[WHC] The Combat Scanner Is (WHC SS, nondoctrine, Gank)


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[WHC] The Combat Scanner Is (WHC SS, nondoctrine, Gank)

Roam members (9)
Ana'ander Lamora - Jaguar
Apollo Arkwright
Che Galtor - Enyo
Emilia Stark
Ichii Nee - Retribution
Petite Salade - Helios?
Porsche Amarr - Retribution
Savannah Tokila - Enyo

we had our dear Ana in 1 Y1 (small connection to innu) who saw a venture and a prospect go to 2 y3, so i jumped into an instafessor, and we got two interdictors and (i think a ss ship as well), as we couldnt get second instafessor. plan was to all go to .2 y3, then when we arrived, i and the first interdictor were to jump through and i with my combats would combat them down, they were at roughly 4.7 au, so 4 au scan on myself and then a second pass should make it warpable.

we started executing the plan, but before we jumped through 2y3 the prospect came in and we put our bubble up, and tried to shoot it, im surprised at how tanky this thing is, prbly bc it was speeding away, it got away, so after a minute i decided to go for the venture, which i scanned down, but warped somewhere else before i landed, the sleepers were dead tho, which explained why a raven jumped into 2 y3 before, the site looked like a vital. eventually we went back to 1y1 and after some trying to figure out if theyd come we left back home again, ana stayed back and saw combat probes, t1, on d, after nothing happening for a good while, i thought these were just from a random newbie who didnt know any better, trying to scan the sigs. so we mostly stood down, but eventually a stratios decloaked on *1 y1 and shot our dear ana, who was like:


or was it


i dont remember :shrug:
who called it out and so we formed SS with just dps and went to .1 y1, i, in an enyo jumped into 1 y1, baiting for the stratios, hoping they'd bite, bringing the whole fleet in wouldve spooked them. after a good while they eventually decloaked 6km from me, i called everybody to jump, and called the stratios primary, calling to ignore the drones, as i changed my mind from earlier. i tackled him, and we burned him down, he had no chance at all, .1 Y1 was a small connection so he couldnt jump, and we held him down tight, i called to overheat dps anyways, and overheated my own prop mod, just in case, he died quick, i called to loot the field and we went back home, after this i realised why he died so quick, 1y1 was a c5 wr wormhole. of course! We got back and dropped out loot.

Kills and Losses

(13:59:17) J111227
Stratios +182.22m

then some more scouting and somebody found a legion in 1d1, again, a small connection and c1 black hole, our SS wouldnt do particularily good in that system, plus its a c1, so the chance to catch him was low. so we didnt bother.

later we saw some movement between 1z1 and 1d1 and we tried to set an ambush for them, but it didnt work out, we saw a devoter, a helios and capsules. later an ares as well. finally, after reviewing a convo between porsche and the person i called to stand down and left. as the likelyhood of a trap was high, they asked us to scan the chain to find them, and had to leave.

ISK Destroyed: 182,222,512.63
ISK Lost: 0
ISK Delta: 182,222,512.63
Efficiency: 100%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)

    good response - even without ping
    we got the stratios and the loot for it
    seeing 1k volleys is still so much fun in wr's

    (Negative stuff)

    we didnt get neither the gas huffing ships, nor the movement between 1d1 and 1z1.
    couldve realised the wr effect sooner to see that we were totally overpowering
    is the guess that t1 combats if nothing happens for a while that its just a newbie decent? im not so sure anymore (2y2h was very close to lsc and hsc soo...)

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Post 2019.04.20 16:46

Re: [AAR] The Combat Scanner Is (WHC SS, nondoctrine, Gank)

Sniff, what about me?

Indeed, we totally forgot about the WR effect!
We jumped in thinking " how long can we hold/survive a properly fit Strat without Deacon", only to realize he dropped very very quickly.
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