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[Fleet] NOP Polecat Roam 2

PostPosted: 2018.12.31 18:03
by lobevaser
The fleet formed in Amygnon - Citadel 101 around 19:30 and the fleet left Amy at 20:10.

FC: Lobevaser 2IC: Psychotic Fickity 3IC: Drault Sarn Scout: Graysen Slade and Ares Dodekatheon Logi: Mike Kingswell .

Mike Kingswell help with the Newbro Speech by pasting links in fleet chat while I talked on Mumble. Thank You Mike.

Roam members (14)
Ares Dodekatheon - Merlin
Drault Sarn
Graysen Slade
Hayden Almuis
Kain Dorseya
Mike Kingswell
Psychotic Fickity
Retired Slacker
Saylah Nebail
Sone Eto
Z0X Ambrye

The Fleet left Amygnon at 20:10 a tad late while a fleet member fixed their Mumble. While in Amygnon I did a Fleet warp to a very deep safe spot that I had just to get the fleet ready to head to Dodixie. While en route to Dodixie I warped the fleet to the sun then I ordered " Scatter Scatter Scatter " only 1 fleet member warped to the same planet that I warped too. Everyone did a great job at landing on the Sun then warping off. We then reformed on the outbound gate and waited for the Scouts to go +1. When we got into Dodixie I did a Fleet warp to a Book mark that I had for an insta dock . :oops: :oops: :oops: errr wrong book mark . We went to the Corp book mark for the insta undock and not the insta-dock.

The Fleet docked and we took a short Bio. I did a Fleet warp to the un-dock book mark. Then I had the Fleet to " Burn Burn Burn " back to Juf. Then the Fleet went to the Ouelletta Gate and hold while the Scouts reported on what was in Ouelletta . Nada no good targets. I set Destination to Loes. again NADA. Agoze NADA , Then the Fleet went into Ostingele we went to a safe spot while warping to the safe one fleet member went to the station. while the scouts checked out Ares reported ships types on the station he got killed and podded. I ordered the fleet to head back to Juf. to regroup.
Ares rejoined the fleet in Juf. Next route was Ouelletta , Melmaniel , Murethand , Indregulle , Heydieles , Abune , Oinasiken , Pynekastoh , Hirri , Kedama , Tama , We waited for about 10 min's. on the Kedama Gate . GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRR no target's that the fleet could Kill so I had the fleet set Amy. as Dest. and we headed Home since it was almost 2 hours on the fleet .

Kills and Losses

(21:25:33) Ostingele
Merlin -23.72m
Capsule -71.75m

ISK Destroyed: 0
ISK Lost: 95,477,927.6
ISK Delta: -95,477,927.6
Efficiency: 0%

Re: [Fleet] NOP Polecat Roam 2

PostPosted: 2019.01.01 17:55
by Hayden Almuis
This was my first fleet, and I had a good time. I've been solo PVE since I started, so joining a fleet was a lot of new info to digest at once. No amount of reading about fleets compares to actually flying in one!
Don't know what happened with my Mumble, it was working 30 min prior to joining the fleet. Glad it was an easy fix.

What I learned:
I need to learn more keyboard commands instead of just clicking everywhere on the screen. My response time was much slower than everyone else (that's why I was usually the last one to show up at a gate). It's a work in progress.
I can see how with a good FC and an experienced fleet, a mission could run very smoothly.
I can also see how things could go sideways really quickly!
I had never warped to a sun before (surprisingly), they look really cool up close!
It was a little disappointing not finding anyone to shoot at, but I was busy enough just keeping up with everyone. Better luck next time!

Thanks to everyone for making a good first fleet roam. I'll be back for more!

Re: [Fleet] NOP Polecat Roam 2

PostPosted: 2019.01.01 19:31
by Mike Kingswell
Quick summary of my feedback I already gave lobe:

The Newbro Speech/Formup:

I have a bit mixed feeling for this:
On the one hand a very thorough and detailed formup/training/newbrospeech is great for a NoP Fleet. On the otherhand it was a very long one until we actually got out into lowsec and hunting.
Possible suggestion: Make it a Fleet101 class before the fleet. That would cover just about anything you went trough in detail (and more) and save time for the formup (also enabling "oldbros" to "skip" that part and come for the blow up)

The roam:
- instead of the regroup in juf we could have "saved some time" and went around the troublespot via a backup route? Then again: a regroup was also good with the newbros in fleet
-it was spooky quite that night. Like: nothing happening in TAMA quiet! Not your fault and nothing we could do about it - but wierd.

-personally I might suggest a frigfate setup next time for a NoP. Thus enabling us to use the smaller PLEXES for fights and maybe finding trouble by seeming mroe engageable to others? Also frigs are faster!

The FC:
- detailed information for newbros
- repeated and clear commands

Re: [Fleet] NOP Polecat Roam 2

PostPosted: 2019.01.12 23:08
by Kelon Darklight
Not sure what your fleet comp was, but in low sec it should be fairly safe for frigates to flood the nearby areas and look for targets, then regroup. Generally there aren't instant locking camps so frigates should be pretty free to poke around.

Re: [Fleet] NOP Polecat Roam 2

PostPosted: 2019.01.13 21:40
by Drault Sarn
yes I agree a low sec roam usually in frigs can get lots targets a mix of assault frigs t1 frigs can wreck bigger stuff. The practical stuff at the start could of been avoided and maybe I suggest more scouting 101 classes and reading material for potential scouts before hand so they know what to expect. sorry there was not more targets. Ty for fleet :)