[AAR] 2018/17/12 - Wartime Shenanagains!


Ker'Tesh Tarir



Post 2018.12.18 02:24

[AAR] 2018/17/12 - Wartime Shenanagains!

[AAR] [FLEET] 2018/17/12 - Wartime Shenanagains!

Ferox Fleet for whole of Uni!

This was an original fleet to engage and take out a structure that was put into reinforce that was owned by RIOT. However due to intel, it was deemed not a good idea to engage, and was then switched to take on the defence fleet that was forming for the structure during their timer. HOWEVER, the war dec ended prior to being able to engage. Propaganda however not withstanding, we DID take Ferox out anyway and have some fun.

At the begining, within ~10 min of the fleet starting, we engaged a Omen which lit a cyno and we had a Thanatos and a Ninazu jump in followed by a Vindicator as well. We were able to get the Thanatos down to almost structure before the Ninazu was able to land reps. While we had the kill of the omen, we did suffere a few losses, namy a Ferox and a Osprey but that was it. They were able to alpha both off the field due to a group of Brutix Navy issues landing on field 90km off us, and hitting our fleet. As the captial was starting to get captial reps, and the Ninazu went into triage mode, we disengaged and warped off. Despite the loss of 2 ships, we still had several, 4+, Ospreys left, and roughly 15+ ferox in fleet. we reshipped the two lost members, and garnered a few more in PC9, undocked and made our way out again. We ran through Syndicate up to Cloud Ring, Down to Fountain and Through Outter Ring with no incidents or oppertunities for engagment. eventaully calling it as the NoP fleet was pinged out as we were returning home. Despite not getting many kills and loosing 2 ships, the fleet performed wonderfully and form up was quick and ready. Due to a oversight at work the fleet didn't leave for an hour after originally departure.

Roam members (26)
Ana'ander Lamora - Ferox
Annie Velez - Osprey
Auric Fulcrum - Griffin
B'aldrick Aivoras
Christoph Patrouette - Ferox
CyberBlackEagle - Ferox
Drault Sarn - Ferox
Glen Burney
Glenrowan - Ferox
Graysen Slade
John Parmelee
Ker'Tesh Tarir - Ferox
Kiuna McGullygosh - Ferox
Lanik Solette - Ferox
Luispo Llaculez - Ferox
Marn Vermuldir - Ferox
Metti ar Virksen - Ferox
Nisho One
Sone Eto - Ferox
Tokumei Kumiai - Osprey
Tye Califax - Osprey
Yan Anzomi - Ferox
Zoltan Irvam - Osprey
llanok Achasse - Ferox

Kills and Losses

(00:26:35) MHC-R3
Omen +25.83m

(00:27:11) MHC-R3
Capsule +75.44m

(00:28:34) MHC-R3
Osprey -17.04m

(00:29:30) MHC-R3
Ferox -62.74m

(00:31:23) MHC-R3
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 101,268,266.37
ISK Lost: 79,791,043.12
ISK Delta: 21,477,223.25
Efficiency: 55.931%

Call outs!
Bubbler was slowly getting drunk throughout the fleet which kept morale and spirits high despite the lack of content that was being found.
Our Scout(malediction) did a very good job giving intel and looking ahead of us, but alas it wasnt in the cards!
Logi - As always did amazing! Well fought, well earned their place in the fleet and kept us alive to engage as long as we could,.

Report Wrap Up!
Despite nothing after the inital fight, fleet did very well with commands, instructions and calls. Applied their dps correctly and did a great job anchoring up, broadcasting for reps, and keeping intel and combat coms!

Luispo Llaculez



Post 2018.12.18 09:09

Re: [AAR] 2018/17/12 - Wartime Shenanagains!

Even though we faced just a few enemies, it was really cool for a first timer like me :D

I will love to join more pvp fleets in the future (but next time more EUTZ friendly :lol:)




Post 2018.12.18 12:36

Re: [AAR] 2018/17/12 - Wartime Shenanagains!

Really Cool Fleet, I really liked the Fight and I bet the carrier was worried for a second, I even Managed to squeeze in the capsule kill mail, I'm in the process of training T2 Guns for the Ferox so I hope we take them off more often.

As Always thanks for Fleet Ker'tesh and everyone, and Logi you are Awesome! o7

Conci Furiram


WHC Director
WHC Director

Post 2018.12.18 13:56

Re: [AAR] 2018/17/12 - Wartime Shenanagains!

The drop engagement was Thanatos, Ninazu, Revelation, and Vindicator. With the FAX on grid, the Vindicator and Thanatos were never in any danger from 16 Ferox! They did an excellent job "bait tanking" the fleet; bait tanking is making your enemies think they are breaking a target while it's actually completely safe.

Note also that a Revelation is a dreadnaught; it has to activate its Siege Module to be effective. This module makes it unable to receive reps from the FAX for 5 minutes. It's a good target when everything else is unassailable.

Cheers for forming up even though the original targets (war targets) were no more!

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