[AAR] WHC Null-Dive 2018-12-15 0300-0530





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[AAR] WHC Null-Dive 2018-12-15 0300-0530

Roam members (22)
Aeth E'us - Malediction
Archemide - Inquisitor
Conci Furiram - Jaguar
Drak N'Gol
Drake Shea
Eir Geiravor - Enyo
Flack Keikira - Deacon
Kano Fiera - Jaguar
Neemo Beer - Retribution
Nicholas Pilger
Penelore - Enyo
Porsche Amarr - Imperial Navy Slicer
Professor Academiac - Retribution
Rothbard Leviathan - Enyo
Sone Eto - Enyo
Tori Moliko - Federation Navy Comet
VincentSeradin - Jaguar
Xenopha Cadelanne - Inquisitor

Kills and Losses

Fleet started a bit rough for me. It was my first time FCing PVP and we got a null connection into Esoteria (TEST) which I don't know at all. But yolo right? So of course it took me a bit to figure out where we even were on dotlan and make a plan. The natives were restless and there was alot of "helping me" going on. Finally got my bearings and started to just tell people what to do.

Couple systems in we caught a Praxis at a gate. Not sure what he was doing but he was nice and far off the gate and basically just took the beating until he popped.

(03:44:19) Q0OH-V
Praxis +241.06m
Capsule +222.27m

However, there was a Paladin on D-Scan and I was getting nervous. I had called a lot of overheating to burn that Praxis and I wanted to get off the gate. As soon as the Praxis popped I fleet warped us out just as the Paladin was landing. But I didn't want to leave system in case I could get that Paladin away from the gate, so I safed us up.

There were some mistakes here. Like... uhm... we didnt loot the wreck... I left people's drones.
There also started to be some dissenting going on about my decision making in running from the Paladin. None of which was making me more comfortable. Looking back, absolutely I was running from that Paladin. I didn't like the engagement with a Marauder on a gate and my guns were 70% burned out. Maybe that was the wrong call... I didn't know how we matched up with the Paladin but I really didnt want to welp 30m into fleet.

After a bit of back and forth I pushed the scouts to start moving again, the Paladin was off the gate so off we went.
I'm not really sure I remember all that happen next accurately... so if anyone who was there wants to chime in please feel free.

We killed a raptor.
We got bubbled up by a response fleet.
And then 2x Nyx and a Reverent landed on us...

I called turn and burn out of the bubbles and warp to out gate.
I waited quite a while sitting out of the bubble until I saw a number of people warping off... outgate was called clear so I let people just wait there.

An inquisitor ended up getting caught but everyone else got out. They all locked him up and whored on him, but I didn't go back, I just let him die. That kind of sucked. We moved on.

(03:49:56) A1-AUH
Raptor +24.06m
Capsule +0.01m
Inquisitor -10.15m

Here began a better portion of the fleet. We moved quickly through a few systems with side pockets. I got pretty comfortable referencing dotlan and directing traffic in and out of systems to check for bears. Scouts did a great job and caught a few VNIs and a Skiff for us to murder as Bob intended.

(04:04:51) 2R-KLH
Vexor Navy Issue +80.56m
Capsule +0.01m
Mobile Tractor Unit +9.63m

(04:31:59) Z-Y9C3
Vexor Navy Issue +74.05m

(04:36:30) CR-0E5
Skiff +244.29m
Capsule +0.01m

We were nearing the exit to a deep pocket here... about halfway into our route home. I'm fairly sure this Hawk was an advance scout for the form up that would eventually be our undoing. There was no real way out of this pocket but I didnt really expect the level of the response we eventually were provided. Killed an MTU ont he way out just for good measure.

(04:38:45) 16P-PX
Hawk +54.71m
Capsule +0.01m

(04:42:42) 16P-PX
Mobile Tractor Unit +8.06m

Upon arrival at the choke-point to the current pocket we were hunting the outgate was RED. I know at some point we were going to find a response fleet, and figured this was a pretty good area for it. I mean we had been running around unchallanged now for about 45 minutes killing chubby bears in TEST space... duh!

The call came in from the scouts... Titans on the outgate. This was the welp...
I took a deep breath... and warped the fleet right into it. As we were warping I made the call:

"This is our blaze of glory guys... if you survive run for the gate and immediately warp to the outgate and jump to the next system. Hold there."

Sooooo... thanks to Logi, about 6-7 of us survived. Everyone else... o7

(04:48:30) XKZ8-H
Imperial Navy Slicer -23.35m
Capsule -64.93m
Federation Navy Comet -21.81m
Enyo -56.34m
Jaguar -47.35m
Capsule -48.85m
Enyo -65.41m
Capsule -0.83m
Deacon -49.4m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

As I mentioned above... Logi was insane to get a group of us out past that initial Boson. Damn those guys re-load slow. What's a Boson anyways? If we didnt die from the first hit there was a decent chance we made it through thanks to the logi.

So my arrival at the outgate in half hull was greeted by 6-7 of my fellow fleetmates.

And an Astero... who i said... meh, leave the Astero alone, hes just gonna cloak, let's go home.
And then he dropped probes right in front of us on the gate... THE NERVE. So we killed him.

(04:51:30) X-7BIX
Astero +215.14m

I figured we were a safe run for the hole about 4-5 systems down the chain. Scouts out in front still calling empty zones right up until the exit system. Then in came the call... camp on our hole. Bubbles and subcaps...

Figured we are done for here, but then one scout said the magic words... "the bubble isn't on the hole, it's off the hole"

Palpable excitment started and everyone was talking about how to approach the hole... i took the fleet to another gate I liked for bouncing, and I think I just should have gone right to the hole from there. Someone then said approach from the sun, so I bounced us again.

By now a scout called out they were moving the bubble to a new path... so I said screw it here we go. Gave another "fare thee well speech" and landed on grid in a drag bubble 35km off the hole. So once again I called turn and burn for the hole (sigh @ abs) and we all ran for it. Lost one and a couple pods but still at least 5 of us made it through.

(04:55:09) C9N-CC
Capsule -0.01m
Retribution -64.2m
Capsule -0.01m

After it was all said and done the Blessed Inquisitor was the only Logi to make it home. Peace...
So my personal feelings on how it went?
1. The initial jitters did go away pretty quickly
2. People will listen if you make concise decisions
3. I have no shame in running, I like to hit something and move quickly. I'd much rather be the aggressor than the aggressee. I'm not sure I think that's a good thing and I need to have a bit of a better idea of setting up for a fight that is inevitably coming to me.
4. Sometimes speed is better then planning.
4. I still don't know if we could take a Paladin.
5. I liked it enough to do it again sometime. :)

ISK Destroyed: 1,173,869,312.24
ISK Lost: 452,688,501.44
ISK Delta: 721,180,810.8
Efficiency: 72.169%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    (Negative stuff)
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Eir Geiravor



Post 2018.12.17 07:59

Re: [AAR] WHC Null-Dive 2018-12-15 0300-0530

It was a great fleet, we started pretty loose, but you pulled everyone inline and got more of us home than anyone could have expected based on the response and the camping of our exit hole.

Thanks for FCing

Raido Kudonen



Post 2018.12.18 01:17

Re: [AAR] WHC Null-Dive 2018-12-15 0300-0530

1) A "Boson" is an area-effect titan doomsday. If you warp to a gate where a titan is waiting for you, there's a good chance they're going to spool it up when they see you on short scan and then cover the gate in fiery death. If you have gate tacticals where you're roaming, you might avoid this by warping to the tac instead of to the gate, and then if they spooled up the DD too early, you'll be able to warp down when it's on cooldown.

2) You could not have killed a PvP-fit Paladin. A good baseline for a PvP-fit marauder is 800+ incoming gun DPS, a flight of light drones, and approximately a 4k DPS cold tank. You needed at least 4 more DPS ships (assuming the ships that got on the Praxis KM are what you had, and assuming good skills, so probably more than 4 more DPS ships).
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"To crush your enemies. To see them bubbled before you, and to hear the lamentations of their carebears."

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Post 2018.12.18 01:35

Re: [AAR] WHC Null-Dive 2018-12-15 0300-0530

I had a ton of fun on this roam. Thanks for posting your personal impressions as it's very helpful for me when thinking about whether I would like to try FCing someday.

Porsche Amarr



Post 2018.12.23 11:33

Re: [AAR] WHC Null-Dive 2018-12-15 0300-0530

This was a really interesting fleet to roll into first thing in the morning.

Penelore got everyone together and was very flexible in doctrine fits (so I was able to jump into something and join in at very short notice). The dive was organised and comms were clear. Good tempo and decisions on content.

Fiery insta-death to smartbombs landing on a gate but totally worth it. 10/10 would recommend.
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