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[AAR] Shield brawlers LOWSEC roam 30/11/2018

Roam members (16)
De W Javqe - Atron
Draco Decius - Merlin
Jessica Farrish - Merlin
Kirsid Tannaway - Bantam
Marcus Arilia - Heron, Tristan
Minee Ze - Dragoon, Merlin
Norgette Audier - Merlin
Vulcann Rin - Merlin
Vybez Kartel - Worm

Kills and Losses

(03:59:49) Costolle
Tristan +3.99m

(04:08:34) Fliet
Maulus +2.36m

(04:33:57) Agoze
Breacher +5.19m
Capsule +0.01m

(04:56:39) Nisuwa
Ibis +0.88m
Tristan -7.23m

(05:06:19) Kedama, Nisuwa, Abune
Cruor +87.76m
Merlin -8.88m
Confessor -80.1m
Merlin -6.75m

(05:20:49) Heydieles
Worm -80.77m
Bantam -8.26m
Capsule -0.01m
Merlin -3.01m
Capsule -0.01m

(05:32:24) Nisuwa
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 100,180,506.99
ISK Lost: 218,243,257.47
ISK Delta: -118,062,750.48
Efficiency: 31.461%

Overall evaluation
    we started off from 101 with a path to black rise planned, after an extended muster we got underway and got a few kills, in NIS we encountered a Cruor and took it out, but we lost the FC's ship due to bad positioning and the roam fell apart at that point, we ended up making best speed back to 101, that is when we ran into the gate camp in HEY and some of us managed to take the express back to 101 via podding (sorry guys)

    (Positive stuff)
    good attitudes and fun was had
    FC got some good experience running a fleet on their first fleet and was backed up by a more experienced player as 2IC which helped a lot
    Scout did a good job finding targets

    (Negative stuff)
    FC allowed the fleet to get split up to much and that hurt our engagement profile at the last organized fight we had in NIS, we got separated and couldn't regroup by just warping to each other in the complex thus we lost a few more ships than needed, we should have all warped out of there and just regrouped after the kill.
    the gate camp....Fc needs to learn the area better to avoid the camp but that will come with time and experience.