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PVE turned PVP in Low Sec - Ievos

PostPosted: 2018.12.10 02:56
by Ievos
Date: 09DEC2018

This is my first After Action Report. Input and constructive criticism is both welcome and greatly appreciated.

The Killboard:

The Events:
I decided to run some combat sites in Ouelletta. I popped in and checked Local and made sure it wasn't heavily populated, so I went back and grabbed my railgun Moa.

I jumped through, headed straight for a combat site, and got into it with some NPC ships. That was when I realized my first error. I failed to confirm I had my drones prior to leaving. I had pulled them previously in a plan to swap them, but never replaced them. This likely would not have been a game changer, as I cannot run T2 drones yet, but it was a failure.

I got a few NPC kills, grabbed my loot, and was moving towards the last loot drop.

A Vexor Navy Issue dropped. I acknowledged the situation was not good, let alone ideal, and aligned to warp. He pressed me. I locked him, and tried to burn away to get range and alignment. I called it out on Mumble, but no one was in system to aid nor would they arrive in time; this was not a war target. He tackled me, droned me heavily, and in the end defeated me. I kept burning to align, trying to warp out, and attempting to get in my damage, but was ultimately destroyed. I quickly aligned and warped out in my pod, saving my clone.

During the fight, I made my second clear error; not promptly swapping ammo types, so I fought with anti-matter.

I did break through his shields, and it lasted long enough to be a fight, so I feel I have learned a few things, and gained the experience.

What I could have been done better:
- Ensure drone bays are loaded. I fly Caldari normally, so I need to remember to check more than my ammo.
- Ensure I leave in a clean clone. I was fortunate to get out without the loss of my clone, but I shouldn't rely on luck when going into WH, LS, or NS.
- Possibly picked a better point to align to; I picked a point I knew (a bookmark), but this may not have been the best point, given the nature of the Moa (not the quickest)
- Changing ammo types. I fought with a roughly 337.2 DPS, vice 387.2 DPS with Javelin M ammunition. I don't believe this would change the battle, but it should have been done, as I was gaining distance and more DPS would have been better regardless.

What I believe I did right:
- Identified a non-friendly was on-site promptly and took actions. Not all actions may have been perfectly executed, but I acted and didn't hesitate much.
- I acknowledged a disadvantaged fight, to the level of a PVP fight in a PVE fit at the wrong range
- I burned to get to distance, with the intent of warping out when I knew I was at the disadvantage.
- I kept up the fight as I attempted to flee, working to keep myself alive, including actively keeping up my capacitor (vice a shutdown due to inattentiveness).
- I called out being under attack. Even if no one could assist in this case, I believe it should still be done, in case someone was close enough to assist. I was not looking for PVP, so it was an unexpected situation.

What I believe I learned:
- I gained the experience of a PVP fight that wasn't an overwhelming unwinnable fight that ends in a second or two.
- I learned, the hard way, to double check all weapon systems before leaving (mainly to triple check drones, as I may not have checked at all).
- I gained some better understanding of the ship I was flying.


Re: PVE turned PVP in Low Sec - Ievos

PostPosted: 2018.12.11 10:09
by Durnik Risalo
Good and interesting post. It seems like you have thought about the fight pretty thoroughly.

However, you didn't mention D-Scan. I'm assuming you were neither D-Scanning nor monitoring local for awareness. If this is the case (your awareness was lacking), then it would have most likely given you enough time to align and get to safety. I always try to do a defensive D-Scan every 5 to 10 seconds when I'm out in a system -- regardless of system security status.

If you had high awareness of your surroundings, then I can't think of anything further to say.

Re: PVE turned PVP in Low Sec - Ievos

PostPosted: 2018.12.12 14:13
by Glen Burney
I took a look at the loss, it's to a guy from the Corporation 'Stay Frosty'. Those guys are known PVP pilots in the Ouletta - Agoze area and beyond. If you want to run PVE in lowsec, you should be on the lookout for pilots in that group. If any are in local, definitely be spamming d-scan.
You indicated you called out in comms... We you in Fleet, either HSC Standing or LSC Standing? That would help any response team...

Once you get in a site for PVE, try to move away from the landing point, that way even if something comes in, you have more time to get away.

All that said, congrats on your first PVP experience, and moreso, on your attitude towards it: learning. o7.

Re: PVE turned PVP in Low Sec - Ievos

PostPosted: 2018.12.12 20:13
by Ievos
Thank you both for the input.

I was watching D-Scan, and did not see that ship till he was on grid. That isn't to say I didn't miss him being visible, but I am mindful when in Low/Nul sec or WH to watch it carefully. As it was a pre-flagged combat site (didn't have to scan down) he could have been outside of range and warped in between my scans, or I just got tunnel vision for too long.

As for calling out and being in fleet; yes, I was in fleet. I make it a point to join prior to leaving station (as I was instructed on day 1, where I quickly found out why you join fleet). Unfortunately, no one was close enough to assist. There also was not too many people online in the fleet.

I had watched local, I understood there was a risk, and once I noted a potential threat I decided to finish up my wave and cleat out. He jumped in as that wave ended and I was looting. It is possible he was in local when I jumped in and I missed the threat.

Regarding distance from site, that is a good point. I will be more mindful to push to the far side (if possible based on where in a system the site is) to improve survival.

Thank you both once again for the input.