[AAR] BLAP Caracal Ospreys - 2018.8.11 @ 15:00


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Post 2018.08.13 05:22

[AAR] BLAP Caracal Ospreys - 2018.8.11 @ 15:00

Roam members (16)
Aeryn Tzun
Alf Saissore - Malediction
Ana'ander Lamora - Caracal
Coaxster - Caracal
Cyus Erata
De W Javqe - Caracal
Ged Sinak - Caracal
Gyrgon - Osprey
Metti ar Virksen - Caracal
Micah McCain - Slasher
Neemo Beer - Caracal
Pest Hibra - Caracal, Impairor
Philbro Kishunuba - Caracal
Pink Kondur
Xana McBash - Caracal
averoth trojan - Caracal

Kills and Losses

So we started off nicely. some ex-uni members wished to join and allowed such fleet ops to go on. I'm sure it's not against the rules. Our scout had a combat scanner on him so it was much easier to hunt down targets. That came into affect as we got a nice Algos as our first target!

(15:52:18) Murethand
Algos +2.46m

We moved on, and while in Abune, we also found a Rifter. We took quick work of him also.

(16:08:00) Abune
Rifter +3.92m

Our scout jumped into Tama, and found a Vexor, Thorax, and a Caracal fighting. We don't know if it was a free-for-all or a 2v1, but all we care is that we got them! Unfortunately, the Vexor took off before we could get a point on it.

(16:31:34) Tama
Caracal +30.71m
Thorax +45.86m

A Breacher Jumped into us while we were holding on the Kedama gate in Tama, and our insta-lock slasher locked him before he could get away. But, the Slasher was shot down before we shot him down.

(16:36:57) Tama
Slasher -3.65m
Breacher +12.37m

We were holding in Oinasiken on the Old Man Star, and a Shuttle wasn't jumping. Ignoring my instructions, some of us shot it. Poor Shuttle.

(16:48:13) Oinasiken
Amarr Shuttle +0.03m

We followed a Prophecy into Old man's star and found out that it was a trap. We got murdered, and apparently the dude who is supposed to give orders lost his words. I wonder who he is...

(16:56:33) Old Man Star, Heydieles
Caracal -28.59m
Osprey -19.8m
Caracal -29.26m
Caracal -13.5m
Caracal -23.67m
Impairor -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

After that facepalm. There wasn't any incentive to move on. FC, 2IC and a Logi was dead, so we couldn't move on.

ISK Destroyed: 95,340,127.03
ISK Lost: 118,507,642.35
ISK Delta: -23,167,515.32
Efficiency: 44.583%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    - We ACTUALLY got stuff!
    - The fleet was more successful than I could have ever imagined! Thanks to everyone who came. :D
    (Negative stuff)
    - My orders dragged on for a bit. I really got to fix that.
    - I like: 'Does FC even English?'-ed a bit.

Same as last time, I was having problems with to Roam Report tool. I was getting pretty frustrated until I decided to get a new browser dedicated to just using the tool. Sorry for the delay.
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Assistant Reimbursement Manager

Post 2018.08.13 10:12

Re: [AAR] BLAP Caracal Ospreys - 2018.8.11 @ 15:00

For reference, i was the second Osprey.
Was a nice fleet, although a bit more action would be nice. 10/10 would come again though :)

Ged Sinak



Post 2018.08.13 22:20

Re: [AAR] BLAP Caracal Ospreys - 2018.8.11 @ 15:00

On that last fight there was no way we were going to come out alive. The Prophecy is a notoriously tanky ship that is used as bait. When we jumped into Old Man Star after the Prophecy and the rest of the fleet came in after us, I would have been a good idea to at least target something. In particular, there was a Hurricane that we could have had the potential to killed as the fleet was going down.

Also, BLAP Caracals is a doctrine that is rarely used in low-sec due to our low engagement profile (No sliding plex's). In null-sec, Caracals are usually used as a skirmish doctrine to pick at the enemy fleet and warp away after their RLML clip is finished. Due to our numbers, it was a bad idea to engage the Prophecy since our total fleets combined DPS would not have been able to break through it. When we saw the other fleet coming at us from the station, we should have immediately scattered and not followed the Prophecy through the gate. By following it through the gate and engaging, it made it so that there was a very low chance that we were going to be able to disengage due to weapon timers and enemy tackle on grid.

Another tip if you have not already implemented it is to use Dotlan when flying as FC. By looking at the map you can lead us towards the hot spots and more potential content.

Fly safe,

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