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The Epic Fleet Fight of J123435

PostPosted: 2019.01.04 23:02
by Marcus Arilia
Fleet Members
Ana’ander Lamora- Jaguar
Drak N’Gol- Enyo
Flack Keikira- Astero
Jeracho Dorne- Velator
Jonathan Wolf- Ashimmu
Kabal Vaille- Punisher
Marcus Arilia- Venture
Norgette Audier- Enyo
Penelore- Purifier
Pink Kondur- Astero
Zako Maken- Manticore

As it goes in the wormhole life, nothing can be done without your trusty scout. In this case Pink Kondur was the trusty eyes and ears. Throughout his travels he found himself a VNI slowly bashing a foreign structure in the far areas of space.

This raised many questions among those in fleet trying to determine how to go about the destruction of this solo structure cruncher. It was then that they realized their trusty corporation’s diplomacy may be in risk if they committed their act of war since a structure was involved. Well luckily, as with all bureaucratic organizations though they found themselves a loophole. If the structure bashing was over, this lonely VNI was no longer engaged with it.

With this lovely news the rally cry rang across the WHC. Ships from all around surrounded the hole. Enyos, cloakys, Velators, and Ventures abound. Knowing this could be a complicated operation the cloakies slowly seeded in. Unfortunately for them they all warped into the planet and were instantly bare of their light reflection protection. Luckily on top of being lonely, the pilot of this little VNI was blind.

As we all got ready to pounce we realized that the only one of this fleet that knew how to do math was the trusty WHC Admin Officer Zako Maken (that’s why he gets paid the big bucks). He informed his flock that there was about 30 min to go till the VNI was done.

After making popcorn, drinking a beer, and some other questionable in-space activities, it was time to go. Pink uncloaked himself, bombers appeared, and the fleet jumped the hole. Everyone landed, the Venture making sure to get secondary point, less the mining of enemies be stolen from him by an unfortunate stab fit. The Velator flew in, applying damage left and right, leaving the VNI pilot speechless and confused at this perfectly executed gank.

The VNI quickly went down. Knowing their way home was EOL, but worth the risk, the fleet quickly warped home, closing the hole behind them. Their campus manager was ecstatic at their success and praised their ingenuity and skill, and Laura Karpinski herself in awe of her students.

Another perfectly executed doctrine fleet by the WHC.
Vexor Navy Issue 111,787,466.18

Killed: 111,787,466.18
Lost: 0
Other: 0

Re: The Epic Fleet Fight of J123435

PostPosted: 2019.01.04 23:07
by Tarkin Karn
The Ashimmu is dead,


Re: The Epic Fleet Fight of J123435

PostPosted: 2019.01.04 23:10
by Norgette Audier
10/10; would wait again.

Re: The Epic Fleet Fight of J123435

PostPosted: 2019.01.04 23:11
by Kabal Vaille
Laughed so hard my tummy hurts....

Awesome 30 mins in WHC.