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[WHC] Nullsecdive: Small Ships 2019-05-01TZ21:00

Follow a fleet at your own risk!

At the end of a NNitH class, I offered to lead a frigate roam into a Null sec connection we had off Bacon that landed just two jumps from our Null Sec Campus. This was a chance for folks to drop a clone and fly around. Plan was to fly fast, no logi and pick our fights carefully.

Mhzentul Lafarius - FC
Che Galtor
Enigmatic Online
Mikus Walker

Early on we had a small gate camp that dispersed as we came through but a corax pilot suspected to be part of the gang began trailing us. After 4-5 gate jumps, I finally decided to orbit the next gate at 2500m and wait for the corax to come through, figuring that with pirate and T2 frigates we would burn down the corax real fast. Grabbed his pod while at it. Rest of the roam was quiet and we headed back to WH after of course visiting Poitot.

Killed: 13m
Lost: 0

Thank you for joining in a fleet and letting me practice FCing! This was my second PVP roam. Please submit feedback if you can!