[AAR] NoP Magic Merlins 08/15/2018


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[AAR] NoP Magic Merlins 08/15/2018

Roam members (19)
Ana'ander Lamora - Merlin
Coaxster - Tristan
Durnik Risalo - Merlin
Flip Vesely - Merlin
Gatt2111 - Maulus
Ged Sinak - Merlin
Glen Burney - Dominix, Republic Fleet Firetail, Kestrel, Stabber Fleet Issue, Punisher
HammerOfHeretics RadTrad1962 - Vexor Navy Issue, Atron
Madam Bojangles - Atron
Marn Vermuldir - Burst
Mashiro Rima - Garmur
Metti ar Virksen - Merlin
Penelore - Merlin
Philbro Kishunuba - Merlin, Kestrel
Ron Blazer - Merlin
Sad Panda Bear
Satoshi Tomeii - Merlin
Wokum - Merlin
Xana McBash - Merlin

Kills and Losses

Before the fleet officially commenced, one of the members of the fleet gave intel on a Praxis at a gate in Uph. Eventually, he moved on to the large complex at 100 where I told everyone who was ready to go to undock and warp to the plex. The Praxis ended up being 100 of the beacon. I told the fleet to warp to the Dastryns gate then warp back to the plex at 100. We landed directly on top of him. A few members of the fleet died since their transversal wasn't high enough on the Praxis to avoid being alpha'd by its guns.

(01:37:13) Uphallant
Merlin -5.6m
Merlin -5.7m
Merlin -5.37m
Praxis +284.1m

As we were flying to our first destination my scout gave intel of an Ishkur sitting inside of a small plex. I gave the order for my Penelore and Glen to warp to the plex and slide on contact. Once inside, they called point on the Ishkur and I told the fleet to jump in and warp to the plex.

(02:31:37) Eha
Republic Fleet Firetail -24.36m
Ishkur +64.07m

I received intel from my scouts that there was a large two way fleet fight happening outside of a plex. I ordered the fleet to jump into the system and warp directly to the plex at zero. Once on grid, I began to call targets in order of most damage and their proximity to us. My mistake here was that I forgot to tell the fleet to anchor up on me which resulted in the fleet getting spread out. If I had called to anchor, we would have been able to focus DPS easier on target and not get taken down one by one. In the end, I had to warp out due to being in low structure and gave the command for the fleet to warp off due to our low numbers on grid.

This was my first fleet fight and I am proud that I didn't freeze up. In the beginning, I was nervous due to the number of things happening around me, but I quickly regained my footing. In the future, I need to make sure to call an anchor. Also, I need to make sure that the targets I am calling are actually in range and don't have too much EHP.

(02:40:44) Akidagi
Kestrel -2.92m
Federation Navy Comet +24.33m
Merlin -4.66m
Garmur -216.9m
Atron -6.62m
Federation Navy Comet +41.02m
Merlin -12.47m
Atron +20.8m
Atron +12.58m
Atron -3.73m
Stabber Fleet Issue -82.49m
Merlin -5.1m
Merlin -2.84m
Punisher +10.58m
Merlin -6.97m
Merlin -5.77m
Tristan -13.62m
Tristan +8.31m
Merlin -4.61m
Merlin -4.65m
Merlin -7.45m
Atron +1.7m

(03:13:54) Pynekastoh
Merlin -4.93m

(03:20:51) Pynekastoh
Punisher +12.27m

On our way out of Tama, my scout found a Jaguar. I sent my scouts to go get it and quickly brought it down.

(03:26:36) Tama
Jaguar +96.27m

On our way home, we came across an NPC Barghest in a belt. When we killed it, we got a blueprint drop worth around 800 million ISK. I would like to thank Penelore for this awesome, once in a lifetime find! Also, I would like the say that Penelore did an amazing job being scout as it was her first time. This fleet would not have been successful without her.

ISK Destroyed: 576,033,403.4
ISK Lost: 426,731,943.98
ISK Delta: 149,301,459.42
Efficiency: 57.444%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    - My ability to parse the information of many scouts faster is getting better.
    - I am getting better at target calling when in a fight.
    - I feel that the fleet provided a good opportunity for my newbros to learn about the fleet after my class.
    (Negative stuff)
    - I need to gain better control over comms when the scouts are speaking.
    - I received a few complaints during the fleet my member were sometimes unable to hear what I was saying. In the future, I need to say my sentences and words slower as well as repeat them so everyone can understand.
    - I forgot to do the command structure before undocking and chasing a potential target. I wanted the kill and completely forgot to perform the one of the most essential parts of the fleet.

If you did not fill out the fleet feedback form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp ... rm?c=0&w=1
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Re: [AAR] NoP Magic Merlins 08/15/2018

Great fleet. Had lots of fun and got some good kills. I had no idea it was your first fleet until you mentioned it. Nice job. Penelore rocked with the scouting too.

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