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[WHC] The Gnosis that interrupted bearing (WHC LA)

Roam members (8)
Aren Dar - Augoror
Che Galtor - Augoror Navy Issue
Dallidiem Igraine - Prophecy
Enigmatic Online - Augoror
Pink Kondur - Myrmidon
Porsche Amarr - Exequror
Savannah Tokila - Vexor Navy Issue
Zako Maken - Heretic

The prologue to this is something along the lines of people were bearing in bacon, when a baity Gnosis interrupted their bearing, they got back home, and were forming LA.

This is when i, a tired sav,
joined mumble and was informed that we were indeed forming LA, we had 2 logi already, (which later turned out to be aug/exe combo), and after that was found out after undocking later somebody else joined in a second aug so we had 2 augs 1 exe as logi.

Enigmatic was doing some FCing from the aug.

we eventually undocked and played a few wormhole games with trying to follow the gnosis and their stratii backup.
after the fleet was polarised and we had a bit of downtime, enigmatic realised they felt a little out of their league and werent comfortable continuing to fc in logi, so i got asked to fc, right then a stratios decloaked, which i promply called primary, a second one joined them, and they jumped, we followed, by this time zako turned up, whom i asked to come in a bubbler, and on the other side, we saw a gnosis 200 off the wormhole, in the direction of the sun, while the two stratii cloaked up, and we couldnt catch them, so i called our dear zako in the bubbler to come in, and try to warp to the sun, and bounce so that they would get on top of him in two passes, instead of warping tho he bubbled, which put us in a bad spot, so i called to align to the sun, which was the shortest way out of the bubble to then align to 2z1 (because of where the bubble was), where the gnosis then warped to, i asked zako to follow him, while we tried to get out of the bubble, as Zako then decloaked one stratios that followed him into 2z1 and called tackle, in a good bit of timing the bubble he dropped earlier went down, so we went on our way, trying to get secondary and safe our bubbler, sadly we lost zako as he was scramwebbed by the stratios, but we got the stratios in the end. as it was dying a jackdaw was landing a bit off in the distance, and as the stratios died i called for our lightest drones to be set to shoot it. while i called for everyone to loot the field. the Stratios was blingy! 8) then i got everyone home, as the jackdaw disappeared and i realised that we were in a pular (it was a new hole we jumped into)

Kills and Losses

(21:56:45) J150818
Heretic -110.9m
Stratios +390.2m
Capsule +0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 390,214,350.65
ISK Lost: 110,901,231.46
ISK Delta: 279,313,119.19
Efficiency: 77.869%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    responded timely when called upon my service (partly because the strat uncloaked right then and we needed decisiveness)
    decisive FCing
    for the situation we were in, we actually did kinda okay.
    Blingy stratios!
    Enigmatic did a good job with recognizing his limits and asking for somebody to take over

    (Negative stuff)
    couldve been more clear tho with calling when everybody should jump in to a hole
    We had a myrm that was not LA doctrine