Post 2018.12.09 10:27

[HSC] War Target Skirmish

Roam members (9)
Abraham Schereau
Ann'Dra Padecain
Christoph Patrouette - Typhoon
Liability Man - Vexor
Marn Vermuldir
Max Tsero - Merlin, Drake
Minee Ze - Atron
Reed Gryphon - Prophecy, Tornado
Rikali Laru - Crucifier, Bhaalgorn

This little skirmish started as a solo WT appeared in Juff, in a Hurricane, tho the Hurricane did not last long as Reed's Prophesy meet him solo on Amy gate in juf, afterwards the WT warped to the Scheenins gate in juff, the Prophesy landing at 0 on the gate right next to him, shortly after WT engaged on Prophesy for a 1v1 fight, which slowly came to an end as the Hurricane went down into structure and shortly afterwards the rest of the fleet warped in to secure the kill.
Kills and Losses

(07:24:10) Jufvitte
Atron -10.24m
Capsule -0.01m

(07:40:50) Jufvitte
Hurricane +78.67m

After going back to mission running WT returned this time in a deimos, once again the prophesy managed to get an engagement on him on Amy gate in Juf this time tho was unable to keep him held down, and so it was able to escape, shortly afterwards too more WTs warped in some tackle frigates tho they did not due much really over the rest of the skirmishes, the Prophesy then engaged on the Deimos once more outside an NPC station tho was unable to get into range to manage to hold him down, tho fortunately the prophesy was able to get away from the WT by slingshot him, afterwards a plan involving the use of tornadoes was set up as the war target and 2 frigs were camping the Amy gate about 70k of of it in juf.
First part of plan involved sending a Drake through as bait, not to provide tackle or anything really other then just give the WT something to shoot at for a bit while we then warped 2 tornados into Juf, along with a few support ships, the tornadoes upon landing in juf then declocked and engaged on the Deimos who now was kiting away, as due to my poor piloting skills I failed to land my volley on the diemos, tho suddenly MJD Bhaalgorn comes in and lands a perfect dunk on the diemos, allowing me to warp my tornado to a tactical and land a full volley on the Deimos finishing it.
(08:54:28) Jufvitte
Deimos +569.18m

ISK Destroyed: 647,843,026.42
ISK Lost: 10,247,241.45
ISK Delta: 637,595,784.97
Efficiency: 98.443%


This feet started basically as a mission fleet and everyone who did partake in this fleet was excellent at getting on grid with something right away, as soon as there was a war target sighted and combat coms were on, everyone was at the ready and I would say that was a huge reason as to why we got these kills is in regards to how fast the fleet was able to form up and be ready.