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[AAR] Impromptu WHC SS Roam (Null) 2018-08-11 19:30

After an uneventful day in wormhole space I decided to form an impromptu small ship roam through Nullsec via Bacon's Static. It came out at the west end of Pure Blind giving access to Fade and Cloud Ring. And so a few valiant knights heeded the call. I didn't make an Alliance announcement because WHC had only a Minmatar connection at the time.

Roam members (7)
Alvy Deninard - Merlin
Biwako Acami - Crusader ----> FC
Knaero - Imperial Navy Slicer
Mhzentul Lafarius - Incursus
Urban Oxide - Confessor -----> Prober
Vlo Uhm - Merlin
Xenopha Cadelanne - Imperial Navy Slicer

I had originally made a plan to dip into Fade and then head into Cloud Ring but when routes were optimized it suggested Cloud Ring as the first destination. I thought that it would be nice to pay a visit to INIT space first and see if TGRAD live there as I'm pretty clueless about Nullsec space. We dusted off the PlugDJ link and started the roam.

Pure Blind - A whole lot of Nada

The idea was to charge into each system to tackle a cheap ratting ship, industrial or miner before they get a chance to respond. We did a good job of spreading out and we were getting into the grove of repeating this process. But either the intel was good or they'd done their session of ratting in Pure Blind because we didn't find anything.

Cloud Ring - Clean up Crew

As we headed into Cloud Ring we dipped into INIT space and we did find activity but a lot of them had quickly docked up. We kicked their cans for a show of posterity :angry5:
Mobile Tractor Unit +9.6m

While in Cloud Ring I realized that the way back to Fade was through the same an empty route in Pure Blind so I decided to do a full circle of Cloud Ring as there was some activity to the south of Cloud Ring. We pass by some Ishtars that POS up quickly and a Thanatos. We head through to the south and start seeing remnants of some gate camps. I stop to collect some corpses for my collection :roll:

I start to +1 for the fleet a few jumps in case there's a large force ahead that might make short work of our little gang before we reach the destination. We saw an Orthrus on D-Scan but I decided not to pursue it. Later Urban mentioned that we could have had a chance against it and on hindsight I agree. We headed into a pocket that had a high NPC delta and found yet another Thanatos. He was pretty cordial inviting us ofc that turned sour once we started blowing up his MTUs.
Mobile Tractor Unit +11.67m
Mobile Tractor Unit +10.06m

The Route Home

We see a Harbinger on the gate and a few of us chase it past the gate only to find a few of his T1 Battlecruiser buddies. But they aren't interested and just warp off to their structure while half of us wait out our timers on the other side of the gate.

A little disheartened that there was nothing to shoot we head home past INIT space and wave to a few ex-unistas in TGRAD we see on the route back.

ISK Destroyed: 31.33m
ISK Lost: 0
ISK Delta: 31.33m
Efficiency: 100% 8)

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    • Attitude - This was an experiment at WHC and everyone was positive and did their part
    • Late addition of Combat Prober helped us net something - Thanks Urban

    (Things to learn)
    • We took some time to form up as this is not a commonly seen activity in WHC
    • Learning FC so took a while to get the communication right
    • FC needs to get better at intel and tracking stats in Nullsec
    • Passed an opportunity to die in a blaze of glory against an Orthrus
    • Need to update my PlugDJ list

Fleet feedback
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