[ARR] Merlins Duex @ 17-04-2019


Ares Dodekatheon


Retired Director
Retired Director

Post 2019.04.18 01:55

[ARR] Merlins Duex @ 17-04-2019

Could be better...

I was planning to take out Merlins Duex but due to low attendance, I switched back to Blap Merlins.

Fleet Composition

10 Merlins (1 Scout, 2 Vanguard, 6 in Dps Wing & the FC)
1 Vigil Fleet Issue (Scout)
1 Griffin (EWar)
3 Bantams (Logi)

It was an inefficient night in terms of content. There were not so many people in space.

Roam members (15)
Ares Dodekatheon - Merlin
Artan Sakir - Merlin
Asuka Rossi - Griffin
Auric Fulcrum
Chrispin - Merlin
Darius Eran'Sought - Merlin
Dexyr Sulvara - Atron
Ergan Eto
Esca Sinak - Merlin
Iam Nota Bot - Merlin
Mike Kingswell - Vigil Fleet Issue
Nelliver Cadigal - Bantam
Yto Itinen - Bantam
itsMickle Zenotath - Merlin

Kills and Losses

Our scouts found the first victim of the roam, just outside of a novice outpost.

(19:44:33) Melmaniel
Kestrel +10.84m

The next victim was an Atron in a small outpost. We killed it and received suspect timers.

(19:49:48) Murethand
Atron +2.72m

As we jumped from MUR to IND and aligned to HEY, Neliver reported a battleship that is coming right behind us. In seconds the Dominix appeared on the grid.
Because of I totally forgot that we have suspect timers, I told the fleet to keep aligning to HEY and told them to report if they got yellow or red boxed. (First Mistake)
I was thinking that we might have had a chance if he receives a suspect timer.
When a fleet member reported that he has red boxed, I thought that he went suspect and I ordered the fleet to engage it. (Second Mistake)
Just one second after a Caracal and an Omen Navy Issue landed on grid and I called scatter. We lost two Bantams and a Merlin. I also lost my ship. I regrouped the fleet in a deep safe and then passed the fleet to 2IC itsMickle Zenotath.

(19:53:36) Indregulle
Bantam -3.04m
Bantam -1.92m
Merlin -13.22m
Merlin -5.75m

2IC itsMickle Zenotath led the fleet to Ichoriya V - Caldari Navy Logistic Support. We reshipped and then proceeded on our route.
Scout found a Slasher in a novice stronghold and we easily took him down.

(20:27:30) Nennamaila
Slasher +5.19m

Scout reported a Merlin just outside of a small compound. As soon as our scout called point we jumped in the system. While we were in mid-warp scout reported a Loki (Both Goonswarm Federation members). When we landed the Loki was 33 km off and we couldn't be able to tackle it. The Loki warped off and we took down the Merlin.
Just a second after, an Ashimmu, a Vexor, and an Exequror Navy Issue landed on the grid. Two seconds of hesitation (Third Mistake) then I called fleet to slide the gate, but two of us couldn't manage to slide and got caught.

(20:33:08) Pynekastoh
Vigil Fleet Issue -20.93m
Merlin +15.64m
Bantam -1.92m
Merlin -5.38m

On the way back home our scouts secured another kill for us.

(21:05:43) Agoze
Federation Navy Comet +24.08m

ISK Destroyed: 58,473,024.08
ISK Lost: 52,164,128.79
ISK Delta: 6,308,895.29
Efficiency: 52.851%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    It was the day of first-timers.
    itsMickle Zenotath 2IC ed a fleet for the first time. And also FC'ed the fleet to Ichoriya upon my death. Excellent job itsMickle.
    Dexyr Sulvara scouted for the first time. And he did an excellent job.
    We are all progressing... I can see it.
    (Negative stuff)
    Lack of content and a few mistakes (Mentioned above).

Thanks everyone for participating in this fleet. Please do not forget to add your own comments and feedback.

See you soon... in another fleet :smug:
Macte animo! Generose puer sic itur ad astra.

Dexyr Sulvara



Post 2019.04.18 13:43

Re: [ARR] Merlins Duex @ 17-04-2019

Thanks for the great fleet,
It's a shame it was a quiet night with nothing blingy around, but the frigate kills added up!
It was my second time scouting, think I kept it together mostly, being concise could use a bit of work, as well as using the UI to locate ships quicker.
That was a good lesson from the Dominix, keeping track of your fleets timers is a must, something I hadn't had 1st hand experience of til then.

Other than that fleet went really smoothly, looking forward to another one!

Nelliver Cadigal



Post 2019.04.19 08:50

Re: [ARR] Merlins Duex @ 17-04-2019

Mistakes spotted are mistakes you can fix. Great fleet and thanks for taking us out!
Image Image Image Image

Yto Itinen



Post 2019.04.19 13:36

Re: [ARR] Merlins Duex @ 17-04-2019

I don't think you have all the responsibility for the mistakes, you were in charge, but on the gate all of us had timers and did not try to remind the FC of that. A Domi at close range is nothing to laugh about, Caracals and Osprey navy issue as support did short work of the rest of us.

In general, I feel we are improving bit by bit and day by day, if there are no people to shoot, we can't do a thing about that :)

Will surely join another of your roams Ares, until then fly safe!





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