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[WHC] Wrong Hole. came over (WHC LA)

PostPosted: 2019.05.04 18:44
by Savannah Tokila
Roam members (12-23)
Ana'ander Lamora - Ashimmu
Aren Dar - Brutix
Ares Dodekatheon
B'aldrick Aivoras - Nemesis
Che Galtor
Dexyr Sulvara
DonBasuno Ichosira - Exequror
Emilia Stark - Vexor Navy Issue
Enigmatic Online - Vexor Navy Issue
Ichii Nee
Ithugor Wells - Exequror
Jayfar Jaynara
Jeracho Dorne
KraK Oziane - Augoror Navy Issue, Sacrilege, Brutix
Macilles - Augoror Navy Issue
Martin Vanzyl
Miccio Kaku
Mithlug Ibruin
Pink Kondur - Augoror
Roland Outamon
Savannah Tokila - Tempest, Ashimmu
Zoltan Irvam - Augoror

This is from the 30.04.2019

Kills and Losses

2100: we have spotted some people in our bacon after finishing up some pve. so i decide to bait roll.

I saw combat probes and a <3 Proteus on d, our dear Pink then jumped out with a claw while we were baiting to go to his Small Gang Competition in 2b1l or something. so after i bit i do 300 in, which made it shrink. which i shouldnt have, ishouldve continued being on the other side, as they later brought a big fleet on the other side. which i couldnt see. on our side we then saw a Jackdaw with combat probes I. Then The proteus jumped through and decloaked, (Enigmatic here realised that his ship had t2 guns which he couldnt use, so he left) i called it primary and then i heard lots of activations and it turtned out to be like 8 ships,


so i immediately called scatter. as we barely had 3 or 4 people there. everybody got out, which was good. i jumped trough with prop mod off, and started pinging between safes (thank god we beared in bacon before, because that meant we had lots of safes. a heretic then appeared eventually in bacon as well.

Then i called Light Armour, we got 2 execs, an ashimuu, but only 3 dps and my tempest

i called stork, then heretic primary, but we just forced them to jump,

eventually i saw that their proteus was not on the hole, so i called to primary it, and webbed it down,
the stork booshed our logi away, as we couldnt secure scram in time and he got out of range.
i suspect our dear ana in the ashimuu did the same, and with combined neut pressure we could break it, without it jumping. then we lost our exequror and ana followed suit, i shouldve cut my losses here, and called scatter, but i waited too long

(21:31:54) J211936
Proteus +1084.14m
Exequror -29.11m
Hecate +65.11m
Ashimmu -119.16m
Exequror -29.21m
Tempest -163.64m

2 people were left in bacon, as they had to jump. so i called another LA fleet to maybe extract.
Then we undocked, to warp to eggs. they immediately took on my plan and all warped to eggs as well, my plan was to sit on eggs, and bait the feet on .eggs. we can disengage by jumping into eggs, and our bacon people can come through bacon and dock up again. we got everyone out except for this exequror, and then, this ANI jumped back into innuendo after i called everyone to jump into eggs, which i dont quite understand. polarising themselves and dying. Then we go to top station and repair.

(21:40:50) J211936
Exequror -29.11m
Augoror Navy Issue -91.89m

Now, we were kind of cut off from our home, and heavily outnumbered, but our ships were safe, incidentally the lowsec roam for the small gang competition was in 2b1l, so i called on them, if they wanted to join, and they were getting ready. So the plan was we'd bait them once again to stay on .eggs, so our lowsec people can come through eggs in pods and kitchensink this worked, but for some reason this sacrilege died?

Looks like one of our old PVE fittings, oof didnt realise that was happening in that way, that loss couldve been avoided. cant figure out what exactly happened by skimming over the recording.

(21:51:51) J211936
Sacrilege -706.91m

Then they said they were leaving, but then we got another fight out of it, at the sun, in retrospect i shouldve gone to stay on some hole, maybe bacon hole, but not eggs hole, as i didnt want to play highsec games. when we undocked and realised we were still outnumbered i shouldve called for light shield instead of light armour, instead we warped to the sun, and got caught in a bubble, if we'd have bounced from some celestial we mightve managed to get something out of it as we couldve gone to our optimal ranges then,
we got caught and we couldnt get anything of particular note, eventually i went down and as i went down i asked aren to take over, i shouldve gotten a 2ic and possibly 3ic before hand, tbh.
eventually it was tried to extract after logi wasnt holding.

(22:12:18) J211936
Caracal +34.75m
Ashimmu -114.99m
Augoror -26.43m
Nemesis -62.65m
Augoror -42.47m
Brutix -70.53m
Vexor Navy Issue -92.86m

this is just after landing, if i had realised how close the scimi was a few seconds sooner i think we couldve gotten something out of this maybe.

Thank you to the Laura's Party Pirates, for responding.

ISK Destroyed: 1,184,001,732.81
ISK Lost: 1,578,973,577.77
ISK Delta: -394,971,844.96
Efficiency: 42.852%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    lots of fights
    big fights
    some scatters of mine have been called well and saved a few
    Laura's Party Pirates came over

    (Negative stuff)
    went la when i shoudlve went ls or stood down for the last fight
    blingy pve sacrilege