Post 2019.05.29 22:27

[AAR] 2019.05.29 Unscheduled Triglavian Invasion Fleet

2019.05.29 16:40-21:20

Fleet Form-up Location: Hatakani
Fleet Destination System: Sivala - Triglavian Invasion System

Shield Cruisers+

FC: Luagarb Transcendeul
Logi: Iam Nota Bot, Dynamo Crash, Marcel Eriker
Salvage: Rihe Skalov
DPS: Chee Dallocort, Kordun Naskingar, Susan MacDuff, Sylvia Hakkoto, Manda Doomsslayer
Joined Fleet but could not participate due to war targets: Ersin Oghuz, Jacob Velora


Loot: To be distributed evenly by Rihe Skalov.
ISK Estimates
Regular loot 25,945,181.39 SK
Lattice 7,502,880.00 SK
Radiation Thrusters 10,778,040.18 SK
Singularity Converter 3,657,078.65 SK
Trinary Processor 37,318,476.97 SK
Zero-Point Field 25,827,291.42 SK
Total 111,028,946 SK 111,028,948.61
Each 11,102,894.60 SK 11,102,894.86


This was my first FC. I wanted to go do some invasion perimeter content so I made a fleet and began advertising ~16:40. Once we had 3 logi, 1 Salvage, and 5-7 dps we entered Sivala around 19:20. Jacob Velora and Ersin Oghuz had war targets in Sivala and had to dock up (-2 dps). We were able to engage and successfully defeat several groups of Triglavians on gates and at stations even as they brought in reinforcements.

We took break 20:30-20:45 and during break we lost 1 logi (Marcel Eriker) and some dps. We gained another dps (Manda Doomsslayer). The logi believed 2 logi ships with our current fleet should be able to handle the content.

We jumped back into Sivala with rats on gate. I ordered fleet to orbit gate at 2K (so we could jump out if it gets messy). Renewing frigate was primary. We were unable to break its tank and fleet reps. Logi were being targeted and began to struggle. I ordered fleet to jump the gate but one logi was unable to make it (Iam Nota Bot: They were not able to immediately jump the gate. As this wasn't a scheduled "official" fleet, I personally reimbursed Iam Nota Bot 15M isk.

For Next Time:
I recommend using at least 3 logi and 5 dps for perimeter gate fleets.