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My Solo PvP Diary

PostPosted: 2018.11.02 23:34
by Marcus Arilia
So, I enjoyed doing the AAR from the event, as it was a great way to reflect and learn. I’ve decided to continue that, and will be posting any intentional PvP adventures I go on (post-competition). I’ll keep a running isk total on the most recent thread post.

Log: 2018/11/2
Found an Incursus in a small. He must have been AFK because he didn’t even move. Then his pod hung out there for a bit. Looking at his fit he was a newbro as well. I then saw a Condor coming in and started orbiting at 20 km. Once he realized I was kite fit he hit the gas and warped out. With my cap already down, I couldn’t hold him with my point and keep my MWD up.
Incursus 1,600,675.42

Warped in on a Venture, I already know I can’t hit point them but it’s still good practice. He warped off of course. I think my next upgrade will be to a Maulus Navy Issue so I can catch those darn things.

Found another Incursus, this time in a medium. Dropped in on him and he was already at my ideal range, perfect! Downside is he started killing my drones, he eventually got three of them before I managed to take him down.
Incursus 5,853,077.83

Saw an Atron and a Heron at the same Novice which was a little weird. Also saw two Worms on D but at a planet. I decided to see if I could get the Atron. I warped in and took him out rather quickly. A second after he went down the two Worms dropped in. I left the loot and immediately slid the gate so they couldn’t get me. Landed on the Heron. Locked him up and took him down. He sent his Warrior Is after me which made him flashy so I took his pod as well.
Atron 1,082,601.99
Heron 488,051.71
Capsule 10,000.00

Found a Tristan at a beacon called “A Wolf in the Fold”. Warped in and slid the gate. He was at over 200km so I tried to burn towards him, but he saw me and warped off. I was warping to gate, but spamming D-scan as I went and I managed to see him going back. I warped in and got him locked up before he slid the gate. He was a little slow getting his drones out and I took him down fairly easily. Since he was running some sort of mission thing (I think) and his pod was flashy I though maybe he had something shiny in it I could kill. As I was finishing it off a Worm dropped in on me though and neuted me so I was a useless space brick, and my drones could barely touch him. He obviously took me out. But I at least I killed more than I lost.
Tristan 4,791,537.09
Capsule 19,726,659.82
Tristan 7,600,443.64

Well I found a Sigil with a cyno up on a station. As good a target as any. Used what I learned in Gatecamp 101 to warp out and warp back.
Sigil 1,761,892.81

Found an Atron chasing frigates in a small. Meant he was already at range which was nice for me.
Atron 1,234,697.11

Ended up finding a Rifter. Landed and immediately hit the MWD to get to range. Locked him up and cycled the MWD as needed to keep range. He couldn’t get to me, so it was fairly easy fight once I was at range and he was pointed.
Rifter 37,204,791.21

Saw a Tormentor and a Venture in a plex. I figured that he was either multiboxing with the Venture to get more FW stuff, or as bait. Either way, I got to range fairly quickly, locked up the Tormentor and started on the drones. He had decent range, so he got a few hits on me with his lasers, and his T2 drones did a good bit of damage as well. He was almost to my hull by the time I took him down.
Tormentor 10,476,229.56

I hate plex campers.
Venture 232,258.42

I dropped in on an Incurus outside of a plex, and a Wolf then dropped in on me. It was rather unpleasant. I tried to burn out of their point, and almost made it, but almost is not good enough. Should have done one more D scan before I engaged.
Tristan 9,103,249.60

Daily Total
Killed: 84,462,472.97
Lost: 16,703,693.24
Other: 0

Re: My Solo PvP Diary

PostPosted: 2018.11.04 04:15
by Marcus Arilia
Log: 2018/11/3
Saw a Procurer and Porpoise on D. Thought I’d try it. The Porpoise got out before I landed. Started to realize the tank on the Procurer is way too big and a Rapier landed on me and pointed me before I could get out. Learning from this one is that if the Porpoise leaves, you’re likely to get something nasty dropping on you shortly after, that and stick to Covetors when you’re in a T1 Frig.
Tristan 9,466,510.13

Went for a Breacher. He scrammed me before I got to range then his buddy in a Tristan dropped on me, so it was at least a quick death. Looking at it they were also same corp, should have use PLH.
Tristan 7,504,183.28

Found a 26 ship mining op. Thought I’d go check it out cause I was bored. One shotted.
Tristan 9,466,510.13

Well this was a sad day. Granted the last kill was just me being silly. Maybe it’s the world telling me I should go grind sec status back up instead.

Daily Total
Killed: 0
Lost: 26,437,203.54
Other: 0

Re: My Solo PvP Diary

PostPosted: 2018.11.04 16:24
by Glen Burney
keep it up! a kiters life can be tough, but the skills you learn will serve you well!

Re: My Solo PvP Diary

PostPosted: 2018.11.09 07:10
by Marcus Arilia
Log: 2018/11/8
Found a Catalyst in a large. Figured it was worth a try if I could keep range on him. I managed to and he went down. Turns out he was a newbro from his fit though.
Catalyst 1,496,479.84

Tristan in a small. Didn’t warp off like the others had been so I locked him up. He tried to send his T1 drones after me, but a little too late.
Tristan 1,119,698.50

Merlin showed up on D and I found him in a plex. I started on him then his buddy in a Tormentor dropped on me. Luckily I took out the Merlin before the Tormentor brought me down. At least overall I’m still up today.
Merlin 6,495,495.96
Tristan 7,455,901.19

Imicus in a small, didn’t stand a chance, also not sure what he was doing in a small with a probe launcher.
Imicus 1,488,090.32

No plex camping allowed.
Venture 260,055.46

I cannot take a Crucifier Navy Issue apparently. I’ve noticed a lot of my deaths are when I get scrammed but can’t get to range. I’m thinking it may make sense to switch my MWD for an Afterburner.
Tristan 7,378,772.90

Caught an AFK Tristan in a plex.
Tristan 1,899,091.50

It is my mission to kill all the plex ventures.
Venture 297,352.52

Haven’t tried to take on a Succubus. As you can guess, it did not go well. I really need to steer clear of any faction/pirate ship.
Tristan 7,162,292.13

Today was a good lesson in fight choosing.

Daily Total
Killed: 13,056,264.10
Lost: 21,996,966.22
Other: 0

Re: My Solo PvP Diary

PostPosted: 2018.11.10 01:34
by Marcus Arilia
Log: 2018/11/9
Another afk plex camper
Rifter 337,468.48

Tried to take on a Cormorant, got him down to half of his hull, so it was close at least
Tristan 4,321,889.78

Okay time for a change of pace, I’m going to try out flying a Punisher.

Found a cyno Heron.
Heron 1,229,331.58

Chased around an Atron for a few minutes and eventually caught him just outside of a novice.
Atron 1,128,122.59

Found another Punisher outside of a medium. His T2 lasers beat out my T1 blasters.
Punisher 5,157,547.89

So I’ve been flying a Hyperkitten Tristan, I’m going to try out a scram kite, since if I move to a Maulus Navy that’s what I’ll need to know how to do.

Caught an Atron in a Novice, the npcs had already done some work on it, so it was an extremely quick fight.
Atron 1,221,868.22

Finally found a good fight. A Rifter was egging me on in local, so I hopped into the novice with him. He did okay till I turned on my armor rep. Then he started going for the drones but couldn’t take them out fast enough. He got 1 down, and another almost all the way, but I of course instantly replaced them with more on him.
Rifter 9,619,968.17

Landed on an Atron. As I was taking him out a Tormentor landed on me and got me rather quickly. I should have adjusted faster and turned on my armor rep sooner.
Atron 1,366,750.10
Tristan 10,051,062.73

Found another cyno. Got called lots of mean things in local after killing it.
Probe 1,299,750.35

I’m starting to build up a cyno collection.
Catalyst 1,891,097.14

An Atron dropped in while I was chasing around a Heron. It was close. It looked like somehow I forgot to engage my drones. There were out but didn’t go after him. I looked up the hotkey of “F” to hopefully help with that in the future.
Tristan 10,110,175.69

Engaged another Tristan, turns out he was a 9 yr player, yeah he killed me. That’s enough death for me today. Today made it pretty clear how easily I can get wiped by people with better skills and experience. Well learned a little, but overall a downer of a day. Maybe I just need to take a break for a bit.
Tristan 9,890,968.19

Daily Total
Killed: 18,094,356.63
Lost: 39,531,644.28
Other: 0

Re: My Solo PvP Diary

PostPosted: 2018.11.10 14:43
by Marcus Arilia
Getting a little burnt out on writing all of these, so I'm going to take a break from them.

Re: My Solo PvP Diary

PostPosted: 2018.11.10 16:04
by Falling Snow KumaMoto
You've mined a lot of salt, it's time to mine some rocks! Anyway, while you take a break from this, thanks much for writing them up. I have learned a lot by reading them.

Re: My Solo PvP Diary

PostPosted: 2018.11.12 14:07
by Marcus Arilia
Falling Snow KumaMoto wrote:You've mined a lot of salt, it's time to mine some rocks! Anyway, while you take a break from this, thanks much for writing them up. I have learned a lot by reading them.

Glad to know someone is reading and enjoying them!

Re: My Solo PvP Diary

PostPosted: 2018.11.12 23:56
by Penelore
First time caller, Long time listener.
Great Stuff Marcus. What your doing here... both the soloing and the AAR is valuable. ^5

Re: My Solo PvP Diary

PostPosted: 2018.11.13 20:07
by Marcus Arilia
Log: 2018/11/13
Since I’m not tracking everything I’m removing the “Overall Total” at the bottom.

I guess I’ll write some more. Came across an Atron in a pocket. There were about 6 neuts in system but I figured I’d got for him anyway. Took him out no problem. When I jumped out of Athounon I noticed a Conoco QRF had formed up. They had a Navy Hookbill, Vexor, and Ferox out and looking for me. I bounced around system to evade and eventually jumped. The Hookbill kept following so I just zoomed straight to high sec and docked up till my suspect timer was out.
Atron 1,348,139.09

Was looking for a plex to camp out and lie in wait when I saw a Heron sitting in one. I was immediately confused. There was one other guy in local so I figured I’d check it out. Sure enough, a Heron with 3 T2 drones out. Well I pointed him and sic’d mine on him. Turns out he was in fact looking for combat. I had range, so he couldn’t web me. He went down very quick. I give him credit on his armor rep, cause it reps pretty much his entire armor all at once, interesting fit though, not sure how useful it would be cause he went down quick.
Heron 6,613,284.87

Same guy as last time, this time in a Slasher. This one was a little too close for comfort. I warped in and was scrammed before I could get to range, then webbed. I sent drones out and pointed him. He decided to “keep range” instead of orbiting me which was interesting. Either way he had me on the battle of ideal range. I thought I was gone when he got me into hull. It was so close when the kill notification popped up, I wasn’t sure if it was him or me, but luckily I prevailed… with 16% hull remaining.
Slasher 4,597,149.38

Hopped back into Mush and the guy from above (who I have killed twice) had just gone down to an Incursus in a large. I warped in to see if I could take it out. Right as my drones were close three T1 frigs landed on grid. Luckily they had the same plan I did an locked him up first and with my speed already up from my MWD. I must have gotten a hit on him, cause I ended up on the killmail.
Incursus 13,099,758.29

I warped out and headed to Okkamon to find a plex. Well my PvP search turned into a salvaging attempt as I found a novice with about 20 mil of loot in it (if anyone has any suggestions as to moving all this crap I’ve acquired in low sec, I’m all ears), so I scooped that.

I have this thing about Cynos. At some point I should train that up so I can use them.
Ibis 880,102.99

Fought a Breacher. It was a pretty tough fight. I had me into hull and I barely got through his shields. Managed to slingshot my way out with my MWD and warped off before he could take me down.

Was waiting at range in a plex. Decided to take a Tormentor fight. I got him pointed and orbited at 20. He sent his drones my way as I sent mine on him. He started firing at mine as his armor was about ¼ down so I figured I’d take his out to reduce his dps a little further. Got one almost completely dead and he recalled it. At that point I sent mine back on him and took him down he rest of the way easily since he was missing his drone dps.
Tormentor 8,151,471.78

Another cyno bites the dust.
Reaper 872,895.19

Found an Atron and a Hookbill in a small. Then the Hookbill disappeared. I assumed they had just finished fighting and rolled the gate to take advantage. Turns out not, they were together. So the Atron was already at ideal range, and down I went. Hookbill landed just as I was dying.
Tristan 7,427,975.37

Daily Total
Killed: 22,463,043.30
Lost: 7,427,975.37
Other: 13,099,758.29

Re: My Solo PvP Diary

PostPosted: 2018.11.14 16:41
by Falling Snow KumaMoto
Maybe the campus hauling services could help? ... g_Services
If that doesn't work, I'll help. I have an ooc alt with a simple cloaky T1 industrial that can carry most things (13k m3 per trip) out of low-sec for a few jumps during off-peak times. Willing to risk it if you are.

Re: My Solo PvP Diary

PostPosted: 2018.11.14 19:49
by Marcus Arilia
Once the killrights on me expire I’m thinking I’ll nano a T1 industrial and find a slow time to consolidate some stuff to high or to Hey and use campus shipping. Since this far I’ve just been dropping it off in whatever system I’m in at the time.

Re: My Solo PvP Diary

PostPosted: 2018.11.15 06:03
by Marcus Arilia
Log: 2018/11/14
Newbro didn’t even fight back. Sent him my “Sorry I killed you, join E-Uni” mail.
Atron 907,734.67

So, I’d been sitting in Mush at a novice waiting for something to kill. They had been sitting at a moon tethered for about 10 minutes so I had written them off. I was scanning at max to see what else came into system when suddenly who woke up? I had them both drop in on me. I scram webbed the Merlin and hoped my afterburner could keep me fast enough to evade the Kestrel. It worked. I overheated my guns and rep towards the end of the Merlin since they were starting to get my armor to about halfway as the Merlin went into hull. Already had the Kestrel locked but he was about 16km out. I burned to him and got him web scrammed. Locked up the Merlin’s pod in case he stuck around. The Kestrel went down quick and I managed to scram the Merlin’s pod. Unfortunately, the Kestrel pod got away from me though. First time I’ve ever taken down 2 ships at once, so I’m proud of this one. Good learning though, was just because it’s been sitting in system don’t write it off. Also since they really shouldn’t have lost that, I sent them my “Join the Uni” mail as well. Is there a title for “Recruiter via destruction”?
Merlin 7,408,281.49
Kestrel 5,406,269.37
Capsule 10,000.00

AFK plex camper. He gets no Uni email, we don’t want their kind here.
Venture 261,103.25

Somehow my warp in beacons in the plexs disappeared. Making it quite hard to setup at range. Not sure what’s going on, so I entered a ticket.

Since I was limited and couldn’t set up on a novice due to the issue, I decided to engage a Corax for fun. It didn’t go my way, no surprise there. I realized toward the end that somehow I didn’t turn the afterburner on. Wouldn’t have helped a ton since he had be webbed, but would have been better than nothing. Either way it was fun to try, granted I probably should have just docked up and saved the isk.
Tristan 9,796,099.92

I also just realized that this was my last fitted Tristan. Had my Jita alt buy me another 50 more (at half a bil that hurt) but that alt has some contracts that have another 6 days left so she can’t contract it to me yet. Another lesson learned, always keep an open contract slot. At some point I also need to find a good way to repair sec status other than just the belt rats (my Vexor can do hubs but they take forever). I could buy tags but I’d rather save the isk for other things.

Daily Total
Killed: 13,993,388.78
Lost: 9,796,099.92
Other: 0

Re: My Solo PvP Diary

PostPosted: 2018.11.15 06:21
by Penelore
Sent him my “Sorry I killed you, join E-Uni” mail.

I sent them my “Join the Uni” mail as well. Is there a title for “Recruiter via destruction”?

AFK plex camper. He gets no Uni email, we don’t want their kind here.


Re: My Solo PvP Diary

PostPosted: 2018.11.18 06:07
by Marcus Arilia
Log: 2018/11/17
Well after my (brand new) VNI loss to a gatecamp in null I got frustrated and headed for low (that and my medical clone was still in Stac). I started with a journey to the RvB HQs in which I found a whole lot of nothing, so I took a trip through low one the way back. Came across a Rifter and made the mistake of not turning on my freaking armor rep. Realized it once I was down to 25% armor, by then obviously too late. I felt rather dumb.
Tristan 6,999,574.04

Wow I’m an idiot, I almost did the same thing with the armor rep, again. Luckily, I noticed at like 90% armor so I wasn’t too deep and just overheated everything to stay alive. It worked. Barely.
Merlin 5,291,120.43
Capsule 10,000.00

Followed a Tristan into a plex and landed right behind him. He barely scratched my armor, “Join the Uni” evemail sent.
Tristan 961,568.16

Had a plexer fit. Well another good recruiting opportunity. Maybe this one will finally be the one to reply?
Atron 1,156,998.55

Checked my engagement profile and Kestrel was in the green. Figured I’d try and take it. Warped in and overheated everything. Overheating the afterburner helped avoid damage. I avoided getting anything the armor rep couldn’t clean up. I grabbed the wreck without really looking but the overall value caught my eye. I thought it was 100,000, till I opened my inventory and saw a Domination Ballistic Control System. Well can’t complain with that one. He was a nice guy too, asked about my fit afterwards, and said he just had it sitting around in inventory and figured he’d use it. Note to any newbies reading this: Please for the love of everything holy, do not fit a 100 mil mod onto a T1. Also makes the point, that good mods won’t make or break a fight, part of it is piloting and choosing your engagements, not that I’m good at either, but this is a good example where the 10 mil ship can kill the 100 mil one that has on some shiny stuff.
Kestrel 122,293,181.43

Warped in on a small to try and fight a Coercer. There was a Rapier that grabbed me on his point at 31 out. Cause that’s fun… I stood no chance. It was about the equivalent at shooting a at a prairie dog (me) with an AR-15 (Rapier).
Tristan 8,489,835.86

So, this was an interesting fight till they dropped the cruiser. It was a Procurer that was PvP fit. He instantly scram and webbed me. So, I did the same. He launched a fleet of Warrior IIs which I slowly started picking off. Then for some reason it launched its Mining Drone IIs, so I took out those as well. I kept slowly working at it. Then once I had it down to half hull an Orthrus undocked and warped in as the trump card, which quickly killed me. So overall a little cheap. When the surprise Procurer didn’t work, he just brought in a cruiser. I guess with the number of drones I killed it’s close to even, but not really. A bit unsporting. Reminds me of 7th Sanctum and their cynos.
Tristan 6,502,020.98

Well dead cynos cure boredom.
Velator 1,302,713.37

Warped in on a Punisher. There was a Loki, Stabber, and something else killing it. I wanted no part of that. Got in two shots then left.
Punisher 10,021,057.49

Plex camper, again no Uni mail for them, I despise them. According to Zkillboard I wasn’t the only one that despised them, which also means no solo kill. Sad day.
Venture 266,948.46

A Tristan cannot take on a Hawk, FYI. No matter hot buzzy and itching for a fight you are, it won’t work.
Tristan 7,810,976.14

Well after more than enough Imperial Biscotti Break (likely a contributing factor to the losses), it’s time to call it a night. On the way back to PC9 from Stac, I saw 6 bubbles on a gate, guarded by a Tristan…. And I promise this isn’t just the booze talking… no idea what was going on there. Also, I really do need to repair my sec status, but with my brand new 70 mil VNI dead now, I need to find another way. Or figure out the best way to get another VNI, not that belt ratting is the best use of one.

Daily Total
Killed: 131,282,530.40
Lost: 29,802,407.02
Other: 10,021,057.49