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[AAR] Holy Trifecta Navy Frigs 040719

Apologies for how long it took me to write something on this. Busy Busy...

So this was a new doctrine made of all ewar ships and some support. The idea here was to be able to engage larger more challenging engagements and exhaust them with our control until they eventually died to our anemic dps. And so with that in mind we went looking for targets.

Roam members (23)
Ana'ander Lamora - Maulus Navy Issue, Punisher
Archemide - Inquisitor
Auric Fulcrum
Captain Ruyter - Maulus Navy Issue
Christoph Patrouette - Maulus Navy Issue
Coaxster - Maulus Navy Issue
Ged Sinak - Punisher
Jax Renalard - Republic Fleet Firetail
Jon Musk - Vigil Fleet Issue
Kaluma Asanari - Condor
Keuthein - Vigil Fleet Issue
Ky Hanomaa
Leech Locke - Punisher
Lightsong the Bold - Inquisitor
Neemo Beer - Crucifier Navy Issue
Penelore - Crucifier Navy Issue
Rolland Antollare - Crucifier Navy Issue
Tal Tracyn - Vigil Fleet Issue
Urban Oxide - Crucifier Navy Issue, Maulus Navy Issue
Yto Itinen - Inquisitor
Zako Maken - Vigil Fleet Issue
kayimbo - Inquisitor

Kills and Losses

I really don't remember these first two engagements. Sorry I really should have done this the night of the fleet.

(23:44:30) Heydieles, Nisuwa
Reaper +0.89m
Maulus Navy Issue -37.52m
Punisher -6.11m

(23:52:57) Kedama
Tristan +3.89m

This was a pretty fun engagement on a gate if I recall. Calling targets I didn't notice how few people we were burning on this one. Logi held fantastically and I have to believe it was because the enemy application was weak. I remember being shocked at how few people we lost on this one. Working as intended...

(23:58:56) Reitsato
Federation Navy Comet +19.88m
Federation Navy Comet +20.55m
Vigil Fleet Issue -21.59m
Crucifier Navy Issue -43.14m
Capsule +0.01m
Capsule +0.01m
Ashimmu +403.14m
Inquisitor -4.57m

Couple people lost going for tackle. We really need more practice in tackle survival as a community I think.

(00:15:45) Nisuwa
Punisher -6.02m

(01:05:50) Kinakka
Republic Fleet Firetail -23.21m

So this was another rocking good fight that I was shocked to see so few people were lost. This was a station game fight with a Hyperion, Nightmare, Otherus and Oneiros. Admittedly this was probably not a fight I would have taken, but Urban Oxide was on the fleet (this being his doctrine comp to test) and he encourged us to take it and then stepped in calling a good portion of the fight.

The beginning of the fight did not include the Oneiros, and we had locked down both the Hyperion and Nightmare tight on the station, they couldn't move out to range and we were under their guns so it was a total stalemate. We were pushing off the Othrus with drones so it couldn't get into range and once I saw the strategy being used I was able to help calling the shifting targets.

Once we were finally starting to wear down the Hyperion they undocked the Oneiros and it became decision time. We broke off the Hyperion and tackled the Oneiros going for the kill, however this let loose the Nightmare who got into sniping range on us. The whole time we were still able to hold the Otherus at range moving drones back and forth to him.

After killed the Oneiros we went back onto the Hyperion but now the Nightmare was starting to pick us off. He was however breaking and once again I thought we fed a lot more people then we actually did. I scattered us in fear of being sniped forever, but perhaps should have stayed on grid and gone for the Hype kill. Overall a really fun fight.

(01:14:13) Kinakka
Oneiros +222.16m
Capsule +0.01m
Maulus Navy Issue -25.47m
Maulus Navy Issue -24.27m

An Oracle straight up derped into us, I'm not even sure what it was doing other than sacrificing itself. I felt bad for it... like a kicked dog.

It died sadly and alone.

(01:27:51) Innia
Oracle +59.67m

There was a bit of confusion here as we had a small scout/vanguard team chasing a group of caracals around Kedama. After a few false starts the whole fleet was in Kedama. I watched a Caracal warp off to possibly the sun and possible some stations, but I was honestly sick of chasing these guys around and fleet warped us to 0 on the sun where the idgit was sitting waiting for us. Killed Caracal. At the same time another Caracal was at a plex and there was some confusion about where the fleet was going.

Scouts died sadly and alone.

(01:43:31) Kedama
Condor -13.4m
Punisher -10.61m
Caracal +27.05m
Punisher -6.16m
Capsule -0.01m

Again can't really remember how we ended up losing a couple more but we did. Poop.

(02:25:00) Eugales
Maulus Navy Issue -22.33m

(02:52:25) Tama
Vigil Fleet Issue -21.62m
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 757,270,075.71
ISK Lost: 266,038,894.09
ISK Delta: 491,231,181.62
Efficiency: 74.002%

Budda Sereda



Post 2019.04.18 19:42

Re: [AAR] Holy Trifecta Navy Frigs 040719

An Oracle straight up derped into us, I'm not even sure what it was doing other than sacrificing itself. I felt bad for it... like a kicked dog.

It died sadly and alone.

(01:27:51) Innia
Oracle +59.67m

It was a cyno Oracle, he was supposed to get friends jumping and smashing to you. I guess they got another call... and you don't need to feel bad :)
Feel like you kicked a mad dog and feel good about well-done job! :)

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