[WHC] Caught rolling connections off Bacon (WHC LS)


Savannah Tokila



Post 2019.04.27 00:14

[WHC] Caught rolling connections off Bacon (WHC LS)

Roam members (5)
Dallidiem Igraine - Oracle
DonBasuno Ichosira - Scythe
Pink Kondur - Ferox
K1L - Scythe
Savannah Tokila - Tempest

As a disclaimer: this is the first fleet where i called for Light Shield in WHC

To set the Scene, i and Pink were trying to hotswap roll some connections of Bacon, when somebody in innuendo called that there was an orthrus and an anathema on d, in that moment i knew i had a problem. so i asked that person to undock again in something cloaky and get me eyes on .Bacon
Pretty quickly it turned out to be 1 Orthrus, 1 anathema, 1 astero at least in the chain, and called for Light Shield and put a ping in slack, after pinging i had to append that a second orthrus and a loki joined. My itch was right, they wanted me, there were combats on my dscan, i was already pinging between safes, and was advised to safelog, but the genius i was i warped to a bookmark which was on grid with an online pos, oops, it didnt point me, but got me a logoff timer. as this was going on we slowly got numbers, 2 ferox, 1 oracle, 1 solo scythe, plus my rolling tempest. i asked 1 of the ferox to reship into logi, which in hindsight was a bad call, bc thats not what this comp is best at. i asked this logi to take the solo fit as well, because of how i was wishing i had it when i was flying logi in concis recent fight. Also, the first logi pilot seemed to have no pair fit available, and I didn't want to delay the formup any further, because it already was a pain.

Kills and Losses

when we were ready, after 10 minutes, i made my intentions clear, i wanted to warp to *Bacon, and keep my fleet docked up. i wanted them to engage me on the hole. as the Loki did uncloak and engaged me, i jumped, which i called (which was when, in retrospect people told me that they stopped doubting my doctrine choice) then i waited for the loki to engage me on the other side, and as soon as i was about to secure tackle i called for the fleet to undock and warp to their optimals to .bacon. Of course the Loki was primary, and we were slowly breaking him, as he was dying, a second loki joined, and then i saw a flycatcher,

the loki died after calling for heat, which sealed his deal, as he was already bleeding into armour and hull.

(20:55:55) J211936
Loki +1532.98m

the flycatcher had bubbled by now, and then we saw a lot of orthrii on dscan, in that moment i knew my ship was lost completely.
with the numbers they had, we had no real chance of breaking someone else, especially with two scimitars they brought as well, i thought about shooting the flycatcher as well, but as he was gone, presumably cloaked, i called scatter (this happened in a _very_ short period of time).

when their fleet was already shooting me, somebody called that the loki we killed was blinby, so i tried to lock the wreck to destroy it. but i couldnt before the fleet alpha'd me. Sadly i was sitting in a pod that was as expensive as the hull i was in, which i lost.

(20:56:52) J211936
Tempest -161.27m
Capsule -159.61m

Urban told me after the fact, that if the warp probes are close to you, you can actually smartbomb them, although by the time the fleet arrived, i was definitely scrammed.

ISK Destroyed: 1,532,980,477.71
ISK Lost: 320,882,681.49
ISK Delta: 1,212,097,796.22
Efficiency: 82.691%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    got an engagement
    decent heat calling, which mightve lead to the loki kill in the end
    first experience in LS, and a good doctrine for what i wanted it to do. (project damage at range, without overcommitting, due to lack of pilots)
    Timing on when to show my fleet and get in the fight
    I did cut my losses effectively when it got clear that the tide was turning.

    (Negative stuff)
    relatively slow formup.
    bad call on my fleetcomp i wanted, not the type, but the composition, shouldve gone more dps
    went for two scythes and had them switch to solo fits, because of my experience in concis recent fleet.
    didnt get the loot, nor was i able to shoot the wreck in time
    maybe i shouldve revealed my big plan sooner, as people were doubting in their head my choices until it came to the engagement itself.
    thought i had recorded the fight, when i hadnt, because i changed some setting before the fight and that broke the recording

    (relating my logi choice)
    i thought solo fits would be better, as in concis fleet sometime last week (personal notes in FCC) we as logi were basically useless, because the first one got blapped, and then i was left alone in logi, where i had to warp off to stay alive, and after that i really didnt get any meaningful repairing done, it felt like a waste of ships/roles in that moment, as when your shield is down it takes ages to recharge, and you cant boost it up again.

    i was expecting some backup, but not quite 10 people +2 logi, eggs seemed to be their home, when i came back with my replaced tempest, we rolled eggs in one pass while saying hi.
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Pink Kondur


Reimbursement Manager
Reimbursement Manager

Post 2019.04.27 09:12

Re: [AAR] Caught rolling connections off Bacon (WHC LS)

maybe i shouldve revealed my big plan sooner, as people were doubting in their head my choices until it came to the engagement itself.

I was thinking the whole time "but when we jump to bacon we lose our range advantage, then why are we using light shield?"
It only became clear to me once you said "the loki engaged, jumping back to innu" that i realized you were planning to take the fight on the innu side. I wouldn't speak up while forming because a) i don't have that much experience yet in WH engagements b) this was only my second time using LS so i might not know the full strengths/weaknesse c) the formup was messy and took too long already.

I think that my doubt could have been taking away by the single line "i want to take this fight on .bacon".
Please don't take this as criticism, but rather as a helpfull comment that lets your experience make up for my inexperience. Your FC'ing throughout the fight was great and your plan worked to perfection (except for the backup, but who could've expected that much?).

10/10 would engage again, thanks Savannah!

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