette Rampage

PostPosted: 2019.06.10 23:32
by Shauny Tsero
Sounds like you guys had fun! Sorry I missed it