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FCC Study Abroad AARs

PostPosted: 2019.03.17 04:55
by Archemide
I was flying with a couple Tuskers guys. We were all in kitey bs. I, personally, was in a Nosprey.

Found a hauler, killed a hauler.

Found a Rorq, poked it, it brought in supers. We killed some tackle though. Then someone got tackled after we warped off, so we killed more tackle before supers dropped. Everyone got off, but I lost my drones. Probably a mistake launching them against a rorq to begin with.

Found an Exeq, played gate games with him. He got scram/web on me, because I'm a bad manual pilot. Luckily I lived and we melted him.

Found 10 algos + hyena, all with the same name, so likely a gatecamping multiboxer. We killed hyena, then free fired, but their drone dps killed one of our guys. But, I managed to scoop drones from the algoses.

Ran into another gang, killed some tackle before they brought in a carrier, then we warped off. We did this dance for a bit, either on the gate or elsewhere in system. Find one of their guys, pick off one or two, warp the second the carrier lands. I eventually screwed up again, and got scram/webbed by the Vexor. We barely managed to kill it in time and I got out. Heated T2 webs are 13km, so you can't afford to get that close. Need to keep range at 16+ for slingshots.

Then we burned out to join another group. They were mostly in Orthruses, I stayed in my Nosprey. We went to a hell-bubble camp. There were a couple carriers parked a ways away with a kitchen sink fleet, and a covops T3C gang, and us The goal here was to warp into stray kitchen sink ships, kill them, and anytime someone got attacked by fighters they warped off. The trick here (which I figured out after the 3rd time warping off) was to use lots and lots of pings. It was a much different fleet than your uni style of fleet. Mostly tackle would catch something, and we would blob and blap it. People would warp off as they needed. A much higher emphasis on personal piloting.

Personal piloting and range control were a huge deal, and translates well to fleet anchoring. Thanks to Tuskers and Gatt for having me out.

Stuff I need to work on:
Range control-got caught twice. The thing that caught me both times was overcorrection. I'd get to the edge of point range, so burn straight in to hold point, and then not turn fast enough. I need to turn in more subtly, and use heat on the point if I need to for one cycle as I correct my orbit.
Ammo swaps-Scourge vs anything else. I need to be better about knowing when the +25% dps boost is worth it, and when the resist hole is likely smaller

Re: Archemide's Study Abroad Diary

PostPosted: 2019.03.17 14:49
by Coaxster
oh brilliant. that's exactly what tuskers is good at. i mean, really good at. part of why a certain fight was not taken.

by which I mean kitey nano gang harassment. murder on tackle and stragglers.

and you are right it is all 'soloing together' type of flying. and very heavy on manual piloting since, to do it right, you don't stay at say your 60km missile range, but get w/in point range to keep their attention (and swap point if needed). if you fly with the same peeps over and over, it is deadly (exodus does this too).

nicely done.

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PostPosted: 2019.03.30 14:30
by Penelore
So it was my turn to go roaming with Tuskers in the Study Abroad program. It was small group of 5 guys and we moved quickly from Thera into Delve looking to piss off the locals. A couple kills on the way in did the job and we got our response before reaching desto.

Roam members (6)
Fibrizo Kravitz - Bifrost
Gatt2111 - Hyena, Malediction
rub Anzomi - Retribution
Penelore - Retribution
Sebastian Charantes - Retribution
Sixty Ever4 - Retribution

So the majority of the evening occurred on one specific gate over the course of almost an hour I would guess. One of the things I loved the most about this is that we simply stayed on grid the whole time pulling range whenever things got tricky. People would occasionally ping off to a structure to shed agro but then quickly return. Over and over I would have expected them to pull out of the engagement and instead they simply pulled a bit of range and watched the grid until they saw a new target. The goal was never to win the field, so there was really no reason to leave... just nibble away at the enemy.,4716,47 ... =180&t=buf

Mostly we kited everything off the gates looking for people to get extended and then we murdered them. We were constantly pinging off of things to drop agro with the main objective being not to get scrammed. The ship I was flying did about 3000km cold so kiting away from everything was fairly easy. It was all manual piloting and at the beginning I struggled a bit to understand the pattern of how they were flying. The group seemed to always know where to go next and I found myself out of position a few times.

I learned quickly to watch the vectors both of how my team and the enemy was moving, as well as how to ping off structures. Often you will find structures close to gates and this gate was fantastic for that. There were tons of structures, and as things began to heat up and we were constantly leaving grid and coming back, finding something fast in space became imperative.

Pinging was outrageously important here. I KNEW this, but I hadn't ever seen it used so effectively. Not just pinging off-grid to shed agro, but pinging to wrecks to catch people who have drifted off the blob, pinging to pre-made tacks (which I had none of) and pinging to each other.

The other learning was in engagements. There were some ships on grid they simply would not engage at all, one of them being a Curse. The nuets would have eliminated our MWD just like getting scrammed. For a while the Orthrus was also a problem with its long-range scram. Basically anything that could slow us down. Those ships were avoided completely and pretty discouraging to the team until the Orthrus made a mistake and we caught him.

I'll admit I was flying a bit chicken. Ideally I wanted to be at around 30-35km off my targets pew pewing. But I grabbed a Retribution out of my hanger that had a compact point and even with heat my point range was only 24km. My standard ammo range was also only 25km so I was stuck with aurora most of the fighting. I did have some conversations with the guys about my fit during the one break we took and I think some range rigs + a bling point will be a modification I make for this kind of roaming in the future. I was simply unwilling to move into 20-25km range and once I realized I was not going to be much help in trading points I just loaded aurora and stayed around 40km like a wussy. As the gate heated up, there was so much on grid to watch for I was just trying to stay alive and contribute dps to whatever the guys had tackled. I imagine I got on about 50-60% of the kills.

Another bit of learning occurred watching the Bifrost in action. There were at least 2 times I could think of when the bifrost came in and booshed someone to save them but there might have been more. He also tanked like a beast... which really surprised me. I've always considered CDs squishy and without a doubt my exposure to CDs is limited. I have recently found myself more and more interested in their capabilities, but I never would have expected to see one used like this in small gang kitey warfare. The Boosher was basically our defensive measure... and it worked fantastically.

The Hyena/Malediction also acted like a defensive measure for the Retributions. Although the Hyena did go down in the large engagement his job was to hold tackle off us with his webs. When he reshipped into the Malediction, he basically was responsible for doing scram passes on any enemy who got tackle on the Retributions so the Retributions could get enough distance to use MWD and burn away. Quite a complicated role but both very effective. The Hyena was squishy though.

I'm sure there was more to learn... and maybe it sunk into my subconscious. A pretty amazing experience overall and something I will try to do more of on my own. Thanks again to Tuskers for the on-grid demonstration ... videos only go so far.

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PostPosted: 2019.03.31 05:12
by Satoshi Tomeii
Very cool. This is inspiring me to pilot better......

Re: FCC Study Abroad AARs

PostPosted: 2019.05.19 10:45
by Savannah Tokila
Roam members (22)
Beacon Malaf Morgarit - Jackdaw, Loki, Phantasm
Cartheron Crust
CraftyCroc - Flycatcher, Jaguar
Gatt Uchonela
Gatt2111 - Jackdaw, Malediction
Kina Naari - Keres
La Colo - Magus
Manc - Leshak
Mira Chieve - Retribution
Rin Shinwa - Malediction
Rythian - Malediction, Bifrost
Savannah Tokila - Retribution, Jaguar
Silgus - Loki
Skyler Hawk - Drekavac
Stitch Kaneland - Hound
Tactamar - Bifrost
Valador Solette - Hyena, Retribution, Zarmazd
bree shadowstrike - Keres
thelink955 - Retribution
zoranbacon cheese - Kikimora, Wolf

on relatively short notice i got shown the way into their hole, got given a ship, and out we went.
apparently we were roaming with more people than usual which was kind of nice.

Kills and Losses

Start with a gank
(18:20:19) Q3-BAY
Keres -41.7m
Flycatcher -99.59m
Hecate +65.97m
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant +0.01m

We are on 1VK gate, we got a caracal and gnosis tackled on the bubbled gate, We kill both, and then caracals and the svipul start feeding us. i think they were warping prbly quite a few au and weren't using fleet warps and hence trickled in, ripe for us to chew through

(18:26:31) 7G-H7D
Caracal +33.22m
Gnosis +215.96m
Caracal +33.32m
Caracal +38.41m
Svipul +50.61m
Caracal +33.06m
Caracal +31.37m

Then they proper form and we go back to fight them. The Tactical things that were thrown around in preparation were sweet, things like considering dampening the fc to alter their perception of the fleet -> messing with their ability to primary. talks of headshotting were also there but we chose not to do it.
Then we booshed on top of people who were not anchored and went to tear them up, except that they got our kiki.
It was a good fight.
Rewatching it i realised how well the communication was with when who was pointed etc, i didnt notice it as well during the fleet, i just took it in subconsciously and i was also more focussing on flying, as i was not as used to orbiting via manual piloting

(18:41:21) 7G-H7D
Kikimora -484.2m
Caracal +35.81m
Caracal +33.21m
Scythe +21.63m
Caracal +33.28m
Caracal +33.74m
Caracal +33.22m
Caracal +33.15m

Normal gank
(19:04:31) AP9-LV
Vexor Navy Issue +112.83m
Capsule +0.01m

we ganked teh vexor and then were like, do we wanna blap the cyno? there were 400 in local and a jackdaw fleet on the gate, i didnt realise where they were warping, so i just tracked tuskers to the gate, and warped at 0, instead of realising they warped to someone who was far off on grid. but at least i wasnt the only one to warp at 0. managed to jump through, and come back in through the big gate, hoping id spawn outside of the bubble, which I did, just as we were engaging the small stuff on the gate, maybe more communication at that part would've been better from my side. later I got to see how dangerous a successful scram pass can be. changed my mind abt the bling on the mwd.

(19:13:56) BWF-ZZ
Vexor +20.29m
Capsule +0.01m
Sabre +103.74m
Retribution -262.27m
Imperial Navy Slicer +35.44m
Stiletto +35.29m

Someone says warp to me, had an uneasy feeling with it but went with it, as basically everyone on grid warps there and we die.

(19:27:17) BWF-ZZ, O1-FTD
Jackdaw -77.52m
Jackdaw -218.01m
Jaguar -61.15m
Capsule -0.96m
Retribution -191.53m
Capsule -14.42m

We roll a new nullsec, reship and get a gank or two
(20:10:03) 4-IT9G
Mobile Tractor Unit +6.49m
Jaguar -62.14m
Gila +306.26m
Capsule +124.69m

(20:17:18) L2GN-K
Vexor Navy Issue +104.09m
Capsule +0.01m

Drake lights cyno when its shields go down, though comes an archon and thanatos. tuskers decide to ping and get the big guns.
during this we pick off some out of position targets. Although I had trouble to see when I should commit and when I should stay out of range, as my jag was dual prop brawly fit, so I mostly reacted too late, just landing on the wreck at times.

(20:23:12) PDF-3Z
Drake +69.64m
Omen Navy Issue +127.4m
Svipul +91.71m
Phantasm +122.34m
Omen Navy Issue +132.89m
Kitsune +44.99m

As we online the cyno inhib cyno goes up.
tuskers brought the big guns, so nullsec brings bigger guns.
(following, just the capitals)

looking back at it i mightve been able to push off points of smth more expensive than my jag, but wasnt fast enough with taking initiative. the way tuskers realised they had to extract and start putting together an extraction was kind of well communicated, think the way the magus was brought in to save some triglavian ship, it failed ultimatively, but I could see it play out nicely and how effective it would be if one doesn't get scrammed. even in the sort of chaos the, it still seemed like they were working together like clockwork. knowing what was to be done, and trying it.

(20:37:34) PDF-3Z, 9-MJVQ
Leshak -2085.59m
Retribution -69.37m
Wolf -535.41m
Drekavac -631.92m
Loki -1374.84m
Magus -102.95m
Zarmazd -1037.76m
Capsule -745.98m
Keres -73.19m
Capsule -19.16m

    (Positive stuff)
    i had lots of fun, got to see tuskers do their thing, would love to come back sometime. theyre also super friendly
    very good communication, a played in team, that works like clockwork, and when in kitey stuff just murders. Contrasting it with uni fleets is another league.
    i took up new brackets and overview settings for this, which were extremely helpful to see what was going on,

    (Negative stuff)
    but i think it changed how my right click menu from the watchlist worked, it definitely made me slower and miss out on being on a few kills, as i was approaching instead of warping without realising. it also isn't as good with big blops, then you have trouble seeing what is happening, I think im gonna make them a bit smaller and customise them a bit more for my liking.
    i also need to make some more overview presets for separating out fighters and other stuff.
    was sometimes a bit overwhelmed by things, as i was often more focussing more on flying and surviving. but i guess that comes with time

Thanks a lot to Gatt and Tuskers for having me over!

Re: FCC Study Abroad AARs

PostPosted: 2019.05.27 18:19
by Ged Sinak
Roam members (11)
Beacon Malaf Morgarit - Vigilant, Keres
Gatt2111 - Malediction
Ged Sinak - Retribution
Kina Naari - Hyena
Mira Chieve - Retribution
Valador Solette - Cynabal
Vinayak Sudeep
cursedlion - Hecate
thelink955 - Kikimora

Kills and Losses

(17:47:13) HY-RWO, V-3YG7
Heron +1.16m
Condor +3.96m
Capsule +0.01m

Started with just a few people. We left the wormhole and went straight to V-3 and GE-. We played with the locals for a bit, but they failed to form anything to crazy. This was my first little bit with Tuskers and I was carefully observing how they fly and comparing it to what I already knew about it. The most important part I noticed here was that even when there were no targets on grid, everyone was still spread out in sort of a cone shape in one direction away from the gate. We werent flying together, but we were close enough together to come to each others aid if someone got overwhelmed.

(18:11:25) GE-8JV, HY-RWO
Caracal +27.58m
Capsule +0.01m
Sunesis +17.71m
Heron +1.21m

(18:25:29) EX6-AO
Caracal +27.4m
Caracal +27.48m
Caracal +26.87m
Caracal +27.69m
Gnosis +50.33m
Capsule +0.01m

As we were leaving Catch to head towards Delve a few member of the fleet noticed a Gnosis gating. Someone got tackle on the Gnosis then noticed a few Caracals on d-scan. Everyone headed back towards the tackled Gnosis and we landed on grid just as the first few Caracals started trickling on grid. During this fight I should have been more agressive by burning into Multifrequency range instead of staying at standard and keeping at range. Other people were holding points and there was no need for me to stay at long range when I wasn't even yellow-boxed.

(18:51:59) F-NXLQ
Vexor Navy Issue +94.37m

Nice catch on a Vni

(19:19:30) PR-8CA, NOL-M9
Jackdaw +103.63m
Capsule +13.74m
Ares +52.32m

As we were burning towards 1DQ, a goon Jackdaw fleet was burning through the area in response to a large bombers bar fleet running around. We stayed on the sidelines and one of the Tuskers dudes was able to get tackle on one of the slower jackdaws (probably wasnt in prop mode).

(19:27:29) 1DQ1-A
Hound +53.76m
Manticore +48.52m
Rapier +246.47m

As we were jumping into 1DQ a Rapier had the unfortunate fate of decloaking from the gate right as we broke cloak. It was snagged and taken down prertty quick. The rest of the group played around 1DQ for a bit, but I lost power at my house and was DC'd for about an hour :(

(19:36:28) 1DQ1-A
Mobile Small Warp Disruptor I +0.61m
Burst +17.06m
Capsule +0.01m
Cormorant +19.16m

The last fight wasn't picked up on this roam report for some reason. As we were burning back to the hole some of the fleet decided to go back to V-3 and see what the locals were up to. As we landed at the GE- gate we were given intel by Gatt that there was a large jackdaw fleet on the other side. As soon as we heard this we bounced to tacticals and started waiting. Strangely, a few random battleships started landing on the gate. Soon enough, there were around 30 bs's on the GE- gate and intel of a Maelstrom fleet forming on the other side. The BS fleet in V-3 jumped into GE- and started to brawl it out before coming back to the gate and jumping into V-3. Following the BS fleet that jumped in to V-3 the Maelstrom and the Jackdaw fleet also jumped. The 30 man BS gang from the beginning was quickly annihalated, and we ended up losing a Hecate after some accidental mispositioning. As the original BS fleet was killed I got greedy and went in to try and solo a Kestrel that was floating around grid. I got tackle on the Kestrel and was able to kill it, but at the same time I killed it a Malediction got scram on me. I was quickly alpha'd off field by the Jackdaws and Maelstroms. I gotta say though, I went out in a blaze of glory when I took the kestrel with me :D.

ISK Destroyed: 861,087,517.35
ISK Lost: 0
ISK Delta: 861,087,517.35
Efficiency: 100%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    - Bunch of fun flying kitey BS with the dudes (read: I had the time of my life)
    - Getting a better idea of on grid positioning and when to engage targets and when not to
    - I am getting more used to 100% relying on hotkeys to activate my mods
    - I have memorized what type of ammo to use and I am getting much better and knowing when to switch to the next ammo.
    (Negative stuff)
    - I need to be more agressive when it comes to diving in and applying high damage ammo to targets.
    - I need to speak up in comms more so people know I'm actually there :P