[AAR][Class] 22:00 NNitH @7.28.18


Mhzentul Lafarius



Post 2018.07.29 14:20

[AAR][Class] 22:00 NNitH @7.28.18

Ran my first class in EVE, introducing folks to living at the Wormhole Campus!

Tori Moliko
Metti ar Virksen
Jonathan Wolf
Erasmus Himura
Roxane Barviainen
Pest Hibra

Formed in Stacmon, reviewed fits and spent the first part of the class covering wormhole basics. Turns out it was the first fleet for one of the students so covered basic fleet commands. Traveled a few jumps through low-sec to a connection into our campus. Upshipped a few students from stock in campus and began the practical in wormhole space. I warped the group to a random GAS site and unexpectedly made a sacrifice to BOB:


Ordinary gas sites sport 5 turrets that can blap frigates. I'll select more carefully next time! The sacrifice evidently provided protection for the rest of the class. A new ship was provided and we headed out to our C3 static to demonstrate running Sleeper sites, the main PVE content we run as a campus. We ran 4 sites, netting 180M isk in just blue loot, and returned to campus as we approached the 2 hour mark. I had dropped MTUs so had to return to collect them quickly. The participants were then lead back through low-sec to Stacmon and the class ended.

Big thanks to Kabal and Troven for assisting directly with the class, and all the campus members that joined in welcoming the participants to the campus and helping run the sites.

    Be mindful of frigates in fleet while in wormhole space.
    Be prepared for very new students in class.
    Delegate a bit more to folks helping with the class to keep the flow going.
    Improve class wrap-up, ending fleet wasn't as well organized as the departure fleet.

Thank you for joining the class and for giving me the opportunity to begin learning about running classes.

Tori Moliko



Post 2018.07.29 19:19

Re: [AAR][Class] 22:00 NNitH @7.28.18

Thanks for a great time. I never would have guessed that this was your first class, and I had fun balancing logi with managing a flight of drones. I almost got in trouble at that gas site because I hadn’t turned hardeners on when we landed, so I appreciate that you got some armor reps up and running while keeping the lecture going.

This was my second time attending NNitH and my first since the admission requirements changed. Both times were fun. I got back to Stacmon, adjusted my skill queue a bit, and submitted an application to WHC. Hope to see you folks again soon.
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