Post 2019.05.12 16:05

[FLEET] Gatecamp 101 Friday Night

We gatecamped. For instructions, see the ingame channel: 'Gatecamp 101'.

This gatecamp qualifies for the "Quality Gatecamp" badge, which I will award to any FC who runs a gatecamp fleet that successfully kills 1 of each ship class from Frigate -> Dessie -> Cruiser -> Battlecruiser -> Battleship. ... 905110200/

There's the link to the proper zkill, stuff that I got on at least...

Roam members (13)
Ana'ander Lamora - Rifter, Thrasher
Archmage Nemmerle
Enigmatic Online - Thrasher
Ged Sinak - Thrasher, Keres
Glen Burney - Hound, Thrasher
Jason Eoner - Reaper, Thrasher
Mikus Walker - Thrasher
Neemo Beer - Tristan, Thrasher
Nixxim Saren - Thrasher
Penelore - Thrasher
Satoshi Tomeii - Thrasher
YooJin Moon - Thrasher

Kills and Losses

(01:03:00) Vlillirier
Rifter -3.29m

(01:13:23) B-3QPD, Vlillirier, V-3YG7, GE-8JV
Mobile Small Warp Disruptor I +0.59m
Magus +95.55m
Talwar +8.38m
Capsule +0.01m
Caracal +20.01m
Capsule +0.01m
Algos +10.38m

(01:33:59) GE-8JV
Naga +64.99m
Capsule -19.25m
Hound -45.67m

(01:49:41) Oulley
Reaper -0.03m
Capsule -0.01m

(02:11:08) Mara
Thrasher -5.86m
Thrasher -8.89m

(02:19:27) Mara
Tayra +2.44m
Thrasher -9.47m
Capsule -6.69m

(02:59:09) Uuna
Enyo +47.78m

(03:08:37) Manjonakko
Dragoon +9.89m

(03:25:53) Uuna
Brutix +80.14m

(03:40:50) Hirri
Tristan -8.21m

(03:46:11) Tama
Thrasher -25.13m
Armageddon +179.94m
Capsule +0.01m
Corax +6.98m
Thrasher -11.94m

(04:16:19) Tama
Bestower +63.19m

(04:24:52) Tama
Punisher +5.97m
Thrasher +2.04m
Capsule +2.17m

(04:32:02) Tama
Griffin +0.27m
Atron +0.28m
Thrasher -8.81m
Ibis +0.03m
Keres -34.63m
Tornado +109.94m
Capsule +6.55m
Caracal +12.69m
Tristan +1.46m
Thrasher -6.8m
Corax +10.4m
Ibis +0.04m
Ibis +0.03m

ISK Destroyed: 742,172,128.37
ISK Lost: 194,682,555.83
ISK Delta: 547,489,572.54
Efficiency: 79.22%


So about 600M in total. We maybe lost 4-5 thrashers? Started in Mara, and worked on a T3C there a few times, then wandered down to UUna for a bit, and finally over to Tama where it was good fishing.