Post 2019.05.11 22:54

[WHC] A Quick Nulldive into VotS and Delve

Roam members (5)
Macilles - Bomber
Penelore - Retribution
Pink Kondur - Retribution
Savannah Tokila - Retribution
Yuri Titov - Retribution


Kills and Losses

We started off in Vale of the Silent with penelore, pink and yuri as well as me in Honeybadgers
we mightve gotten close to getting some vni in MY-T2P. but he was on a structure, so guessed he was tethered, but didnt actually check, someone said after the fact that they mightve had aggression timers, and cant tether just after ratting,
question from my side, isnt that just when you boost that you get aggression timers for not being able to dock? and of course pvp?

Then Macilles joins us in a bomber. we met up on our way to our next desto

in V-O on the 49 gate we see a legion on the gate, who jumps, he dropped probes as he cloaked and warped away, prbly a explorer

then we see a bhaalgorn on the out gate with a malediction, a viator jumps into us, and a kiki jumps in and crashes gate, i call kiki primary. then the bhaal and kiki jumped. and as most of us had weapons timers (i need to be more careful with weapons timers)

Then a vni jumped into us, as well as a lachesis. so i called vni primary since that was there before. i went for secondary for the lachesis, and then we lost point on the vni as it was in 5% hull, and i lost secondary on the lachesis, as i had to deal with lots of drones and got out of range. WTB t2 warp disruptor on honebadger retri. then we looted the field with our one loss, and looted 2 flights of drones

(10:15:47) 49-0LI
Retribution -53.25m

Then we repair a bit of heat, and jump into N-HSK0, where our bhaalgorn is waiting for us, i call for everyone to hold cloak, and engage the bhaal solo. he jumps. i call for everyone to crash gate and jump, followed by asking pen to take over while im stuck on the other side

Then somebody says that the structure the bhaal warped to is low power, and he shouldnt be able to shoot us, while two apocs undock.
Then we lose another retribution to the structure and the bhaalgorn who pink had no transversal to. so, apparently they indeed do shoot in low power.

(10:22:36) 49-0LI
Retribution -63.63m

now i think i tried to do some evasive maneuvers to get out of the bhaal engagement so they dont know where we would be going, so i try to get him to engage and then let us jump through a gate, because i wanted to see if we could get some more content with hunting ratters. Because the scene of this was closeby

Which we got to, but we didnt catch anything. Then DT was getting close, so i decided to visit one more system a couple jumps away, to check on them, during this pink had reshipped and was back with us. In the system i wanted to go we saw this i even landed on the thanny i think, but we couldnt take it and we didnt catch anything subcap size, i put desto to our way home and on our way there, i realised we had enough time left to shotgun two more systems right next to our way home, but we didnt find anything of value, so we went to call it a day and got home in time for downtime.

ISK Destroyed: 0
ISK Lost: 116,887,542.28
ISK Delta: -116,887,542.28
Efficiency: 0%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    Was kinda fun
    the fleet moved very well
    feel a lot more comfortable with using dotlan now, (this extension that lets you set destination via the browser is amazing)

    (Negative stuff)
    didnt end up killing anything, and lost stuff