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Ares Dodekatheon


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Retired Director

Post 2019.05.03 02:18

[AAR] BLAP Merlins @ 02-05-2019

A Lucky Day...

Roam members (23)
Alf Saissore - Atron, Federation Navy Comet
Ares Dodekatheon - Merlin
Asuka Rossi - Griffin
B'aldrick Aivoras - Merlin
Caleb Wihunglo
Chrispin - Merlin
Dexyr Sulvara - Merlin
Enigmatic Online - Merlin
Iam Nota Bot
Jack Heck - Merlin
Ky Hanomaa - Condor
Mike Kingswell - Vigil Fleet Issue
Roland Outamon
Sacread - Merlin
The Jojosh - Merlin
Trens Morto
Urban Oxide - Burst
Weadj - Maulus
Yokuni Togashi - Merlin
Yto Itinen - Atron
Yuri Titov - Burst
Zoltan Irvam - Merlin

Kills and Losses

Our scouts reported a Myrmidon and a Gnosis in Ouelletta. After checking the local threats I decided to engage.
When we landed on the grid, the Myrmidon was slightly damaged so I called the Myrmidon as the primary.
B'aldrick called point on the Gnosis. I called fleet to keep shooting the Myrmidon and try to keep the tackle on the Gnosis. Although our logi was on the grid and holding well we switched to drones before killing the ships. Drones went down quite fast then we switched back to the Myrmidon. It took some time to kill the Myrmidon as it was repping really hard. As it went down we switched to the Gnosis. We got both the ship and the blingy pod.

Ohh... that was a good start :smug:

After this fight, we docked-up at the Astrahus and repaired our ships. Then I made a mistake... did not wait for our suspect timers and called the fleet to undock. When a Tempest landed on the grid while we were sitting at zero at MEL gate I realized the mistake that I've done. So I warped the fleet back to the structure.
The decision was correct but the application was not. I should have told the logi wing to warp out (or at least to align out) before warping the fleet. We lost a Burts at that gate. Sorry, Yuri...

(19:19:42) Ouelletta
Myrmidon +81.2m
Gnosis +178.44m
Capsule +392.22m
Burst -8.25m

Loss in Agoze ? I have no idea about this loss to be honest...

(19:39:44) Agoze
Merlin -6.4m

Alf Saissore reported an Ashimmu outside a plex in Heydieles.
We tried... but the Ashimmu killed one of our scouts then slingshotted the other and got away.

(19:50:25) Heydieles
Atron -8.13m

(20:33:40) Renarelle
Condor -4.31m
Hound +46.85m

We tried to catch a Harbinger Navy Issue in Nennamaila. We lost two ships and almost burn out our prop mods trying to catch it.
It was fitted with an MJD. Tried to get him while his MJD is in cooldown period... but his friends (A Hurricane Fleet Issiue and a Dominix) warped in.
We aligned and warped out to Aldranette gate.

(21:00:03) Nennamaila
Condor -4.31m
Maulus -5.74m
Rifter +11.76m

Alf Saissore reported a Sacrilege at a medium in Aldranette.
We landed on time, logi landed reps on Alf and we got the kill without losing any ships.

(21:08:41) Aldranette
Sacrilege +454.47m

Scouts reported a Tristan & a Federation Navy Comet.
The Tristan warped out but we managed to tackle the Federation Navy Comet and took it down.

(21:15:50) Vlillirier
Atron -2.43m
Merlin -18.78m
Federation Navy Comet +27.9m

(21:25:08) Eugales
Condor -4.31m

ISK Destroyed: 1,192,846,099.77
ISK Lost: 62,663,081.79
ISK Delta: 1,130,183,017.98
Efficiency: 95.009%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    A great job by the fleet. Everyone kept up with fleet commands.
    Scouts and logi were great. It was a fun fleet and in terms of ISK efficiency, it was perfect.
    Personally, I did some mistakes. But I've learned a lot from this fleet.
    (Negative stuff)
    I had some difficulty in interpreting the intelligence when we received it intensively and from more than one channel.
    I need to take out more fleets ;-)

Thanks everyone for participating in. Please do not forget to add your own comments and feedback.

Hope to see you soon... in another fleet...
with a different doctrine and a different setup. :smug:

Macte animo! Generose puer sic itur ad astra.

Dexyr Sulvara



Post 2019.05.03 13:16

Re: [AAR] BLAP Merlins @ 02-05-2019

A content filled fleet! Really enjoyable, thank you!

Yto Itinen



Post 2019.05.04 14:27

Re: [AAR] BLAP Merlins @ 02-05-2019

Thanks for the fleet Ares, in terms of content this was one of the best!

As to having problems filtering intelligence, it is almost bound to happen when we have two scouts operating independently.
It also allows us to search for more content, so it's a bit hard to balance. If during the fleet it gets too tiring for the FC, you can
ask to operate on a single scout again, as the FC who is comfortable makes better decisions.

I don't mind the voices about Merlin fleets being boring, beside being a prefect learning experience, the ship is very powerful
and allows us to bring good dps and tank to take down bigger ships. With good scouts and fast tackle, like during this fleet, we landed
some excellent kills.

Will be back again, obviously!




B'aldrick Aivoras



Post 2019.05.04 15:34

Re: [AAR] BLAP Merlins @ 02-05-2019

Really nice fleet and well fc'd.

Content from the start. You managed to avoid some nasty stuff for us whilst picking up some nice kills.

Intel can get confusing but you didn't rush us in by clarifying where the scouts were.

Good job o7


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