AAR- QRF 12-16-2018

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AAR- QRF 12-16-2018

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Roam members (12)
Abraham Schereau
Alpha GoreSnorkel
Ares Dodekatheon
Auric Fulcrum
Branclem Bobbus
Draco Decius
Falling Snow KumaMoto
JaDar Doshu
Kris Hawk
Minee Ze - Federation Navy Comet
Psychotic Fickity- Caracal
Vybez Kartel
Kills and Losses

ISK Destroyed: 0
ISK Lost: 0
ISK Delta: 0
Efficiency: 0%

We did a QRF in response to Luispo Llaculez saying they were being attacked by Tamberlain in Jufvitte. I calmly told them not to engage, and jump gate and dock. They did so. I dont think they lost their ship.
The fleet was very much a QRF Kitchen Sink style. While this is only my second time as FC of a WT response fleet, I did notice that I was way more confident than my last fleet.
I told everyone to undock their cruisers and warp to juf gate in amy. When we got there I told them to jump . They did. When we got into Juf I had our tackle ( Abraham) warp to us at the Amy gate, then jump to the Ansalle gate. Both Abraham and Auric Fulcrum jumped ahead of the fleet. Auric Fulcrum as bate, Abraham as tackle.
Both players then went to the GIS gate in Ansalle, as the rest of the fleet jumped into Ansalle from Juf. We jumped back ended up chasing to Sheenins and then back to Juf where we called it a day because he kept jumping away from us and I didnt want the fleet to get spread out and get picked off one by one.
After determining that he went to play in a trade hub, I called an end to a fleet.
Minee Zee lost a ship, but that was not part of the fleet but as part of standing fleet for HSC.
I learned that while annoying: Repeating myself made sure EVERYONE was where they should be and no one lost a ship.
BUT: I have to not explain ( so teacher hat off) every move I make and why i am doing it.
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Re: AAR- QRF 12-16-2018

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Well done, no losses, good discipline, and fast response.

I appreciated the intel while I was warping my Osprey from NNitH fleet back to Amy. I paused my journey so as not to be that one slow wildebeest that gets picked off away from the herd. I left NNitH fleet and joined HSC Standing Fleet, and even served as bait for Tamberlain. Sadly, while he couldn't quickly break my passive tank in his frigate (damavik? dramiel? I forgot), I had no weapons and no tackle, so when the QRF fleet neared he pulled range quickly and was out of reach.

Message to new people: if you're in space, be in standing fleet, be in comms and be in the in-game chat channels. It probably saved both my ship and Luispo's ship in this incident.
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Re: AAR- QRF 12-16-2018

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Lol, I think that fed navy comet I lost was from the NitWH null dive fleet that somehow got transferred to this fleet due to the magic of the killboards. Either way from the tail end I heard you did well phsychotic!