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[AAR] Thursday Things 12/14

Roam members (20)
Archemide - Caracal
Auric Fulcrum - Keres
CyberBlackEagle - Caracal
Drake Shea - Jackdaw
Drault Sarn - Caracal
Durnik Risalo - Caracal
Dynamo Crash
Falling Snow KumaMoto - Osprey
Glen Burney - Sabre
Kano Fiera - Caracal
Leon Arelloix - Tristan, Velator
Lucius Septimus Severus - Caracal
Marcus Arilia - Caracal
Neemo Beer - Caracal
Penelore - Osprey
Professor Academiac
Reed Gryphon
Santiagus Annages
Sone Eto - Caracal
inf3kt3d - Enyo

For the inaugural fleet, we managed to get a Thera only 9 jumps out from PC9. A great start to what will (hopefully) become a great repeating fleet.

Kills and Losses

(02:14:36) Thera
Endurance +37.19m
Capsule +0.01m

And while we were still forming up/traveling to our Thera in system, I had our probing scout go into thera and start scanning down stuff for us. Naturally, he started the fleet off with some elite PvP.

(02:46:08) Thera
Caracal -24.87m
Tristan -3.38m
Capsule -0.01m

As we were about to jump into provi, we had a Test fleet jump in on us. We stayed for a few seconds, until enough stuff decloaked that it became obvious that we couldn't take it. We went into the bubble, and they didn't follow. Unfortunately, we did take a couple losses here.

(03:26:00) AY-YCU
Vexor Navy Issue +85.01m
Mobile Tractor Unit +7.1m

Then we moved onto classic VNI hunting while we could. Here's where my first mistake came in. I had our probing scout, who was in Thera, and our scout from on our way to Thera. Both thought they were our +1 scout. So, we were double spiking systems while we were scouting, which spooked more targets than necessary. I need to be clearer, especially when swapping who our scout is. As I'm writing this, I think having a AF/Inty be our scout is the way to go, and I should keep our prober with the main fleet. The faster warp time will help catch a couple extra things, and we can always combat scan after we spike. Combat probes on D scare people just as much as 20 person system spike.

(03:35:20) GA9P-0, AY-YCU
Mobile Tractor Unit +12.35m
Rifter +1.65m

Next we picked off a MTU. Now, one of our Thera losses had reshipped into a Velator. And a Rifter had decided he could take him. What that Rifter didn't know was that we were there to back him up. Our Velator somehow survived, and we killed the Rifter.

(03:49:37) R3-K7K
Vexor Navy Issue +110.88m
Capsule +6.85m
Velator -0.01m

But all good things are not meant to last. Our brave Velator pilot was lost, but we picked off another VNI. As we were warping in, we also found another VNI. I called for the scout to start tackle on the second VNI as the first one hit hull and....

(03:52:00) R3-K7K
Vexor Navy Issue +75.05m
Capsule +0.01m
Mobile Tractor Unit +7.78m

We got 2 VNIs in one system. When your system spikes in null, you should dock up if you're ratting. Especially if you're in a green site than we can just warp to. This guy learned that lesson the hard way.

(03:59:08) R3-K7K, Misaba
Caracal -29.17m
Caracal -26.7m
Osprey -19.12m
Caracal -25.86m
Jackdaw -74.93m
Caracal -25.87m
Caracal -11.92m
Caracal -25.8m
Caracal -12.13m
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Enyo -51.61m
Capsule -0.83m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.89m

We were on our way back to Thera when we found this fleet. We were definitely outgunned, but I figured that the fleet had been going for around 2 hours, and it was as good a place as any to make our last stand. I had intel on what they had, and figured it would be a good fight. We'd lose, but we'd take some of them down with us. Here's my other big mistake from this fleet. Our scout called out BNIs and Scythes and a Sabre. I got the Scimitar and Scythe confused. For those of you who don't know off the top of your head, Scimitar is T2 Logi, Scythe is T1. Sword = strong, farming tool = easy kill.

We managed to get through half of one scimitar's shields by the time we hit reload. By the time I died, 2IC and 3IC were already dead. I called someone (Glen I think) to take over fleet and he called scatter. I was kinda like, scatter? We should be able to take this. Then someone said, uh, yeah, that's T2 logi, which is when I realized my mistake. Oh, and hey, they had a recon to boot.

ISK Destroyed: 343,876,463.52
ISK Lost: 333,181,802.22
ISK Delta: 10,694,661.3
Efficiency: 50.79%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    Surprisingly isk positive. I knew it was gonna be close though
    Great turnout for the first one of these fleets
    Great job on the fleet's part turning up and getting kills
    I had the idea midfleet to swap ammo to something that wasn't in the local rat's profile, since we were mostly hunting bears. Next time, look that up before we get there.
    (Negative stuff)
    I need to be clearer when swapping scouts. Related, I should have a frigate as our scout
    Scimitar = sword = bad. Scythe = farming = food.
    Don't try to figure out why we lost while 4IC is scattering/regrouping fleet. That can wait until after everyone docks up somewhere. I know that, and should know better. Not sure what I was thinking

Overall, great fleet everyone. Thanks for coming out. We'll be continuing next week. Like I said on fleet, with how good combat probes are, I'll be offering enhanced personal SRP for one T3D on these fleets. Additionally, I still plan on using wormholes, so if you find a Null-Null connection on a Wednesday or Thursday, send me a mail. If we use it, you get 50 mil!

Drake Shea



Post 2018.12.16 05:51

Re: [AAR] Thursday Things 12/14

Great fleet, shame we died in a ball of fire :P
Uathraptor Unista


Falling Snow KumaMoto



Post 2018.12.17 00:06

Re: [AAR] Thursday Things 12/14

Very fun fleet, excellent practice for a beginner Osprey pilot like me.

Apologies to Cyber for the excruciatingly slow way that I podded you to send you back home. I make a very poor executioner, hacking away for hours with that single Warrior I drone.

I hope we continue with this fleet. Even though I shamefully failed to die with you all, I hope to earn that honor next week.
ImageImage Image ImageImage




Post 2018.12.21 11:35

Re: [AAR] Thursday Things 12/14

Had a lot of Fun! I hope we continue to do those null sec fleets.
Falling Snow, thanks for helping me take the short way home o7

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