Post 2019.01.10 20:30

WHC- More Dead Miners

Lucius Septimus Severus
Marcus Arilia
Urban Oxide
May have missed one or two

Well throughout my endless scanning down the chain I found myself an Orca in one of the low sec systems. At the time I was in a Proteus but knew I couldn’t take it alone. Mentioned it in fleet and the form-up started. A few minutes later a Retriever came out as well and the Orca started boosting. Form up was relatively quick, about 5-6 minutes so I just stayed there watching my prey. For good and bad we didn’t have everyone on the hole at once. Turns out we weren’t the only wormhole corp that had found the target. As Urban was on the hole he saw POS party was landing there as well. Luckily part of our fleet had just jumped the hole so I pointed the Orca, and tried to blap the Retriever. Urban stayed to delay POS a few.

The Retriever went down so quickly that I solo’d it, which was good cause I didn’t have tackle on it, and I moved on to the Orca. Vince and Lucius landed and we started banging away. We had it about 2/3 through armor when the POS Party fleet landed so we scattered, but still got on the Orca kill which was nice and everyone got out. If they hadn’t dropped in we would have had it to ourselves but better safe than sorry. I saw the retriever kill had some nice loot, but knowing their fleet was inbound I didn’t want to risk getting myself tackled (Paranoia, if anything WHC has taught me this skill). Our whole crew managed to get out safe, but with no loot.

I hit up the POS Party guys afterwards and they were really chill and offered to setup some fleet fights in the future, or to hit them up if we see a juicy target in the chain we need more manpower for.

Retriever 477,291,970.77

Orca 992,008,048.81
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