Post 2019.05.06 00:30

[AAR][Class] 18:00 NNitH @5.1.19

Ran my third class in EVE, introducing folks to living at the Wormhole Campus! Personal circumstances delayed me thirty minutes, a big sorry to folks. But we got this going with the help of WH Campus members!

Demei Preldent
Enigmatic Online
Faf Proudstark
Ithugor Wells
Ares Dodekatheon
Harkonnen Hotshot

While rage rolling for a good connection to Stacmon, looked over fits and introduced basic wormhole mechanics. Ares was in Stacmon and volunteered to FC the travel fleet (peace time) and I picked up the class once they reached our connecting system. We quickly got into Campus and headed out for some PVE content, introducing the main sleeper sites we farm for isk. Some students were already accepted into the WHC and this was their chance to get in with a ship, place a clone and begin their stay. Remaining students were lead back and dropped off in K-Space.

    Primary and backup instructors were unable to make the class time, so perhaps arrange for a third next time.
    Possibly head for PVP roam earlier. By the time PVP roam started too much time had elapsed.
    Running 18:00 Wednesday was a small turnout. Offering these on the week-ends, with more campus support, may be better.

Thank you for joining the class and for giving me the opportunity to further learn about running classes. Feedback very much appreciated!