[AAR] 19:00 Armor Nooblinos, Tuesday, 31st of July


Alexander Oromov



Post 2018.07.31 22:01

[AAR] 19:00 Armor Nooblinos, Tuesday, 31st of July

Roam members (14)
4gent 0f Dispair - Inquisitor
Alexander Oromov - Punisher, Republic Fleet Firetail
Alf Saissore - Punisher
Aoi Ano Sora - Atron
B'aldrick Aivoras - Punisher
Drebin 679 - Punisher
Kirsi Isrik - Punisher
Macharion Thelgamor - Inquisitor
Mike Kingswell - Inquisitor
Toma Heleneto - Punisher
Won Trild Trild - Rifter
Zeerse Solaris - Incursus
averoth trojan - Punisher
xXKiLlAXx Madilluer - Hurricane

Kills and Losses

This was a very fun fleet with potential for improvement regarding outcomes :lol: Bets were in place on how many jumps I may lead this fleet before navigating us into total destruction. We made 19! Wew! \o/

Congratulations to Zeerse and Drebin who did bet on 20 jumps each (super close guys). They will get a brand new combat suite, which I won from last weeks EVE University Fashion Show for making the last place :smug: may you guys wear it with more style than I did.

After form up we had 14 amazing people in fleet, had fun, jokes along the way, and bit of trash talk here and there. Hope to see y'all adorable spaceship nerds again.

So our first losses: a classic "I died on my way from Jita" :lol: good job Alf!

(18:59:47) Sujarento
Punisher -8.95m
Capsule -0.01m

This is not necessarily a classic, but happens often enough. A Hurricane loss in Fountain while in a T1 Armor Frigates fleet from Ostingele. 10 points for the style!

(19:21:43) Z30S-A
Hurricane -90.16m
Capsule -0.01m

We were able to grab an Algos out of a plex in Akidagi, we have been meeting Buntspecht / Cookie fleets in here for quite a while. Ze germans live here and seem not to be interested in good fights (last time Caracals vs Punishers, etc. I called for align out, their back up came late, so it was a bit of should we go or not just yet, since there was a Punisher left on grid. We stayed, but after they warped in we had to bail, unfortunately blowing up our first fleet victim Mike. Sorry Mike! ^^

(19:40:17) Akidagi
Algos +13.48m
Inquisitor -5.56m

In this fight I was able to get hold of another algos, he burned me down before fleet landed, after killing the algos a Macharial and small gang warped into us. The machariel was not aligned with the gang, but we had to scatter anyways, lost 3 ships after our kill... unfortunate. We went to reship to Ichoriya.

(19:53:27) Pynekastoh
Punisher -10.02m
Algos +10.12m
Punisher -10.02m
Incursus -5.06m
Rifter -2.18m

Thanks for taking over command guys! Fleet did kill a cata and incursus in Hirri, well done. I just caught up with my rehips when you guys started to engage. Great scouting and great catch.

(20:01:40) Hirri
Punisher -8.83m
Catalyst +33.07m
Incursus +11.72m

We had our last fight in Kedama. We caught an Omen on a plex, we engaged, he was very tanky, baity tanky... his friends arrived, couple of non scary frigs, but a blackbird and a thrasher. I did switch targets on trasher to get his dps out of field, but died to the omen, i fc-ed form capsule calling the blackbird next, he went down and we went back to omen, at that point the enemies podded me, we were not able to kill the omen at the end. too many of us have already left fleet before. nevertheless, great fleet fighting there, a bit of a whelperino... gf :lol:

(20:09:57) Kedama
Inquisitor -5.72m
Republic Fleet Firetail -43.46m
Thrasher +11.27m
Inquisitor -3.57m
Punisher -16.67m
Blackbird +27.26m
Atron -1.46m
Punisher -10.01m
Incursus +8.51m
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant -0.01m
Punisher -10.41m
Punisher -42.04m
Punisher -5.46m

ISK Destroyed: 115,421,698.17
ISK Lost: 279,597,558.49
ISK Delta: -164,175,860.32
Efficiency: 29.219%

Overall evaluation
    Incompetent FC whelperino-ed the armor nooblinos :)

Q to participants: I'm curious, would you have gone for the 35km away blackbird as well or would you have stayed on the bait omen?

Drebin 679



Post 2018.08.01 18:21

Re: [AAR] 19:00 Armor Nooblinos, Tuesday, 31st of July

It was definitely a fun fleet!

I offered myself to be a scout, but I didn't do too much scouting, since it seemed Alf was making the big shots as scout.

As for the final fight, I think it might have been better to kill the Blackbird, and then either fight the other frigates, ignoring the Omen, or just scrambling. The Blackbird pilot lost an Algos to us before, so chances are he told his gang of our comp, and fit got a fleet to fight us. The Blackbird had 3 radar ECM, and the Omen might have been bait tanked specifically for our comp as well, considering it had light blasters on a medium laser bonused ship.

As noted in chat, in the fight at the small outpost where we were dropped by a Machariel, another small outpost was broadcasted. As such, we might've missed out on a potential kill there.

Also, did that Hurricane loss have anything to do with us? That person isn't even a Unista.

Again, was a fun fleet, would've been better if we had more people!
Incursion Coordinator, Wiki Curator

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Alexander Oromov



Post 2018.08.01 21:14

Re: [AAR] 19:00 Armor Nooblinos, Tuesday, 31st of July

Thanks and good points Drebin.

Thinking about it now, you are right, we should have gone for the remaining frigates after the blackbird, not for the omen. when i made the decision i wasnt aware of the omen having light blasters... also well observed on the ecm! next time, i shall also take a closer look at the fits from our kills.

at the outpost fight, did i broadcast the wrong one? if so, i am sorry. i was already going for tackle etc. i too believe the mach would have been a possible target if we were all together. maybe next time when in multitask stress, i'll just tell people to warp to me.

:lol: that hurricane was blue to uni and i recall having blues activated in my fleet advert. so, that's how he was able to join haha... again well observed, much appreciated.

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