[AAR] 2019.05.31 Unscheduled Triglavian Invasion Fleet


Dexyr Sulvara



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[AAR] 2019.05.31 Unscheduled Triglavian Invasion Fleet

Roam members (18)
Asuka Rossi
Christoph Patrouette
Dexyr Sulvara - Caracal
Dynamo Crash
Edwin Clough
Iam Nota Bot - Osprey
Joilove Sunrunner
Kordun Naskingar - Gnosis
Ky Hanomaa - Scout
Lightsong the Bold
Luagarb Transcendeul
Magnar Eriksson
Mike Kingswell
Neemo Beer
O'Hearn - Osprey
Trens Morto
Yto Itinen - Osprey

I took over fleet from Joilove Sunrunner when they had to leave. I had run for about 30 minutes before taking over. Totally new to Trig Invasions so got all knowledge from helpful fleet members.
Overall fleet went well & we made some ISK, the losses were definite mistakes that won't be repeated. We moved straight to an Adjacent as we were handling a Perimeter very well. 1st site we had losses (see below). 2nd site went very well, got a lot of loot as trigs continued to warp on us after about 10 minutes. We docked for a bio on undock the invasion ended, disappointing, especially for the guys that just joined.

Notes: Fleet had 3 Logi Ospreys, from what I can tell 4 Logi would be the recommended amount for Adjacent systems. Another thing to note (though maybe obvious) is heavily farmed systems don't reflect the spawns of quieter systems.

I'm sure I missed things, be sure to add your thoughts below!

Kills and Losses

(19:26:41) Osmeden
Gnosis -48.41m
Osprey -8.03m
Osprey -18.3m

Our 1st group in the Adjacent. Far more & bigger stuff than I thought we could take. I panicked here & called scatter (forgetting they scram), FC lesson learned! Losses were covered. There was also confusion about warp-in's which hindered decent capchain forming by the Logi.

(20:26:10) Osmeden
Osprey -9.06m

A very large group here. Had 2 Leshaks. Logi managed very well - 1 Logi got down to Hull before stabilised, sudden aggro switch resulted in another Logi going down.

ISK Lost: 83,805,048.02

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    -Everyone was great, sticking through the riskiness & relative lack of knowledge going into it. Turnout was very good for an impromptu fleet. Special thanks to Ky for finding groups, our Logi bro's & O'Hearn for handling the loot
    (Negative stuff)
    - Calling scatter & warp-in confusion
    - Invasion ending as we were getting ready to head out again




Post 2019.06.01 09:28

Re: [AAR] 2019.05.31 Unscheduled Triglavian Invasion Fleet

Hey, thanks for stepping in as FC and thanks for the AAR!

I have some things to add:

Content intel

There was much speculation as to optimal damage and resists. The only hard data we have comes via Magnar Eriksson: Invasion Info by Neugeniko v 1.0. Bottom line: have no resist holes, do exp/the damage.


We all agreed that having a dedicated salvager would have sped things up. The salvage represents a huge chunk of the ISK reward from this content.

I think 3 Logi could have been adequate in the encounter where we lost the Gnosis. That was as comedy of errors including bad initial warp, bad Logi warp, bad scatter, bad cap chaining. However, 4 Logi would certainly be much more comfortable, and provide a buffer for mistakes.


On the night, EVEPraisal valued the loot and salvage from this fleet at 2.3bn ISK, but some items were held back because the market doesn't know what to do with them yet. If that ended up being the final cash value, each pilot would earn between 63m and 223m, depending on participation (number of engagements). Even the pilot of a lost Gnosis profits.

Looking at the market this morning, prices seem to be falling pretty hard, and it's possible that holding back sales was a mistake.

Triglavian Survey Database should be sold to NPCs, not players.


As an informal fleet, we forgot to go through some pre-flight checks: clean clones, safety checks. I did most of the fleet with yellow safety and an expensive clone. There were flashies on grid and there was talk of engaging them, so it could have gotten expensive for me.

One pilot was having trouble with broadcast aligns. I really liked the way our FC stopped the fleet and took the time to work the pilot through the problem, so that we could nail fleet warps, particularly since fleet warps were causing us problems. Good for camaraderie, education and safety.

Personal learning

The fleet provided me with excellent Logi experience. By the end of the fleet, I felt I understood why I was doing what I was doing. Thanks to Yto Itinen for some great coaching. Some specifics: logi view their wing commander as FC; cap chain is top priority; do not panic; keep listening (so that you hear scatter commands).

Fantastic experience, 10/10, would fly with y'all again!

B'aldrick Aivoras



Post 2019.06.01 12:12

Re: [AAR] 2019.05.31 Unscheduled Triglavian Invasion Fleet

Nicely done guys - for interest did anyone try the new help feature to show players where to look when having difficulty finding broadcasts etc


Assistant Orientation Manager | Senior Personnel Ofiicer
FCC Manager





Post 2019.06.01 17:01

Re: [AAR] 2019.05.31 Unscheduled Triglavian Invasion Fleet

B'aldrick Aivoras wrote:Nicely done guys - for interest did anyone try the new help feature to show players where to look when having difficulty finding broadcasts etc

Nope. The Pointer tool supports Fleet Broadcasting Icons, but not the filter settings. I guess CCP will improve the tool over time.




Post 2019.06.02 16:36

Re: [AAR] 2019.05.31 Unscheduled Triglavian Invasion Fleet

O'Hearn wrote:On the night, EVEPraisal valued the loot and salvage from this fleet at 2.3bn ISK, but some items were held back because the market doesn't know what to do with them yet.

Buy orders on some of this stuff are plummeting pretty hard, so if you're going to hold onto it, you probably need to hold onto it for a long while. Our loot depreciated from 2.3bn to 1.9bn overnight. The skillbooks and datacores were fine, but the rest of the Trig salvage tanked hard.

Yto Itinen



Post 2019.06.02 19:49

Re: [AAR] 2019.05.31 Unscheduled Triglavian Invasion Fleet

For a kitchen sink fleet, it was a very good learning experience on content we had never seen before.

It was my first time in command of a full logi wing, and it made me understand how many things can go wrong in a split second.
We had a good channel and made some tangible progress on the matter of cap chain and maneuver, which I consider a success, since it was the first time as cruiser logi for O'Hearn and IamnotaBot. Keeping a cool head and acting fast comes with experience.

The loss of the two Ospreys and the Gnosis was in part to the fact that we were still unclear on how to warp to face the rats, since logi cruisers were the fastest to align. It turned out badly, 2/3 of logi team took fleet warp and the logi anchor was left behind. The cap chain failed to switch to just a 2 man comp, because at the same time the FC called for a scatter, but the rats had points. By the time the third logi landed, the Gnosis was deep in armor and the few ships on grid were only ospreys. We made an attempt to land reps, but cap was sparse and we got full dps in return.

The problem is that triglavian rats spawn in open space and there are no gates to regroup beforehand. Logi warping with fleet will almost be a sure first target, as cruisers still warp first. Warping as a squad will mean we might land too late to actually rep, especially in long warps. Having a cloaky scout to serve as a fleet warp point might be the best solution, if we can find people for the role.

It turned out to be a valuable learning experience, because we faced the possibility of losing our logi wing a second time: after we landed on grid we had strong DPS split in 3 directions and this made it hard for us to keep the third repper in reserve for a switch. When the switch happened, they alpha'd one logi and got the second one well into armor before I was able to stabilize him with the help of shield bots. The rest of the fight was very tense and we had to overheat a couple of times. Props to the FC that this time confirmed that there were no points on us and kept us ready to warp off. The difference between this and the first fight shows we were quick to learn :D

Overall the new triglavian content is the closest to PvP for a new FC, as the rats are very mobile and unpredictable, and use lots of EWAR.
A bit more DPS and I think the next fleet should do well even with 3 logi cruisers.

Thanks to O'Hearn for dealing with the loot, as it's not easy to read the market for items we have never seen before.

Will absolutely join another fleet!




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