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[SMALL GANG COMPETITION] Laura's Party Pirates

PostPosted: 2019.04.28 17:27
by Zoltan Irvam
This is the consolidated AAR for the Laura's Party Pirates...

Team Leader
    Dexyr Sulvara

Team Members

    Ares Dodekathon
    Auric Fulcrum
    Baldrick Aivoras
    Dexyr Sulvara
    Esca Sinak
    Pink Kondur
    Turlough Dominion
    Zoltan Irvam

Consolidated Stats

Total Kills: 17
Total Losses: 16

ISK Destroyed: 244,509,465.93
ISK Lost: 339,831,969.47
ISK Delta: -95,322,503.54
Efficiency: 41.84%

Most Expensive Kill: Incursus -68.21m
Most Expensive loss: Myrmidon -68.21m

Please just use the AAR tool under to generate a roam report and post it as an answer to this thread...

Re: AAR Small Gang Tourney - EU TZ Team

PostPosted: 2019.04.28 17:38
by Zoltan Irvam

instead of discussing urgent matters like who is team captain or what should be our team name, we did have a little roam for first blood...

Roam members (3)
Esca Sinak - Atron
Turlough Dominian - Tristan, Sunesis
Zoltan Irvam - Atron

Kills and Losses

(16:12:53) Nennamaila
Found a Sunesis in a Plex on D, went in, found he had spooky friends... didn't get away...
Atron -4.42m

(16:28:05) Hikkoken
After I reshipped, Turlough and Esca found and engaged an Enyo but couldn't quite break it - it then escalated a bit as the Enyo got help in the form of a Svipul while I was warping in. Outgunned, we tried to run, but Turlough got caught.
Tristan -6.27m

(16:55:46) Nennamaila
Back in Nen we found a Cormorant chilling outside a Plex and decided to do a Leeroy Jenkins - we actually managed to get him capped out and killed before help arrived.
Cormorant +10.91m

ISK Destroyed: 10,911,094.76
ISK Lost: 10,691,452.32
ISK Delta: 219,642.44
Efficiency: 50.508%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    - we went out and got first blood!
    (Negative stuff)
    - I got a lot to learn about PvP and commanding fleets
    - We still have neither a team name nor a captain


Re: [AAR] Small Gang Tourney - EU TZ Team

PostPosted: 2019.04.28 18:51
by Breeze One
Awesome work guys :D

First blood is yours!

Re: [AAR] Small Gang Tourney - EU TZ Team

PostPosted: 2019.04.29 22:42
by Zoltan Irvam

and some more from the EU TZ Team, which still has neither name nor captain:

Roam members (4)
Ares Dodekatheon - Atron
Dexyr Sulvara - Atron
Esca Sinak - Atron
Zoltan Irvam - Atron

Kills and Losses

(21:15:53) Heydieles
For starters we had a seemingly very new char in a Caracal. He managed to kill our scout and FC, but the linemen finished the job. On the other hand that player solo killed a Sabre from Hard Knocks somewhere in Null on his 2nd day - flying a faction frigate... so maybe the player was not so new after all...
Atron -4.42m
Atron -9.53m
Caracal +51.25m

(21:53:41) Pynekastoh
We 3rd partied on a Tristan tying to kill a Punisher (who escaped) and obviously not knowing Gateguns... It took just one stern look, really...
Tristan +11.98m
Capsule +0.01m

(22:25:04) Agoze
Towards the end of our roam we tried to 3rd party on fight between a Maulus with his Fed Navy Comet friend and a Republic Fleet Firetail. Unfortunately our scout got killed and they evacuated before we could grab anybody...
Atron -4.42m
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 63,237,434.58
ISK Lost: 18,379,418.79
ISK Delta: 44,858,015.79
Efficiency: 77.481%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    - we got some people to fly
    - ISK positive
    (Negative stuff)
    - it was a bit quiet most of the time...
    - still no name or captain

Re: [SMALL GANG COMPETITION] Laura's Party Pirates

PostPosted: 2019.04.30 22:16
by Dexyr Sulvara
Roam members (7)
Ares Dodekatheon - Atron, Tormentor
B'aldrick Aivoras - Tormentor - FC
Dexyr Sulvara - Slasher - Scout
Esca Sinak - Atron
Pink Kondur - Kestrel
Turlough Dominian - Federation Navy Comet
Zoltan Irvam - Atron

Kills and Losses

(20:08:15) Agoze
Atron -4.41m
Tristan +9.56m

We found a Tristan & FC called for a scram/web to engage 1st followed by the fleet. We lost Zoltan as he engaged 1st, but secured the kill.

(20:29:41) Eha
Atron -4.42m
Atron -15.67m
Atron -3.68m

A baity Procurer & Brutix were on an asteroid belt. We got him down to hull & discovered that's where his tank is. Lost 3 members here. Esca & Turtle dropped Fleet here.

(21:04:19) Vlillirier
Caldari Navy Hookbill +22.71m

FC had scram/web so slid into the PLEX 1st, followed by the gang. We secured the kill with no losses.

(21:39:56) Pynekastoh
Slasher -8.03m
Tormentor -13.48m
Federation Navy Comet +35.27m
Incursus +52.78m

Pink joined us here. A Plex with an Algos. FC & scout landed on the Gate as a Comet landed, Comet slid Gate as Algos left. We slid and engaged the Comet. Scout went down first, followed by the FC. Ares & Zoltan secured the kill, followed by an Incursus that landed shortly after.

ISK Destroyed: 120,317,711.97
ISK Lost: 49,691,967.92
ISK Delta: 70,625,744.05
Efficiency: 70.771%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    -Isk positive + kills
    -Good turnout
    -We have a name & captain
    (Negative stuff)
    -Should have engaged the Brutix & Procurers drones 1st to remove their DPS

Re: [SMALL GANG COMPETITION] Laura's Party Pirates

PostPosted: 2019.05.05 17:49
by Turlough Dominian
Roam members (4)
B'aldrick Aivoras - Imperial Navy Slicer
Dexyr Sulvara - Thrasher
Turlough Dominian - Myrmidon
Urban Oxide

Kills and Losses

(14:06:31) Eugales
Venture +0.38m
Killed it on a station , it was at 0 I aligned out and shot then warped off when it died

(14:31:18) Vlillirier
Imperial Navy Slicer -33.61m
Fought a cynabil on a gate with me

(14:31:30) Vlillirier
Slasher +4.49m
We managed to kill his tackle freind

(14:32:22) Vlillirier
Myrmidon -68.21m
in came more friends and blew me to bits pew pew <3

ISK Destroyed: 4,870,212
ISK Lost: 101,818,593.57
ISK Delta: -96,948,381.57
Efficiency: 4.565%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    (Negative stuff)

Re: [SMALL GANG COMPETITION] Laura's Party Pirates

PostPosted: 2019.05.06 20:26
by B'aldrick Aivoras
Roam members (3)
Ares Dodekatheon - Enyo
B'aldrick Aivoras - Imperial Navy Slicer, Enyo
Zoltan Irvam

Kills and Losses

(19:42:04) Pynekastoh
Imperial Navy Slicer -33.24m

(20:17:55) Tama
Tristan +6.31m
Enyo -65.55m
Enyo -59.59m
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant -0.87m

ISK Destroyed: 6,311,263.83
ISK Lost: 159,250,536.87
ISK Delta: -152,939,273.04
Efficiency: 3.812%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff) We went out :)
    (Negative stuff) Gang of 3 Enyo and then a thalia landed on us as we were scooping loot - primaried an Enyo b4 Thalia landed but Zoltan warped off before this - lost 2 :(

Re: [SMALL GANG COMPETITION] Laura's Party Pirates

PostPosted: 2019.05.19 22:35
by Ares Dodekatheon
Roam members (3)
Ares Dodekatheon - Hecate
Turlough Dominian - Confessor
Zoltan Irvam - Enyo

Kills and Losses

(09:51:41) Vlillirier
Corax +6.18m
Tristan +5.33m
Slasher +7.67m
Tristan +10.85m
Tristan +5.23m
Tristan +3.59m
Capsule +0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 38,861,748.79
ISK Lost: 0
ISK Delta: 38,861,748.79
Efficiency: 100%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    Everything was quite good and we had a nice small fleet fight.
    We got some kills without losing a single ship.
    (Negative stuff)
    Lack of content