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[AAR] BLAP Merlins 28/05/2019

PostPosted: 2019.05.28 21:38
by Dexyr Sulvara
Roam members (18)
Alexander Morrali - Merlin
B'aldrick Aivoras - Slasher - Scout
Dexyr Sulvara - Merlin
Durnik Risalo - Merlin
Esca Sinak - Merlin
Ged Sinak - Burst - FC Oversight
Gergoran Moussou - Merlin
Jack Heck - Merlin
Kaneton - Merlin
Ky Hanomaa - Merlin
O'Hearn - Merlin
Sinagain - Merlin
Urban Oxide - Slasher - Scout
Vetch Benderesk - Burst
Zeerse Solaris - Merlin
Zoltan Irvam - Burst
itsMickle Zenotath - Merlin
manda doomsslayer - Merlin

Kills and Losses

(19:21:54) Heydieles
Kestrel +0.57m

Scouts caught a Kestrel in a Plex.

(19:23:37) Heydieles
Confessor +51.46m

(19:28:03) Oinasiken
Slasher -9.49m
Jaguar +47.9m
Capsule +0.01m

Caught a flashy Jaguar on a gate.

(19:52:01) Tama
Slasher -2.44m

(20:04:56) Nisuwa
Slasher -9.51m
Merlin -8.55m
Merlin -6.31m
Merlin -6.11m
Burst -5.57m
Burst -5.09m
Burst -5.09m
Griffin Navy Issue +24.98m
Merlin -6.9m
Merlin -14.47m
Merlin -6.8m
Merlin -6.91m
Merlin -4.91m
Capsule -0.01m

Proper fight here against a mix of T1 + T2 frigates. Scout went in to tackle bait, lots landed in behind so fleet warped into a full plex. Secured a Griffin Navy Issue kill, lots of losses.

(20:47:12) Vlillirier
Slasher -2.44m

(21:15:14) Loes
Thorax +30.31m

Nice finish to the night, Thorax engaged scout on a gate, fleet landed to secure the kill.

ISK Destroyed: 155,238,123.89
ISK Lost: 100,590,960.18
ISK Delta: 54,647,163.71
Efficiency: 60.68%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    - Great scouts, lots of content
    - Everyone kept up with the fleet, helpful etc
    (Negative stuff)
    - Didn't anchor up the fleet in the Nisuwa engagement, stayed on-grid too long.

Re: [AAR] BLAP Merlins 28/05/2019

PostPosted: 2019.05.28 22:17
by Alexander Morrali
Good fleet! Thanks for FC'ing!

Re: [AAR] BLAP Merlins 28/05/2019

PostPosted: 2019.05.29 06:22
by O'Hearn
Thanks for the fleet.

Even when there isn't a lot of action, I appreciate someone else setting up a fleet and commanding it. A slow roam is more action than I'd see on my own, at this stage of my career.

I liked the pace. I was able to keep up, but never felt like I was waiting around for nothing. Missed a couple of fleet warps, but they were both my own fault (too slow jumping gates).

I asked a few questions in Fleet chat and got answers to all of them.

Glad I came, would come again.

Re: [AAR] BLAP Merlins 28/05/2019

PostPosted: 2019.05.29 10:00
by Guiliano Thellere
I was contacted by one of the guys you came up against in Nisuwa who was recording at the time. I’ll leave this here for anyone who want to watch/analyse following the fleet.

Re: [AAR] BLAP Merlins 28/05/2019

PostPosted: 2019.05.29 13:56
by Durnik Risalo
Just my 2 cents, but... I'm not sure what anchoring would do for a fleet of Merlins (whose tactics is generally to orbit @500-1000, and that is also against a fleet of frigates).

Overall, I think it was a great, fun fleet! I think you did a good job.

Re: [AAR] BLAP Merlins 28/05/2019

PostPosted: 2019.05.30 12:48
by Falling Snow KumaMoto
Oh no, that youtube video Guiliano posted has been removed. I was stoked to watch it, and see what it's like to face euni blap merlins from the enemy perspective.

Re: [AAR] BLAP Merlins 28/05/2019

PostPosted: 2019.05.30 13:05
by Dexyr Sulvara
He edited & re-uploaded it -

Re: [AAR] BLAP Merlins 28/05/2019

PostPosted: 2019.06.01 03:09
by Budda Sereda
Agree with comment above on anchoring.

Also, recommendation to Dexyr on AAR: I believe you will learn more if you put efforts into recalling a sequence of events and actions, your decisions, and think on what you can improve. Additionslly, Experienced pilots will comment on that so you will see what you could do better.

Hope this makes sense