Post 2018.11.25 10:38

[NSC] Quick fix: couple of kills in Y9G-KS

From eveeye, I noticed Badoober and some friends had gotten some kills in Y9G on the 97X gate. This is a popular spot for a gatecamp as people travelling from Placid to Solitude often pass through. There was an Onyx, a ScyFI, an Omen and an Orthrus on the killmails. I declared an intention to bust up the camp and Taq, Kirsid, Satoshi and Xyrin x-ed up in fleet.

Plan of attack was to form up in Feroxes, dropping the cap booster for a long point. We charged through 97X-, squad warping to Y9G gate and jumping on contact, in order to give opposition as little time as possible to think. Primaried an ONI, then killed a Vigilant. The opposition's Onyx provided much of the tackle we needed. By this time the others (Vexor and Onyx) had disengaged. The guy of ours who'd been primaried (Taq?) went to repair in the station. We went to a tac above the gate, waited out our timer, and jumped together back into 97X. The Orthrus could have caught one of us there but decided not to. We flew back to PC9 before the opposition could mass enough to stop us taking the gates.

Xyrin lost his frigate 4M

ONI 156M
Vigilant 317M

What could have gone better:
  • It's debatable whether I should have ordered people to ignore the loot, as an Abyssal Web dropped from the Vigilant.
  • A little more planning about who was to get point on the Onyx and possibly we could have gotten it too.
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