Post 2018.08.16 21:38

[AAR] 20:00 Heydieles Housewarming Party - 16th of August

Roam members (12)
Alexander Oromov - Punisher
Alf Saissore - Malediction
Athena Oromov
B'aldrick Aivoras - Slasher
Darth Galifreia - Algos
Ersin Oghuz - Drake
Ged Sinak - Federation Navy Comet
Glen Burney
Harmen Okaski - Punisher
Pink Kondur - Punisher
Tiberius Auduin - Algos, Imperial Navy Slicer
Xana McBash - Punisher

Kills and Losses

It was a good housewarming party of our new home. I hope for many more cool nights like this.

First we were very patient with the Russians, we were the underdog and so we took our time, one of them appeared to have been AFK while we were playing on the station. He died. We did not take further fights, because of reasons.

(20:41:50) Heydieles
Gnosis +59.63m
Capsule +0.01m

Later we got some Harpy / Enyo gang they were very interesting to fight. Their first ship was super bait tanky. We switched to a softer target, the rest buggered off mid fight and we killed the two we had available on scram.

(20:53:30) Heydieles
Harpy +110.12m
Enyo +60.4m

Don't know about this one, but good catch.

(21:03:12) Fliet
Capsule +0.01m

Were landing on a Stratios, Ged got him tackled while we came in. Upon arrival Falcon came in. Well, we had to switch, we managed to hold him down the stratios buggered off. We got jammed quite a few times, but all of us were on point and we got a nice mail. Ged got out with 2% structure!

(21:12:18) Kedama
Falcon +404.24m

Welperino while initiating pursuits at several plexes, I was not on the initial grids, from my perspective it sounded that we had 1 frigate each at a plex, so i was chill. a cloaky loki killed our malediction. and a bunch of dudes piled upon one of our locations. when i landed we were already in a bad shape, we took down with us what we could.

In my opinion we need to work more on communicating precisely when in combat situations. It's been several times, I've been assessing situations wrong from the information I perceive. Really, speak up firmly, fleet fight at XY plex, 4 HOSTILES, request assitance... something like that.

Don't just fight them, be with us and next time we can do better. Especially as FC when I hear chill voices, I am under impression that all is under control.

(21:19:44) Pynekastoh
Malediction -51.46m
Algos -17.27m
Federation Navy Comet -24.67m
Punisher -9.8m
Slasher +8.8m
Coercer +25.24m
Punisher -40.05m

ISK Destroyed: 668,448,539.47
ISK Lost: 143,260,769.42
ISK Delta: 525,187,770.05
Efficiency: 82.351%

Overall evaluation
    This was really fun
    We had a little sight seeing and intro to the new lsc location
    The karma was on our side
    People joined even at this late hour
    can't think of anything, except the semi turbo welperino at the end :lol: that one we could have played way better!

    - speak up on status quo changes
    - speak up on positioning changes
    - let fleet know how far targets burned off already
    - let fleet know how fast targets go
    - let fleet know at what range (and from which alignment) hostiles are at
    - take over target calling if FC is not on grid
    - call points
    - speak up when you are in an essential role and got blown up

    Every little bit of information and coordination brings us closer to winning that last fight next time.