[AAR] Invastion adhoc fleet


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Post 2019.05.29 06:14

[AAR] Invastion adhoc fleet

Around 17:00 some members of HSC expressed an interest in running around and shooting invasion spawns.
so form up was a tad slow like about an hour to ship up and get out to the target destination, but this was with no plan / doctrine or staging system selected basically a random fleet.

We settle with a cruiser shield docterine and above, so we had blap caracels / ospreys / drakes lots of drakes / a macherial / tengue / hurricanes

we managed to clear a gate camp of npc's relatively easy, then went to one of the stations and had a fight there, standing order was to be aligned and if logi are not able to keep you up warp away.

At this stage we did have some small issues , voice comms where breaking down other commands where being spurted out as i was trying to get us to do things which was confusing even me but we fixed that eventually.
While fighting at the station we where starting to fall behind on reps and due to poor target calling on my part and split damage we where not clearing quick enough was some cap transfer issues going on also.
i then called for the fleet to warp off to the sun at 100 as we where aligned there someone called out another warp out point that might be safer in same direction but i called for sun @100 again to minimize confusion "probably still confusing with multiple orders being given"

So with loosing a logi jumped 7 systems to jita to reship into a logi ship and came back we also picked up an extra logi boosting us to 4 logi , moving onwards for the next 1 - 2 hours it went super smooth a few things we could tidy up on like grouping together better but it was a big improvement.

Main improvement seems to be the extra logi so 3 wasn't really doing the job but 4 was fine for maintaining reps on people even more so since logi got targeted alot.
Other change as i swopped to logi figured would be good to ask for a new target caller
anywho went smooth after that with the extra logi and new target caller

so we had around 15 to 17 fleet members consistently thank you all for taking part for science <3

We did have a salvager and one of the eve praisels https://evepraisal.com/a/mf2jr
Some of the stuff isn't valued yet

(18:06:30) Sivala
Osprey -7.3m

(18:34:53) Sivala
Cormorant -8.9m

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Post 2019.05.29 07:34

Re: [AAR] Invastion adhoc fleet

Thanks to everybody who jumped on this fleet.

This was my first pve fleet, and it was great fun. Things got a bit scary here and there, but I feel the whole fleet got into such a great rhythm once our target caller was changed. (No offence meant Turtle) Targets were called, targets went down.

Thank you also to all the logi, the salvager and the rest of this adhoc fleet in general. I learned a lot on this one.

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